this could be para.. para.. paradise

said no one ever.

this is HEAPS back dated, but I went fishing with the parents on may 24 – 26, 2 weeks after my hong kong trip.

which reminds me, I went to the aquarium the day after my hong kong trip, but that’s another post altogether.



so that’s my feet, and bunk beds all around me. I didn’t manage to catch any fish, neither did I get a lot of sleep. everytime someone walked passed, it’s as if they took hold of the corners and started shaking it..



was a bad fishing trip for everyone that weekend! it was really peaceful, sleeping to the sound of occasional waves.. (= and when it rains, you can hear/see it right outside.. plus I was sleeping just beneath the zinc roof… that was kinda cool.. what I couldn’t stand was this bunch of singaporeans complaining non stop. hey lady, you didnt think you were going to stay in shangri-la were you?


I pretty much walked round the kelong trying to see what people caught..  pretty much just saltwater hahaah.



le momsy fishing.. unsuccessful, but I did get a nice sunset(=IMG_5887


behind the boat is another kelong! there’s around 4 in the area.. not really worried about over fishing because the fish come and go! different months = different fish..

on the second night papa fished in the fishing hole (beside the beds) and caught lotsa stuff!!



hello stone fish!IMG_5901


and another one.. he caught quite a few. it was pretty cool. I’d be reading on the bed then he’ll catch a fish and bring it to me and I’ll snap photos…IMG_5902



ooo check out the live prawn dad used as bait~~IMG_5903


papa and momsy with the hand line…IMG_5904


ooo looks like he caught another one~~IMG_5907


annnnddd it’s a leopard shark! I’ve learnt quite a lot from fishing, basically names of fish etcetc. kinda fun, a little tough to remember, but there’s yellow tail, pei toh, tamban, and a few others!

on sunday we made our way back to singapore, and passed by the bunkers! these bunkers aren’t given enough… “fame” so to speak..IMG_5916they were used during world war II, where we tried to prevent the japanese from entering singapore via malaysia.. but guess they failed… I’m glad these bunkers still exist on the road! it’ll be a pity if the government were to remove them..

okay off to bed (=


4 responses to “this could be para.. para.. paradise

  1. We would love to post the top picture and maybe a few others along with an excerpt of your text at toemail if you do not mind? You stayed on Sibu Island?

  2. Mmm no I took a ferry from Sibu if i’m not wrong, this is in the middle of the sea… and uhhhh okay sure as long as there’s a credit? :/

  3. Thanks! We will put a link to your blog in the post and in our toemail community section. Will let you know when it is posted. 🙂

  4. It’s posted now. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it! 🙂

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