-wipes dust off top-

Pictures to beautify it..

happy birthday to my day whoop!
Isaac ordered a cake (with some rly sweet words) and we collected it at star vista. Journey there was really hot and humid, stupid girl on the bus took my aircon!


Lem’s birthday, old school jelly plates were brought out.


Sat in the rolls Royce wraith! First, hopefully not the last time..


Dez bought jelly babies back for my mum hoho. I’ve since found out they sell it in candy empire..

A lunch at me@oue. Heard its by mediacorp, thus the logo, and that’s also why lotsa actors (I refuse to term them as celebrities! Well for today, anyway) are seen eating there…

Ah neh and I! (= super cute toy poodle that reminds me of the one I saw in the pet shop.. Sigh. But I’m too busy!

Dinner with Dez. Soup spoon after my walk from the office to city hall, then another short walk to esplanade.

The taitay-niums take on Singapore!

Despicable me with shy and my siblings. 3 of them conveniently fell asleep, saying lido’s seats are too comfortable? Not sure because I’ve never actually tried comparing seats.. But if anyone wants to hire someone to test the comfyness of beds/chairs/whatever you need to sit, lie or walk on, you know who to contact.

Dinner at four season’s hotel. Gotta say the champagne sorbet is amazing. Sweet, with not bitter hint of alcohol. Their miso cod was to die for.. And I don’t eat duck, but their smoke duck wasn’t too bad! Had it with salad.. (=

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