somewhere beyond the sea

note: I haven’t had proper rest in more than 24hrs.. so…. if I sound crabby
1) I really love the ocean
2) give me a break I’m tired..
3) Quite sick of how Sentosa treats animals…

12th May

the day after i touched down from hk, I decided to go to the aquarium.. I guess the #yolo is strong with this one. I’m starting to get a bit wary of the term, I’ve been using it so much to mock people around me, it is becoming a bad habit..

Since underwater = blue (to me), here’s a pretty shot of my home!

Anyway, it was a big group, with my extended relatives, and nigel. We went to Resorts World in Sentosa…  Brother, nigel and I split from the adults.. and I had a reallllly good time listening to them explain to me the names of the fishes, their characteristics…

we pretty much walked right through an exhibition they were having, something about spices from india… and mostly asia etc.. to me that was a bunch of bullshit, i really don’t see how rice sacks or earthern bowls are relevant to the aquarium… Then again, the aquarium is a pure money making industry for resorts world, they aren’t even masking the fact, making it a conservation. nooooooo they just throw a heap of fishes together. what the actual fuck, people? more on that soon

ok so this is some shipwreck.. and all I see are fishes from the Kelong (see previous blog entries)..  it was pretty, and I’ve always wanted to see how a shipwreck looks like.. but this was far from it… -gah-. guess it’ll wait till I dive


lotsa pretty (but fake) coral too.. just to beautify the place…

even more amazing are the roots of plants… which are really just PVC pipes.. hoho.. well done aquarium..


some other pretty little exhibits…

besides humans, dolphins also have sex for pleasure. I’m not sure if chimps now do so too since I’ve seen videos online of them performing oral sex on each other etc etc? :/

cute (so not squishy) starfish. I’ve always had this.. misconception that starfishes were.. soft, like sponge.. Never have I been more wrong…IMG_5804

and my personal fav, jelly fish! I think it’s mostly because they’re squishy, and they’re quite transparent, meaning they change colour -pfft- small joys in life..IMG_5805

hello red blood cells…IMG_5819

I don’t think these are the portugese man of war.. but they’re.. manly enough to scare me. give me back my little squishies!


now unfortunatly I don’t have an image of the huge ass mega tank that has sharks, stingrays, tuna (okay just one, i think the rest died) basically the main attraction.. I was in awe… I felt small in the world again, just one person who has barely any.. power.. and it felt.. great.. reassuring to know that there are bigger things in life for me.. (= and how everything fits like a glove… And then right behind me, a malay couple was lying down, sleeping and snoring… great! So people pay what, $20 to sleep in an airconditioned room, and they get to wake up to a magnificent view? Not bad, right? -waves fist- Anyway, the huge tank of.. nothingness (It makes you feel empty, in a good way!) reminded me of the one in Portugal (= worth a visit… mm.

moving on again: giant garoupa! stuff chinese eat with soya sauce.. and ginger. oops. poor lone ranger, apparently his 6 other friends died? :/


sunlight! lotsa light pouring through.. One day, my dive will look just like that.. Hopefully not because I’m swimming towards heaven.. haha.IMG_5842

and more random images, I was playing with my camera’s function, colour saturation/burst/pop… and they’re too pretty not to share!IMG_5847



murray eels. )= ok a bit scaay hahaha.IMG_5854

shark tank, absolutely breathtaking, you look up, and you feel an insane amount of pressure of water on your chest, the sharks are circling, and for a moment.. you hold your breath so they won’t take notice of you. seconds later, you realise you’re amidst a jostling crowd, and that (faux) nature and you are separated by a thick glass panel…IMG_5856

Alright, that’s all for now, I gotta crash for a bit! Cannot wait to head home.

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