isaac’s birthday

OKAY WHAT’S WITH THE HEAP OF ISAAC POSTS? might as well rename it to life of isaac tai… geez.

I joke. It just happens that he’s really important in my life.. geez. I joke.

But anyway, worthy photos, because time with family is always time well spent.

We had an Asian buffet dinner at Grand Park Orchard Hotel, behind Knightsbridge mall.. Food was alright, basically you tell the “stalls” your table number, and they cook the food for you. small portions of laksa, curry chicken.. i was hoping for a larger variety (hokkien mee, chai tao kueh) but it’s alright!

before dinner sis, bro and I went shopping at.. Robinsons.. got 1,000 cash vouchers.. whoop whoop! but I didn’t really like their stuff.. so I got me some underwear and 2 rings from ck hehe. we had a tough time deciding what to buy because the vouchers were gonna expire.. I guess money really can’t buy happiness..


happy family ❤P1090324


managed to get the guy to bring out the cake to surprise le bro~ whoop! (=


P1090333 P1090337

making a wish, wishing that his hair wouldn’t need to be shaved.P1090340

and then we had a family shot! 😀

i like how most of us were in blue hahaha.

happy boy with his happy cake.P1090353

spent a long time thinking of the copy, and this was the best i could come up with. i guess i’ll try harder next yr.P1090354


erh that was me tryna tell people i’m strong HAHAHAHA.P1090363




okay off I go now!

2 responses to “isaac’s birthday

  1. Why is this a “family celebration” when the grandpa is not there? Shame!!!

  2. Nice to know that after more than 10years, you’ve finally decided to find out what’s on the other side of the coin. (=

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