Food hunt!

Went on a tiny food hunt with char, sand and my bro a few weeks back. Bro was there to finish our food, just so we won’t give up after the first two stalls!

Anyhoo, we met in town, and the two ladies decided to eat prata :/ which was kinda weird.

Our second stop was at red hill. At the hawker centre, I was craving for carrot cake.. The store we were searching for didn’t even exist:/ but luckily we found an alternative!

I’ve never really liked white carrot cake as there’s not much taste, but I knew isaac wanted it so.. Yeah.. It wasn’t that bad, I still prefer the black one!

The store’s pretty famous, not sure why as it’s just.. Normal. Maybe the added bean sprouts?


Anyway, isaac wanted to eat kway chap and so we headed to haig road! Blk 14…

Sand and char being their usual aunty selves.

And one w me! Silly brother captured me tipping toes :/ -waves fist-


We were kinda lucky that day! Couldn’t find a kway chap stall, but found a duck rice stall, that, coincidentally had kway chap! Happy campers.

Probably the happiest day for isaac haha. Pigging out with 3 ladies. Plus, we fed him so much! What’s not to like.. And this is why you’ll need boys on your food hunts, you take a few bites and pass it to them, and they really don’t mind!


We saw a Malay tutu store, and got our hands on some. Yum yum gula meleka! W/o coconut thankfully..

Managed a group shot! Haha. Earlier on while eating, char and I were pressing sandy to name her kid after us.

Me: what’s so bad about naming your kid Charmaine? You’re always having fun with us anyway
Sand: yea.. Mm oh well..
Isaac: yea and if it’s a boy you can name him after me. I don’t mind.
Sand: …you guys are really siblings…


Our next stop was east coast.. Whoop! There are so many shops there, not even kidding. I was already stuffed, actually after my carrot cake I wanted to call it a day HAHAHA.

Plus I wanted to eat mookata.. :/
Anyway, we tried the katong laksa. I’ve probably had better, the portion was tiny (good that we weren’t hungry ad only bought a small bowl), and they ran out of nasi lemak… So none of that.. And there wasn’t kaya toast either. Okay ironic that we were so full but still wanted to order a load.. Classic case of eyes being larger than our tummies.



Walked over to the famous chicken rice shop. Think it’s called tian tian chicken rice? Apparently gordan Ramsey competed with them for the hawker food challenge! Expected it to be crowded, but the place was practically empty.. Guess no one eats chicken rice at 5pm..

The food was good! I had roasted chicken rice to share w isaac, and the chicken was superrrr soft. And the soup was pretty tasty too, unlike other places where it’s just.. Veg+water+oil..

Char and sand had the white chicken and they loved it too.. Didn’t try cos white chicken makes me feel.. Uneasy, like I’m eating raw chicken..


With our tummies all filled we decided to go home.. Jk. We made one last stop at nine thirty by awfully chocolate. A huge cafe that sells main courses too! Like pastas and fish.. Apart from a larger variety of cakes offered…

Lemon cake w cream cheese. Not too bad! I dislike fruity cakes… It’s as awkward as eating Hawaiian pizza.. But the cream cheese won me over ^^


And we REALLY called it a day after that. I don’t even remember how I drove home because I was so full.. could barely move…

But it was fun! Driving around to find food, I’d love to do that again… Maybe this time with a bigger route in mind (=

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