have been really blessed this entire year, and I guess it’s no secret that sometimes… there are perks to my “job”?

attended the filming of Germany’s next top model with C. probably our first fashion show! usually we just sit and watch models parading jewellery, so this was definitely an eye opener. erh some models tripped… but hey they pulled it off. also, C looks mother-of-all pregnant.

photo 1

photo 2


also, one fine weekday, I stole some time by staring at the eye candy to the left. openly gawking, i mean, hey, WHY ARE YOU ON A BOAT. you should be yknow.. in my pants. lol jokes. but no seriously. these guys (just the first four) spend their lives sailing for weeks on end, it’s really 3

my “view of the day”, cloudy, but pretty much perfect. (=

photo 4

photo 5a

photo 4a


nearly every month or so, I get to witness the most amazing sunrises/sunsets. this was the “aftermath”, just 5






I guess friends know the way to your heart. I got food as (early) birthday presents! teddy bear pastas, to which I asked (much later), “How come you guys didn’t buy me penis pastas? At least I’d put some in my mouth”. -gags-.

 photo 1



so… thor’s hammer. marvel took a big hit this year. wolverine was.. well.. he caught the yellow fever. thor was… did anyone not see the dark elves running after jane and the rest? it’s as pathetic as the star troopers shooting to save their lives. was running necessary? 3



and this was… erh. ok bitchy but here’s the convo.

me: omg look. there’s a donut on her hand. HAHAHAH. (fine it’s a scrunchie)
c: wtf?
me: I knowww!!
c: …no.. I mean.. she doesn’t even have long hair?
me: oh… wow.

photo 2


okay kinda psyched for the weekends, having a barbie by the poolside! whoopie! also, a guy asked me out. on a date. for real. that’s a first in my… 22 years. (yes yes never been on a date, mostly ‘cos it’s pressurising and I don’t want to). I reacted as I normally would. laughed my head off, then wondered if he was pulling my leg.

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