passing my PPCDL


elated is an understatement. it was a crazy.. 9 months.. enough to have a baby ahahhaahah. okay so I’ve always known about the boat licence thing.. here’s the story…

back then (like.. in 2008 AHAHAH) I kinda liked this guy and my friend told me he had his boat licence. and I was all “WAH DAMN COOL, PLEASE” and…


I told myself I needed to get it too… and you know what happens when you procrastinate for.. five years….

hahhaha ok back to topic. my interest was sparked  when I went for the Boat Asia in 2013… found out from one of the guy’s there how to go about getting it done… it also helped that I was interested in the multi-billion dollar industry (learning about it at work)

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at PM 10.44.19

anyhoo, I did sign up in the end, and due to overwhelming response I couldn’t only got for classes one mth later. hmm! at that time, isaac and dad decided to join me.. so three of us did it! Lucky for us, we live near the RSYC, so it wasn’t much of a hassle.

I remember having to rush off from work, because the theory lessons were held on weeknights… 6.30-10pm, and at that time, I was kinda struggling hahahah. brain dead. how do people work and study at the same time???? seriously guys,


lucky for us, momsy picked us, packed dinner (which we gobbled in the car), and then picked us after class..

Went for our practical session that saturday, from 10am-4pm? and I had motion sickness in the morning. learnt how to retrieve the fallen man. no serious, MAN OVERBOARD. and after lunch I felt kinda ill so my dad gave me motion sickness pills… which helped! learnt how to berth and unberth..

along the way I got really caught up with work, I didn’t sign up for my theory test. It got delayed till… maybe september? And booked the test for october (yea long waiting list!!!) Back then, I had 2 goals to be completed by end dec 2013..

1) get my PPCDL
2) get my AOW (which I did in Bali!)

so during those few months, I studied nearly every night, went through over 250 questions more than 10 times, and averaged 28/30 HAHAHAH DAMN KIASU. was confident I’d get at least 26/30 (that’s the passing mark).  But alas… fate had it..

urlFAILED LIKKA BABY HAHHAHAHA. I got… 25/30 (ok serious rage face)… the thing that bummed me out the most… the next test can only be booked in jan! URG. not able to complete my first goal!! SO SO SO PISSED.

Kiasu me booked two test dates in jan ok. HAHAHA. in case I failed the second time, next day I can do it one more time. And when time came, I felt really unprepared because nov/dec was a killer at work, and I was off to Bali end dec… the second time I took the test, questions were easier! In my head I was like “YO CALM DOWN OKAY?! YOU MAY ACTUALLY PASS?? BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART”

and with bated breath, I clicked submit (after checking through), and I saw my results… 26/30

sucess kid twitter

UH HUH?! NOT BADDD EHHH CHARBBY! Wanted to take things slow, because I was going to be busy during CNY, and I had a lot on my plate at that moment.. needed a breather from memorising the lights/sounds..

then one day at work, I thought, hey I should just go for a refresher course! I can always go for a few classes, then book my test when I’m ready. Like driving tests, ykno? So I hastily signed up for a refresher course… and the price was like damn wtf.  yes I know boating isn’t cheap BUT Y U NO SLIGHTLY CHEAPER?! Anyhoo, with that, I decided to book my test date too because..



yah omega #yolo moment excuse me. IT WAS AN EXPENSIVE LESSON (more on that later).

Come saturday, the tester was kinda.. fierce hahahha. not even kidding I thought he was going to fail the two other people in my boat (there were 3 of us), because they didn’t know how to use the kill switch properly. Then I thought he was gonna fail me for my man overboard situation.. but anyway, I berthed perfectly!!! -mental fistbump-

Went for my oral test and nearly flunked NOT EVEN KIDDING. tester said “you did so well until now, you don’t know the fundamentals… you know I can fail you right?” really fml moment…  was really kinda numb to it.. he also said I needed to go back to read my books again (wtf sorry i’m damn sick of the book, the number of punctuation/alignment/formatting errors.. too damn high. Nearly wanted to re-type the whole book on my computer)

he handed me this slip to fill in.. I thought “okay now I’ve to fill in my particulars again so they can key it in their records fml”. a bit sad right, fail already still must sign a paper…

then I took a closer look… (see the red underline)

PPCDL licence


I won’t even say I danced and jumped for joy.. I was more like. OH MY GOODNESS CHARBS, YOU PASSED?!? NEARLY SHIT IN YOUR PANTS DIDN’T YOU?? I was more relieved than anything else, because of the cost involved (I’ll get to it later), and I honestly have a lot on my plate for 2014, lost sheep trying to find her footing… so this came at a really good time…

so yes, ms tai can now pilot a powered pleasure craft less than 20m in length! above 20m, I need another licence. erhhh T_T not gonna think of it now.. I’m happy with this!

needless to say, my brother and dad are jealous as hell because they haven’t even signed up for the theory test… but it’s alright I guess, because the brother can drive a tank legally (in the army) and my dad has a bike licence…

and here’s the cost.. what everyone wants to know right?!

course (includes theory and practical lessons): SGD 320
theory test: SGD 20 (I booked 3 times, so SGD 60)
refresher course: SGD 120 per hour (I booked 4 hours, so SGD 480)
practical test: SGD 50

The refresher course was what killed me, and if you see me eating plain rice for the next year or so, you’ll understand why. but as what le momsy said, rather spend more, get it right, and pass, than try to save money and fail. plus, it’s a lifelong skill.

okay byeee! sailing off now.

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