going solo; phuket

Few things come to my mind, but just in case I forget it…
1) I have a nice ass (never knew. HAHAHAH)
2) Singaporean men are blind (I wasn’t the one who said it)
3) Being overseas alone may make one slightly vulnerable
4) I did not backpack or explore phuket

Okay this trip was SUPER last minute. I had leave to clear. On  13 March, I found out I had 4 days to clear… Decided to take them all at one go, and few hours later, I booked a 6-day trip to phuket. don’t ask me how I decided on the location, I still don’t know. Thank you Jetstar for the cheap flight! SGD 170 for a return ticket, no luggage because I travel light heheeh.

by lunchtime I had settled my accommodation (Club Bamboo in Patong, SGD 240 for 6 nights, queen sized bed haha imagine if I went with someone!), and emailed three dive schools..

Then I spoke to R (okay be prepared for a million names!) and he gave me a dive school, Dive Asia, to contact..  and on top of that..

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at PM 10.47.04

Forever indebetd to R.. Anyway I decided to go with Dive Asia. And yknow what? best decision ever. (; But anyway, for four days, 11 dives, I paid THB 14,500 including gear rental. Regretted paying by card due to the exchange rate, but anyway it wasn’t that bad. Day trips, and all meals provided. bingo! don’t need to think of what I wanna eat!

Day 0, 19 March, Wednesday
Was lucky enough to be working in Loyang, so the cab fare to the airport was cheap… sat next to a Chinese lady.. we had a really nice chat, albeit in Mandarin, and I was smiling/nodding away BECAUSE HALF THE TIME I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND HER )= she can’t speak a work of English, but no matter, there’s my Mandarin to save the day.. pooi. like real. She was going to phuket because she could practice fa lun gong over there.

Sorry but I was like “OMG WHAT FA LUN GONG” in my head, and I asked her (in Mandarin of course), “I don’t know much about fa lun gong but I heard people burn themselves is it true”

And she answered me.. I don’t know what she said though oops, only that they don’t kill animals, it’s illegal in China.. and I should read about it. And if I’m in trouble I should chant “fa lun da fa” and I will be saved. I wanted to ask her if anyone on the -cough- malaysian plane was saved because they chanted that but I decided against it because..
1) what’s funny to me often isn’t funny to others..
2) I don’t wanna be the cause of her heart attack

She was really nice to me, asked if I was cold, and then offered me gum which I politely refused. But she said “it’s just gum don’t worry” and I took it because… how can you say no to an old lady? that’s against the law!


Said bye to her after making sure she met up with her relative in the airport (yes I can’t live my life w/o knowing she didn’t get scammed), got into my cab.. and arrived at my hotel an hour later.


Ok there was a sliding window from my bedroom/bathroom.. so I’m glad I went alone. haahha.

IMG_6739Oh hello there are you bathing can I join you? No? Can I watch you from the bed?


The head fell off after the photo was taken wtf. )=  anyway, unpacked, showered and slept likka baby.


Day 1, 20 March, Thursday

Wanted to laugh to myself.. As I got in the night before, I didn’t know how the view was like… well now I know.. View from my balcony..

And this is behind the hotel.. Idk what’s up with the green-tea pools haahah.



I told the hotel I wanted to go to patong beach (they have a bus at 12pm) and they said they’ll let me know when the bus is here… and well they didn’t. -_- Refused to let my mood be dampened, so I took it as a sign to backpack HAHAAH joking. I decided to walk to the beach. They told me it’ll take about 15mins… So I left the hotel.. took a few turns… dodged some traffic…


and reached the beach 40 minutes later. seriously wtf hahahah but I wasn’t in a rush. I was perspiring like mad though! and wasn’t that hungry but thought I should grab some food..IMG_6747



ok this banana pancake thing is REALLY GOOD. banana with honey, and maybe condensed milk idk? BUT LOOK AT THE JEALOUS ANGMOHS… LOOKING AT MY PANCAKE WHILE GETTING A FOOT MASSAGE HAHAHAH TAKE THAT. it’s slightly crispy, a lil chewy in the middle… not oily, but a little too sweet for me..

I took a lonely walk by the beach, and was reminded that Phuket isn’t for the single lady… it’s for white people who wish to look like rare steaks…  the sea was beautiful though. (= with places cordoned off for jet skiing, swimming, para sailing..IMG_6753

Saw the cutest things ever… they’ll never melt!IMG_6757


Walked to jungceylon mall.. was told it’ll be near the beach.. HAHA BULLSHIT LEH.. SO FAR AWAY. The sun-seeker in me needed shelter..  found a bookshop (left my book in the hotel silly me) and bought a book! then plonked my sweaty, sexy (HAHAHA) ass on the seat. ordered soda and salad. I didn’t want the salad but I also didn’t want the people to think I was a retard for sitting in a safe drinking gassy water…IMG_2358

Got really bored, was tempted to go bowling but it was SGD 4 per game, so not worth it, plus socks + shoes… and wanted to go to the arcade.. then I weirdly didn’t feel like playing arcade basketball.. so I decided to go back to the hotel.. Cabs cost THB 200 (SGD8) what a rip off! the taxi guys convinced me to take a motorcycle and I was whining about how it was unsafe (thinking about what my parents would say!), plus.. the body contact thing just doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t like touching random people, don’t like people getting close to me..

but anyway, I was sold by the price. It was only THB 60! they got me a young guy and I told him “DRIVE SLOWLY OKAY?!” and I grabbed onto his shoulders, TIGHT.

Think I gave his shoulders a bit of a massage (excuse me I’m quite strong!), should have probably asked him to pay me for that HAHAHAH. The ride WAS safe and slow.. I took it upon myself to tell him whenever he went too fast. By squeezing his shoulders real tight, and loosening when he was travelling at a pace I was comfortable at ahhaha.  non-verbal communication hello!

Sat by the pool and stoned for a bit… then I bathed and napped!

Went back to jungceylon to meet R for dinner at Churrasco (yes at my request, tripadvisor says it’s the best steakhouse ever and I’ve eaten lotsa Thai food so, not much of a loss!). I didn’t take pictures of the food because..
1) how pretty can steak be?
2) not in front of R.. I’m gonna be laughed at for being the asian who takes photos..
3) paiseh, lah. when the owners of the restaurants see you doing it in front of them… #cannotsiasuay

And it was during dinner that I was introduced to Lucky…



Now everyone.. Lucky would turn out to be my bff during the trip. I’ll explain why in another post, but this buddy was lovely enough to check on me to ensure I’m safe after my dives etc. Also, the conversation went like that.

R: Lucky works in a hotel.. it has a pretty white beach. near the airport. you should go visit it in the day, then go to the airport since your flight is only at 10pm on Tuesday. And you can have a shower there too, Lucky can get you a day room.
Lucky: come over on monday night after your dive. I’ll get you a hotel room so you can sleep over.

So that was it. I had my last day planned.. R drove me back to the hotel after dinner and I had a goood sleep, even though I kept waking up (afraid I’ll miss my alarm, I’m paranoid like that).

and it’s kinda late.. so I’ve got to sleep, but 5 more days of adventure!

BTW, yes Churrasco has the best steak. Go for the Picanha, can’t go wrong with that. Need me some meat right now… mmmm..

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