cruise to nowhere


note: omega sian when my mom says “our family.. actually we aren’t meat eaters”. HELLO MOMSY. take your words back. I AM OK -defensive- I love love love meat. Sure, I may be fussy when it comes to the types of meat, but I can sure feast… hahaha.

Or when my dad says “when did you start eating vegetables” because in his mind, I never eat my veg. I was a fussy kid, my staple was soya sauce with rice.. but I’ve no issues eating veg now.. guess his memory of me eating vegs stopped when I was a kid.

okok anyway moving on. When I was in Phuket, kx texted to see if I wanted to go on a cruise. for free. me being me I said yes.
1) I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise. When I was 16, I wanted to go on one after my o’levels. Mom said ok, but we ended up going to bangkok. Sounds spoilt but yknow, unfulfilled dreams.. Our family always went on cruises when we were young. I guess they could let us run free in a confined area, cannot be kidnapped haha. And to make things worse, my sibling went on cruises when they were 18.. T_T
2) who will say no to a free holiday?

Day 1, 4 April, Friday
So we met at harbour front cruise centre on the 4th (Friday). Got to our rooms, and I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised! Room was bigger than I thought, I actually thought we were gonna be sleeping on bunk beds hhahahaah. It was the Starcruise Gemini, really old boat.

There’s even a small living area, with a sofabed! You can’t cheat and smuggle people because everyone’s passport will have a sticker.


Quite comfy! (= even a small dresser. hahaa.IMG_7551

Facilities.. barely anything. I brought my goggles and gym wear. Yes, gotta be fit even on holiday! the KTV is this huge ass room, where people who think they sing damn well will sing to the crowd. hahahaha. the health club includes a tiny gym (probably 2/3 the size of my living room).. jacuzzi is right smack in the middle of the bar )=, wanted to find the driving range but failed. THERE WASN’T ANY ARCADE OMG… I wanted to go play some games hahhaah.


We stayed on level 7, so it’s pretty cool that for the time spent, we used the staircases! instead of the lifts (meant for the retards who can’t climb one level…)

Panda and I spent Friday night feeling awkward. I guess, being on a boat with 1,000 unfriendly people doesn’t make it very welcoming. nobody responds when you greet them with a good morning or good evening! except the staff. wtf. wanna be friendly also cannot. Asian mentality to keep to themselves? BUT CANNOT BE, LEH. their comments damn loud. always complaining.. sigh.

But seriously, dinner at the Mariners restaurant was bad. I’m not a fussy eater but it was puke worthy.

Day 2, 5 April, Saturday
Decided to gym before breakfast. Since breakfast ends at 10, I told panda we’ll gym at 9am, then eat at about 9.30am. Set my clock for 8.45am. Panda woke up earlier, showered, and told me to wake up.. I checked my clock.. 6.57am.


me: (calm but annoyed) panda… it’s not even 7.. I said I’ll wake up at 8.45am.. what is this..
panda: your clock got switched to indonesian time is it? cos we’re in indonesian waters now.. it’s 8am…
me: i don’t care, my phone says 7am!! )=
panda: breakfast time won’t change…

Can’t argue with logic… Though the kid in me feels she owes me at least 1.5 hours of sleep. So off we changed and went to the gym..


Ran 2.4km. ahhhh. in 15mins. I got lazy and walked 300m hhahahah. Then did some weights…

This is us after our session… Lookin the same.. I was so damn red.


Had breakfast at Bella Vista. yumyum breakfast def made up for last night’s shitty food.IMG_2611

I decided to eat some seafood porridge though I don’t really fancy porridge (I like to chew my food). Told the lady to give me just 1/2 a bowl but it was really yummy (I tried eating preserved vegs! and helped myself to the soft peanuts heeh) and I went back for a second round. Told the lady she didn’t need to give me a lot, and she said “wait!” and she scooped a mussel into my bowl. -happy dance- I’m not a die-hard fan of mussels, but it was really nice of her to find some seafood to plonk it into my bowl!

Gotta admit, I did that to when I was a waitress. If people were nice to me I’ll give them more snacks in the basket, more coke than ice… hahaha. It pays to be nice to service staff, okay?

Then Panda and I went to explore the ship!










Went back to our rooms and showered… And then I fell asleep. Panda woke me up at 12.30pm..
panda: hey.. you wanna go for a walk before lunch?
me: okay.. how long did I sleep for..?
panda: about 1.5 hours..

OHHH YEAHHH I GOT MY 1.5 HOURS OF SLEEP BACK BOOYAH PANDA. ok damn childish I know hahaha.

This was what we wore on the ship. fuss free haha.


Wanted to go back to Bella Vista for lunch, but it was packed. Was told to go back at 1.45pm.. But we needed to be in the theatre at 2.30pm (for an activity) So we went back to the Mariners. Food was heaps better, perhaps because there was steak in mushroom sauce. Can’t say no to steak. I had 2 pieces.

Headed to the theatre and we were rather early, so we sat through this bingo game.  Nothing going on so here’s a pic of me.


Panda checking the schedule.IMG_2627

Waited.. and waited.. We were actually going for the meet and greet session of The Lion Men, by Jack Neo. This cruise was for the cast and their family members.

-so much win, we’re considered family-


I didn’t get to watch The Lion Men, so Panda accompanied me. Then kx joined us!



Kx was leaving to gym (she probably watched the show more than 5 times).. and I couldn’t take the slow dialogue/story line.. and so I told her “sorry, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your hard work.. but can I go with you?”

And that’s how the three of us ended up in the gym… wore my old clothes back.. Which I’m really against cos I’m an anal freak, but no choice.. Comforted myself that I’ll be bathing as much as I want.. ahah.

IMG_2634 IMG_2635
Ran 2.4km again.. this time in 12 mins.. and that was when I decided that threadmills lie. Even if you’re not on it, the timer/rolly thing will still run, so there’s def a way to cheat, by taking long strides.

After gymming, we decided to swim. I actually mean soaking in the pool because the pool is.. the size of my living room. )= So glad I brought my track stuff. because I was only going to swim, and not gym. Then I decided to bring the sports stuff, just in case.

Dinner was at Bella Vista again, had steak! Then we played mj in the room.. and headed off to sleep because we’re old and we need to sleep okay.

Day 3, 6 April, Sunday
Supposed to leave the room by 8am, so I decided to wake up at 7.30am cos.. #yolo. Need sleep. Panda woke up earlier and showered.. Then kx called the room..

me: kx.. it’s only 6.45am…
kx: no! it’s 7.45am!!
me: what the heck.. my phone says.. -remembers my phone is an idiot- oh fuck.. I’m still asleep.. and panda just went into the bathroom…

Hahaha but no rush because.. I already packed the night before… And there’s the “hurry up and wait” mentality on the ship. We left the room at 8.10am, sat at the theatre till 9.30am. -_-

I could have pooped, bathed, slept some more! hahaha. Okay anyway we didn’t see kx, so panda and I left. Wanted to eat sushi (craving for natto sushi since Friday), but the shop only opened at 11.30am, and it was 10am.. so we went home!

And that’s it for the trip! pics from panda when I get them.. hoho

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