Just when I thought everything was “good to go”…

Woke up to an email telling me there’s no accommodation for me on the island.


Well great, and thanks, thanks thanks.

I’m such an obsessive planner I’m amazed a blood vessel hasn’t burst. Even Isaac commented that this is the first time I’ve done something like this. Usually I’d settle on a destination, book my flight, hotel and plan the trip in a day. Just because I’m anal and efficient like that.

I leave next Tuesday and what do I have so far…? A dive school, and my flight. I’ll probably get an airport transfer when I’m there, and a boat transfer too. Searched online for a hostel / homestay / hotel but it was futile. It’s crazily expensive! Pulau Redang, Y U NO HAVE CHEAP PLACES TO STAY? I guess on islands like these, homestays don’t have websites etc. SIGH. I should go there, put up a website for each homestay, and make everyone’s lives easier. I’ve been searching for accommodation for about a week now.. pretty much foaming in the mouth. I guess I could do a Bram, head there, THEN find a place to stay. But the idea of lugging 11kg of equipment and 3-5kg of clothes/toiletries on my back isn’t really appealing.

Anyhoo, I decided to take a break and go for a swim. Ever since my eyes healed I’ve been choosing to swim instead of jog. oops. On a lighter note, I swam 28 laps today. Nubbad.

Came home, and the search continued. Booked a two-night stay in a random place, so I hope it buys me time.

I caught The Fault in Our Stars last night. No idea which asshole was peeling onions in the theatre. But I should have known. If I cried while reading the book, why wouldn’t I cry while watching the movie?! Obviously I didn’t learn from Marley & Me.

Ok moving on.. More random thoughts. Never Have I Ever is a game where people find out others’ craziest sex lives. I was listening to a group of kids playing it, and I nearly fell off my seat because that was the only way to keep myself awake. They were saying stuff like, “Never have I ever failed an exam.”


Which made me think.. NOBODY CARES. Maybe nerds would go “Never have I ever come in second in class”, and computer geeks would go “Never have I ever caused a system to shut down because I forgot a semicolon”. Not too sure, but it doesn’t sound exciting.

One of my more memorable rounds was with a group of strangers and it was hilarious. This guy kept drinking to stuff like  – Never have I ever…
1) had a threesome
2) had sex with two different people on the same day
3) had anal sex

Guess he was really thirsty.

Abrupt ending, but I’m gonna find a snack!



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