birthday dinner with C


Found a few pics form my birthday dinner with C.

Admit I’m a terrible person, whenever friends asked me to go out, I’ll just say yes, didn’t even think of spending it with C wtf. Poor boy. It’s just so difficult to manage time with OT-ing nearly every day, then neglecting your friends. Worse, if they think you’ve “someone special” in your life and you throw them away wtf. Totally not the case because I hardly spent time with C…

Anyway something magically got cancelled? And I had a free Friday night.
Me: Eh. we go out on Friday ok. You pick the place
C: But I don’t even know any place to go to in Singapore
Me: You quite free what. google!

Ended up… JA JENG WHAT ELSE A FRENCH RESTAURANT. La Masion Fatien on Duxton Road.

Had a nice quiet dinner.. it was overpriced. I think we had 2 soups, 2 mains, 2 desserts for nearly $200? Uhhhhh. Felt really bad cos C was lookin for a job in Sg at that time and we didn’t wanna keep spending money.. But C had a very nice time being surrounded by French people, even speaking to the staff in French. Cos they brought out my dessert and it looked like this!


Dessert was terrible. hahaha.

Oh, in true French fashion, dinner took about 2 hours. And food was really salty (for me). C’s used to having food that is super thick/heavy, while I’m more of the light/clear food kinda person.. He always tries to add soya sauce/salt into his food at home hahahah.

Okay lah, having dinner with him was really fun. Best part, I got sent right to my doorstep. Bo bian, cos he lives w me.

So happy he dressed up. Think it was my first time seeing his legs covered lololol. Here’s what he wore!


He got the shirt from a shop in Clementi where a service staff touched him inappropriately WTF I SWEAR. STILL CANNOT GET OVER THIS HE THOUGHT THE MAN WAS BEING FRIENDLY! everyone at home just laughed at him. cannot take it. the guy even wanted to add him on facebook and C HAPPILY gave him his name etc. C also damn lame, go into the shop and make small talk with the people. I was like PEOPLE DON’T DO THAT HERE LAH! WE’RE ALL GRUMPY!! So in that short 30 minutes C found out the Chinese guy was in his 50s, married, with two kids. -points gun at C-

Ok anyway that aside, think the pants and belt were my dad’s. the pants were two inches too short hehehehe. who knows where he got the socks from, and then shoes he bought on his own (ok la not bad, workin shoes).

Bugged him for a photo (because we dressed up so nicely, it’ll be a crime not to!) and.. dat face… -pulls trigger-


Oh well. Thank you C for the dinner! Next year I’ll bring you to a Chinese restaurant on your birthday!

ps: don’t say I never say. lots of posts with C’s face coming ahead… Which shouldn’t be a problem cos 1) I’m the only one here.. 2) people say he quite leng zai.



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