costa victoria

So early Dec, I had the chance to go on a cruise.. whoop..?

Anyhoo, this was a 4D3N trip. with stopovers in malacca and penang. I didn’t have high hopes for the trip cos my previous experience with KX and panda was.. ack. not fun. I had fun with them but there wasn’t anything to do. And this time, I had stuff to do, so that was fine.

So anyway, Costa Victoria operates in 2 places.
Wed aftn to sat morning 4D3N
sg – malacca – penang – sg

sat aftn to wed morning 5D4N
sg – phuket – lanngkawi – sg

Its theme for this period is Italy (I’m not sure how often they change their themes), so there are italian-themed things, from food, to activities [pasta/pizza making].

Day 1
we had a nice room with a balcony! which was a cherry on top of the cake because we could sit and let the breeze blow in our faces.. stare at the sky.. then again, you can do that on the upper deck. there must have been some 200 deck chairs there. whould have brought my pillow and blanket upstairs and slept under the stars. (= it’s always amazing to sleep in the open. and you get to see God’s work…


I remember feeling really upset on day 1, guess the stress + thinking about being away from C got to me. I’m really fine w not being with him, just knowing that there’s a ticking time bomb kinda affected me? but whatdya know i’m much better than ‘ok’. (;

Day 2
Views from the cruise… and of the cruise haha. Was gloomy in Malacca..


Lots of deck chairs…IMG_1531


Breakfast. yumyum. salty food.. 😀IMG_1529

We took a tender boat from the cruise (yes, there were boats on the boat) to a small pier. managed to catch a shot of the cruise. it’s way bigger than starcruise (well, the one I went on anyway). IMG_1539

Oh, here’s what the tender boards look like, fits maybe 30-40 people I guess?


It was a 20-min walk to Jonker street, but there wasn’t much to do…

There’s this little asian shop selling toast/coffee/snacks.. and i found these pots real cute. maybe cos they’re stacked on a shelf, but it reminds me of the games where you use a tennis ball and try to knock the pots over hahahah.

Mandatory trishaw shot..IMG_1543

I spotted an old clock shop! Real cool. lotsa cuckoo (ok i almost typed kuku) clocks, and there was a man inside repairing clocks/watches! IMG_1547

Look at him! ahhh. the art of horology hahahhaha. it’s a dying art, i’m really amazed at how good their eyesight is, and how their fingers are damn nimble? my fat paws will just spoil everything lah.IMG_1549

lots of durian cake.. damn smelly but.. i bought one for my mom. tied it in a plastic bag, then in another plastic bag, just to make sure the smell doesn’t go onto my clothes hahaha. went back home, passed it to her, and a few days later my dad came back from thailand with a pack (5 durian cakes).. #winliaolor.IMG_1552

Oh, the famous dutch colonel house. aka the red house. didn’t go in…IMG_1554

Went back to the ship, went for dinner. ‘had to’ because dinner’s at a stipulated time. they seat half the passengers for dinner, while the other half watch a performance, then they switch over. not bad eh. performance for day 2 was ICE as michael jackson. (=

When I saw this I was like OMG MUST EAT. GOT LOBSTER LEHHHHHH. -yaogui- to the max not gonna lie. If I remember correctly, this was in Fantasia restaurant


It’s an alacarte restaurant. So they provide you with a menu. seven courses I think, with maybe 3-5 choices for each course. Appetizer, starter (apparently, different from appetiser), pasta, main course, cheese, salad, dessert.

And I found it super funny cos I ordered a pasta, and the guy was like “ok so what’s your main?”… Uhhh..
me: isn’t pasta a main course
him: no, but it can be if you wan’t it to be..
me: wow. ok nvm, it shall be my main course.

Here’s my lobster dish.. they took out the meat, mixed it with some weird paste, and put it back in..IMG_1564

I wasn’t impressed with this because WHERE DID MY LOBSTER MEAT GO TO?? Couldn’t find it )= to add insult to injury…

Colleague + me: Walau what happened to our lobster. this one not nice one
girl at another table: OMG I LOVE THE LOBSTER IT’S SO GOOD
colleague + me: (looking at each other) eh seriously WHAT DID SHE GET!! WHY SHE SAY UNTIL LIDDAT???

-sour grapes- I still damn gian to eat lobster. lived in phuket, land of the lobsters for tourists and I never got to eat any haiz.

Nvm, to make up for the lack of lobster, I stuffed my face with tiramisu ehehhe.


Then the staff came out with a humongous cake because it was a colleague’s birthday… more cake.. IMG_1569

and what did I say?? NOT TODAY. sorry, damn stuffed. and they cut it (very roughly I thought he was angry at the cake lolol) into a heart shape. I guess it’s like how germans tell you they love you. they gotta scream it for it to mean something …

Wait, reminds me of this:

Ok anyway, we went to the festival theatre for our michael jackson tribute performance.

Look at the star-lit sky…!!! -lovey dovey eyes-


Uhh, pic blurry. but yea here’s MJ. it was really quite awesome lah. clothes so similar, the curly oily hair also the same!! dance moves were great, ICE was really energetic.IMG_1573

ICE had pale skin on stage but if you wanna know how he looks like in real life…


Man, I know there’s this thing called ‘contouring’, which is some make up shit lah, but really, how did he… ‘contour’ his nose… to make it look like THAT? can you please do the same for my cheeks? shit man, the power of make up. no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy woman (or man) indeed… but thinking about it.. why spend 2 hrs putting on make up, when you can spend 2 more hrs sleeping? why? why? i still don’t have the answer. maybe that’s why till today, I don’t do so hahahha. and as I always say… luckily i’m not born ugly.. i’m already lazy as it is.. if i were born ugly + lazy.. GG.

Ok anyway I was really impressed with the performance. it didn’t blow me away but it did scare me. during thriller, the dancers came out as zombies. I was sitting on the right side of the stage, front row, and they poured in from the left, screaming at the passengers/attendees. wa my balls shrank to the size of watermelons. NO KIDDING MAN. and I saw them coming from the right side of the stage.. So I did what I did best… look at the pieces of paper I had and pretended to make notes. gotta interview people later so I gotta come up with specific questions what?

YEA THE ZOMBIES DIDN’T BOTHER ME HENGGGG AHHHH. I was really damn scared. I know they’re humans, but aren’t all zombies?? -remembers the time I went into a haunted house and the guy had to drag me out cos I was holding up the queue…-

Ok moving on, there was a party, carnival of venice, and everyone was partying… except me. I went back to my little cosy room..

Day 3
Penang! I excitedly searched for my aunt’s house at georgetown’s harbour.. nubbad, found it. wanted to drop by to say hi, but you never know how awkward family relations can be, imagine calling then hearing ‘sorry not free bye’. my heart can’t take that rejection!

Ok this pic looks like it’s taken in the 1980s wtf happened to my camera…

we got off the ship, walked around to get some stills/vids..

walked to fort cornwallis! THE PLACE WHERE I SAW A HORSE PENIS

Uhh tbh I had more fun previously, I don’t know why. Maybe I grew taller because the place seemed so much smaller? and I didn’t see the horses leh. :/ anw, the heat was killing us so we retreated to the cruise..

Had some spare time so.. sat at the balcony admiring the pretty sunset!


it was the last night, so we attended the dance with the officers. No I didn’t dance. I was wearing my yellow lanyard and i think it acts as a human repeller. shall bring it everywhere I go. quite useful uhh.

Day 4
Back to Singapore.. 

-waves- so glad to be back!IMG_1640

Took a walk around the cruise as we had time to kill


I think I got off the ship at about 2.30pm.

C came to pick me up, and no it wasn’t some romantic thing where I leave the place and the first person I see is C.. that fellow decided to explore harbourfront mall (dno what’s wrong with him hahaa.. I mean, vivo city is just a 2min walk away) so I was left standing in the middle of the mall waiting..

We did walk to vivo in the end. passed by the samsung flagship mall and.. -foams in mouth-


No really. I started using LINE actively since I went to phuket and I always think I’m brown. face always expressionless / look dulan even when I’m doing things that make me happy. Plus, I’m round, furry, brown..

I kinda hinted at C to take the photo for me. hah.

C: do you want a picture?
me: -act shy- no lah, so paiseh..
C: you sure?
me: yah.. so many people.. they’ll look
C: he’s just here you can just quickly stand there..
me: OOKOKOK!! -throws luggage and phone at him and hops over to brown-


BROWN IS DAMN CUTE PLZ. CANNOT TAKE IT. OMG. WHY.. on the other hand I’ve nothing nice to say about CONY who looks like a jackass all the time. the sad thing is I always pretend that whoever I’m talking to on LINE is cony hahahaha.

no but really CONY ISN’T THAT CUTE OR HAPPY. in my mind cony looks like some guailan bunny… then here.. so cute. bluff who sia??IMG_6373

Anw bobian, made C take a pic with Cony.. yknow, cos he’s supposedly cony.. he’s white… likes to act cute… IMG_6377

Yea so that’s the end of my trip. ahahhaa.

It was quite an eye-opening experience.. seeing how hard the crew worked, the miles they go to make sure you’re happy. it’s not an easy task. playing diner dash real time.. without upgrades ok. no tipping, no smiles, nothing. quite a thankless job.

Also, there are people in the world, who I really believe, are born so that we can learn the true meaning of unconditional love.. they just complain 24/7. I don’t get it. do you guys not read tripadvisor/forums before making your bookings? whatever you’re complaining about is already posted online. -eyeroll- worse, those who kept complaining were/are singaporeans. WASSUP YOU UNHAPPY FOLKS!

There was this huge ass singaporean family complaining about how compared to the royal carribean, this cruise failed ballalaalal. Sorry NOT LISTENING. it’s like going to switzerland, seeing snow, then coming back to singapore, you go to snow city AND THEN TELL ME THAT THE SNOW IN SNOW CITY SUCKS COMPARED TO THE SNOW IN SWITZERLAND.

Even got accused of not taking notes when they were complaining. :/

X: There’s nothing to do here!!!
me: well today’s malacca day, aren’t you guys going off the boat? you can explore!
X: what if we don’t want to go to malacca? what if we just wanna stay on the boat?


I don’t get people. SO MANY CRUISES IN THE WORLD FOR YOU TO TAKE… you take one that goes to malacca.. when you don’t wanna visit malacca… 

One step back for humanity.. oh goodness..

I enjoyed the trip, I got to meet/talk to lots of people (not by choice lol) and learn more about what makes them happy. hearing families talk about their children, saying stuff like “our children’s happiness is the most important thing” or “seeing my child happy makes me happy” makes me realise how much parents put their child’s happiness as a priority.. I wish that kids would know and appreciate that..

Even for me, I take my parents for granted, and I’m not much of an emotional person so I make it up by buying them stuff or giving them money lol. Maybe I’ll send them on a cruise. Just afraid I’ll come back with one parent less because they’ll probably fight, and it’ll be my mom throwing my dad off the ship lolol. ultimate plot twist..

I guess cruises aren’t that bad. just gotta go with the right people, and be daring enough to try everything, like dance in front of strangers… or sing in a room full of tone-deaf people..

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