kx’s birthday


Met up with the peanuts to end the year celebrate kx’s birthday. Lunch was in a ramen place at Westgate. Kinda amazing how you can order 5 servings of ramen noodles for free. I mean, WHO EATS THAT MUCH? FIVE LEH. Food was so-so…

What I didn’t like was I told them we had 5 people (J was on her way), and maybe 20mins after we were seated, the same person who sat us, came and asked if our “friend was coming”. I’m okay with people asking, but her tone put me off. -eyeroll- I guess some people out there tell people they have 3 people (when they only have 2) so they have extra space for their bags.. who knows.

They wanted dessert so we walked around. Chanced upon this ice cream kiosk…


SMLJ bread flavour?? Gotta admit I thought it was ridiculous. Decided to ask the lady if I could try it. Uhh, tastes DAMN WEIRD. I don’t like the taste of plain bread so maybe I’m biased… According to the rest, it tasted like yeast.. hahaha. No idea how yeast tastes like so no comment. Okay it IS a unique flavour but still.. it reminded me of this:

Okay moving on we went to Miam Miam. some french inspired place uhh. mixed with jap? not sure. Shared the green tea pancake with panda. not too bad! the banana pancake was alright, the banana tasted a tad too oily though.


Continued with our adventures and walked around… IMG_6658


Look at how much they’ve grown..IMG_6660


We first met when we were 17? 18? And we looked like this:

Also, because I was the photographer of the above photo, I decided to take a stupid picture in kx’s phone. It’s a ritual. I take a photo, borrow her phone, change her settings and set my nostrils as her wallpaper. haahha.


highlight of the day. SPOTTED BROWN AND CONY. ERHMAGAWD.


It cost $100 though, so we just decided to hug it hahaha. cheap thrills.. but really.. $100??? Can’t even do anything with it! Maybe to whack people…   but anyway. GOT BROWN. MUST TAKE PICTURE.

But of course, my first love will still be brown. haaha. -rubs the fatty belly- excuse the over-excited smile…IMG_6665

And then there was this Pikachu festival thing going on, apparently pikachu was gonna make an entrance and take a photo with the kids.. OF COURSE WE HAD TO JOIN THE QUEUE.

-elbows kids in the face as we make our way to the front- just imagine being in a room full of pikachus!! like the pikachu invasion in hokkaido.. Anyway, I kinda poked the head, it’s quite soft ah, am currently thinking of sumo wrestling in a pikachu suit…IMG_6666

Since all of us had 0 plans… we decided to go for karaoke. most places were fully  booked but yay thanks to the 10 dollar studio in china town, we had our share of singing out lungs out. Think it was $14 after GST? We could sing from 7pm – 12mn, but we left at about 11pm.IMG_6672

Oh, remember I took a photo of myself? Yep, borrowed kx’s phone, fumbled with it, set it as the lock screen… Here’s the masterpiece hahaha.
IMG_6677But karma bites lah. This woman took a photo with it.. and posted it online.

My nostrils are now famous. Or as someone said.. the 7 dwarves are hiding in there.


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