Cycling in Pulau Ubin

Ohhh yeahhhh Thanks to C my ‘date’ tag is getting bigger. HAH. Makes up for the past seven years….

Okay it seems like C and I go out every week but no… C was gonna head home so we just decided to go out and do some stuff… instead of just sit at home and slack.

Decided to visit Pulau Ubin. The last time I went there was when I was 15. Oops. getting there is a hassle though!! We left home at about 11am, and took the train to tenah merah. Then we wanted to take  bus to Changi village, BUT IT TAKES WHAT.. 30MINS?? So we got back on the train and went to pasir ris.. (I fell asleep on the train, haven’t start my day alr zzz).. Wanted to cab from there but.. cab stand had 0 cabs, and about 20 people in line. So we took a bus (unwillingly..), took about 20mins?

Damnit WHY YOU SO INACCESSIBLE? It’s a hassle if you don’t drive man. Thankfully, we managed to board the boat really quickly! It costs $2.50 per person, and the boat only leaves when there are 12 people on board, or if you’re willing to shell out $30 for the entire boat. we were lucky, we were the 9/10th people, so just needed to wait for 2 more!

Our adventure started at about 1pm hahaha. BYE SINGAPORE… not really.



Such a pretty day! This is at changi park/beach. right at the end. Okay to be fair, the sand isn’t white. quite yellow. reflects the people living in Sg hehe.IMG_1687


Mandatory picture at pulau ubin after a 10min boat ride!IMG_1691

The place is omega backwards.. It’s quite a breath of fresh air. But I won’t want to stay there. Mo mother would be crying 24/7 because of all the insects. And I can imagine, it’ll be pretty inconvenient if you ran out of pads, and had to get to Changi village to buy some?

Anyway, the place is like what you’ll see in malaysia! Reminds me of the Ipoh stopover on my way to Penang… many little shops like these..



There’s even a taxi stand!!!IMG_1694

Welcome to the land of the bikes.IMG_1696

We were deciding on where to eat, because they all had seafood, and C and I weren’t that hungry.. Decided to just share a plate of noodles.. and here’s our drink of choice.


Food was alright, nothing to shout about. $6 for noodles, drinks cost us about $5?

Rented our bikes.. It cost $8 for C’s bike, and $10 for mine (for the whole day). Dno why mine more ex. C was determined to try the bikes first before renting.. suspension etc etc.

Me: EH FATTY!! come back! don’t ride the bikes until damn far plz!
Owner of bike shop: why do you call him fat? he’s not fat.
C: -riding back- YAH walao! I’m not fat!

Our first pit stop! Parked our bikes and just stood there to look at the waves..



Here’s C being… C. -_-IMG_1720


Cycled onto this weird ass path and it was getting a *bit* difficult for me because I have never ridden on mud paths/undulating paths.. and C just breezed on. 3 mins into the ride…

C: Do you want to turn back? I think it’s too difficult for you.
Me: -defensive- NO! why!!!
C: Look at you… You’re not even riding. You’re pushing the bike..
-meanwhile, a small angmoh boy and his dad whiz past on their bikes-
Me: No.. let’s just continue. LOOK AT THAT BOY. Are you saying I can’t beat him..
C:…. No but I’m sure his dad taught him how to ride hills..

-ego deflacted-
Haha middle child syndrome showing. Can’t stand it when people tell me I can’t do it.

And then the boy and his dad whizzed past us AGAIN.
Man: Don’t go there! There’s nothing to see! -flies by-
C: (to me) Shall we turn back then? There’s nothing to see..
Me: ok lor.. Not cos I can’t do it okay!!
C: Okay.. let’s go -u-turns and leaves-

So I turned around, got on my bike, and wtf. The bumps were severely major (to an Asian girl who has only cycled on flat paths) I thought I was gonna fly off my bike and sprain an ankle or something. I couldn’t stop myself in time, and I saw a few long ass branches in front of me.

“ji bai siao liao sure die one”

Last thought in my head before I hit the damn branches, with it slapping my face. Came to an abrupt stop.

No idea how but the long curly branches SOMEHOW managed so go through the spokes in my bike, and wrapped around it…

Got off the bike.
Stared at how beautifully wrapped my bicycle was.
Lifted the top part of the bike.
Slowly untwirled one branch..

Must have taken damn long cos C came back laughing on his bike.
Yea he didn’t give me the “nehneh ni poopoo told you so” face. Lucky me.

Went on a much easier path after that… off to chek jawa, apparently the highlight of the island. Was a tiring ride, there were mini slopes! But the view was worth it.


Happy to be set free in the wild hahha. All thanks to his encouragement that I didn’t get off my bike to go uphill, but instead cycled up cursing. Apparently when I concentrate I have this look of anger/anguish. Cos C was laughing when he rode past me. But  I did it -smug face-


It was really cloudy, and we could see that it was raining in Sg. Dark clouds over there. Lucky us!IMG_1730

Man vs green things. Couldn’t help but remind him that the trees were making noise cos they were horny..IMG_1735

We also chanced upon this beautiful house! Okay, only I thought it was beautiful.
Me: WOAHHH. this is cool! there’s a fireplace! Plus, brick-walled mansion!
C: But this is nothing. We have it everywhere in France. This isn’t fancy..


Sadly we weren’t allowed upstairs. Just went through the home, and they put lots of information boards inside. Not really my cuppa tea cos it was really dusty.. Went to the back of the house, and it faced the sea! Sat down and decided to snack..


Me: Aren’t you glad I was greedy and bought bread!! Otherwise we’ll be starving..! -takes hotdog bread and shares it w him-

Few mins later…
Me: Hey I can’t find the pandan bread!! Shit we dropped it while cycling..
C: Actually I ate it at pasir ris..
Me: ….. wtf.
C: When you were looking at the different bus stops to see where to take the bus.. I sat at the bus stop and ate it.. Sorry. I wanted to see if it was nice
Me: Thanks for offering some to me.

Cloudy day. Ahhhh. Would have been perfect if there wasn’t a wasp flying in our faces. hey look, I also can take stupid shoe shots.

Went back to our bicycles and spotted le petit cochons!!! At first I was excited, then I got annoyed…IMG_1750

Look!! stupid humans threw their trash everywhere!!! -rage-

And C happily embraced his family members..IMG_1757

Continued our journey. By this time I dno where we are lahhh. Saw lots of quarries..?IMG_1758

A little creepy.. german girl shrine? :/ didn’t see it, or rather, didn’t notice it.. but had to take a picture!IMG_1763

Here are our bikes! Left is his, right is mine.. IMG_1765

Found a rocky/pebbley beach and just as we were gna leave.. C thought we should skip rocks..

C: Heyyy let’s skip some rocks!!
Me: But I don’t know how to..
C: Wow where’s your childhood. can’t skip rocks, can’t cycle.. what can you do??

So, rock skipping 101.
Find a flat piece of pebble/rock.
Hold it in your dominant hand.
Line your thumb and first finger (the one you use to dig your nose) around the pebble.
Face the sea, squat with tour dominant hand away from the sea (I’m a left hander so..)
Flick wrist. Release pebble.

Looks easy. Sounds easy. DAMN TOUGH LAH. all my rocks basically plopped into the ocean GOODBYE ROCKS. Had to constantly squat to find flat elongated pieces. They really make a difference! I think out of 30 rocks I threw, only 3 skipped..

I’m a skipping noob lah. Skipped twice at the very most. C could skip 8 times.

Took some photos of C. tourist mah! It was also threatening to rain (thus the darker photos) but it didn’t thank God!IMG_1771

Dno what’s wrong with us.IMG_1772

One of the pics where C will go.. be careful.. the 7 dwarves are hiding in your nostrils if you make the cave bigger they’ll escape. SIGH.



Case in point:

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at AM 12.37.16

But we did get one decent picture!

We cycled over dams, some fields with bike paths, there wasn’t much to see sometimes, but we were always surrounded with greenery! a few shines here and there (which I don’t really like, scared for some reason).IMG_1775


We finished cycling at about 5ish! So that was maybe, 3-4 hours of cycling/ Not bad! Wasn’t that hungry when we headed back to Changi village, so we took a walk down the beachy area where people were fishing and and having bbqs! Watched the planes fly by and gotta say, C is quite smart. He knows all the planes/brands.. and he’d just mumble them from time to time halfway during our convo. Then again, cos I don’t know anything, he may be wrong and I wouldn’t even know hahahah.

Heading home wasn’t fun. was about 8.15pm when we left, so we sat the bus back to pasir ris station, and took the train back to clementi. Arrived home at about 10pm or so..

Legs started to hurt when I got home, couldn’t really move it. Got the minion to massage them. (As you can see in the top right corner, the air con was on). And he decided that we should put tiger balm (he’s an advocate for that) and allow my muscles to relax…
IMG_6447Wrong move.. It froze my legs and I got so cold I had to turn the aircon off, wear a pair of socks, and just cover my legs with the blanket. HAI. But it did get better after about 30 mins. so no complaints..

Wouldn’t mind going back to Pulau ubin to cycle again.

Or actually, East Coast Park isn’t that bad! Yes it’s still VERY inaccessible, but if you meet at a nearby train station and take a cab there with 3 other friends, it isn’t that bad! I took a cab from raffles place, cost $8 for my friend and I..

Some bicycle shops are damn ex, $12 per hour, but I found a good shop!

Lifestyle Recreation
It’s at carpark C, left of burger king.
$8 for 1 hr, $13 for 2 hrs (and you get the third hr free!)

Don’t go to the one to the right of burger king, it’s a standalone shed-like shop, $12 per hour. ARE YOU KIDDING ME IT COSTS SO MUCH TO GET FIT?

Took me 1.5 hrs to cycle from east coast park to changi village. Fun ride! But my legs acted up again on the way back… Time to train! We took a good 2+ nearly 3 hours to cycle back from changi village because it rained heavily and each time we had to seek shelter for at least 20mins.. I even dozed off at one. #win.


2 responses to “Cycling in Pulau Ubin

  1. “middle child syndrome showing. Can’t stand it when people tell me I can’t do it.”

    For real?! Cant believe you have this as well!!

    With words from John Locke (Lost TV series), “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

  2. haha we can hi5 when we meet!!

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