the final countdown

I’m still trying to find a balance between work and life. It’s not easy.

Nothing to shout about, but I had a 20% off for meals + ice cream at grand park clark quay. Merry Christmas! It was such a last minute thing because C was leaving. -bursts into manly tears-


Well, we did have a nice dinner. No, it wasn’t the food that made it great.. Rather, it was the company..

It was either at the buffet area, or by the poolside restaurant. Which isn’t really a restaurant. And all the need for reservations etc? BLEH. not needed. the place was EMPTY. In fact, there was a wedding so they cleared the poolside restaurant. Thanks for informing us!

So we went took a 10-15min walk from clark quay station to the hotel, decided not to have the buffet (expensive and there wasn’t much of a selection), then went to the ‘pool side restaurant’. It was pathetic. and slightly awkward, and I really wanted to leave. Because of the wedding! No tables. And I didn’t wanna ruin our last night together )=.


Trust him to make light of such irritating situations. (= So okay, they set up the table specially for us, positioned strategically in front of the aircon, and we had a pool view. They took a really long time so we sat by the pool..

Look at my fatty all dressed up.


The whitest I can get I think..IMG_6530

Service was uhh slow. And I was a little annoyed BECAUSE WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE ‘RESTAURANT’ and all I asked for was a glass of water. But no… the waitress (she was stationed at the ‘bar’ the entire time) had to talk on her handphone till the cows came home. I had to get up to ask for it. Meh.

Here’s another photo of fatty. May be biased, or even an idiot, but I think he looks good with red eyes lolol.


Food took a really long time to arrive.. Mind you, it was bar food (ie, frozen food). Nothing really caught our eye. 3 sides and one main. We took a few silly photos while waiting. C said his face was oily so I gave him an oil blotter. Also, light is blue because they gave us a blue table lamp (the best part of our meal I guess).


Boys will be boys.IMG_6511




So here’s the food we ordered. saussage (apparently, German. Wasn’t that bad), spring rolls (frozen…?), chicken wings (frozen, and from a brand I’ve eaten before. Because I recognise the ‘batter’ from my primary school days, and pizza.. Which wasn’t that good. Would I head back? No. Wasted calories, and money. IMG_6506

Uhh the worst part was probably the service.  Well, look. food’s here, my water never arrived. The same waitress never cleared our plates either. Had to ask for sharing plates, and when she gave us ice cream, she left allll the other main course/sides plates on the table. For what man? Table looked like an utter war zone.

I wasn’t hoping for something super special but service is very important.. And it baffles me as to why anyone would serve us dessert without clearing our plates… Or ask us if we’re odne with it and then they can clear it. I remember shifting the dishes myself to make space for the ice cream. Plus, I knew she wasn’t busy because she was always on her phone, talking to her friend or something. Could hear her tone.. grr. So I felt quite bad. Total bill after 20% discount was maybe 60bucks? Gahhh.

Then C wanted to watch the light show at the shoppes at MBS so off we went. Uhh for some reason he’s really fascinated by it. And for some reason the show disappoints me. Maybe it’s the lack of storyline? Because, let me quote from the story…

“It’s a story about water and light, using water and light”. Yes I see what you’ve used, but there’s really no story. It’s just a mash up of babies, toddlers, plants, then all of a sudden BAM. ADULTS SINGING. Not my cup of tea. I was really excited the first time I caught it, and the show probably taught me not to have expectations. Then again, my tourist friends all loved it, and I guess I am expecting too much? The visuals weren’t bad, it’s just that because they said it was a story about water and light, I really expected a story? For mindless viewing it was ok.

Didn’t let that ruin my night though! surprise surprise! Guess this guy brings out the happiness stuck deep down my ice cold heart. He wanted bubble tea and so.. we got some. The way to his heart.. through his diabetic gut. Stood there for more than 15mins trying to decide what to order. I was all “oi faster order lah, you think the shop will stay open for you is it?” hahaha.


But no fear! settled on caramel milk tea with pearls. (= Gotta flash them pearly whites for the camera.IMG_6493

So we walked on~ hand in hand with bubble tea. haahah. Walked to gardens by the bay (using the shortcut). got flyer must take.IMG_6496

And then we took a touristy shot. (=IMG_6497

We sat on a bench just talking, looking at dogs, shooting pearls like kids, trying to see who got it further. But we could never find out where the pearls went to… Hurr. Oh, I could stay out late because I took leave to send him off the next day. So, all good. We took the bus home too. (=

Next day, we didn’t really wake up thaaat early. Flight was at 7ish, had to be at the airport at about 5ish.. I got my mom to send us because I was afraid I’d cry so much and blink the tears away/blow my snort out and get into an accident.

Anyhoo. I can’t get over how gorgeous his eyeballs are. hahaha. they’re brown from afar, and unless you’re a creep (or me, or both), you won’t really see that his eyes have an inner orange ring which fades to a yellow/green.


And for the observant, you’d notice how neat his eyebrows are. THANKS. LAO NIANG DO FOR HIM ONE. It started one night in Phuket where he said I could do it because I convinced him that it’ll be neater. I ended up fucking up one of his eyebrows but he didn’t care. #truelove. And his hotel owner noticed it immediately saying his eyebrows were really neat too hahaha. And since then he has been pestering me to neaten it for me. #hiao

I admit, sometimes I do one eyebrow and get damn tired and lazy. Then I suggest doing the other eyebrow the next night.. And have to put up with whining (from him, duh) about how it’s uneven and he can’t go out looking like that. So who says only women care about their eyebrows? My brother used to thread his eyebrows too (and he would get annoyed if I didn’t notice it LOL). Eyebrows don’t make people look bad, but trimmed/neat ones make people look better!


We went to Clementi for lunch! food court Haha. He had his fill of ice kachang after lunch.. Then off to a coffee place because he loves his coffee. This place, The Tiny Roaster, only sells coffee. No cakes, nothing. They’re so serious about their coffee.Love it!  The confidence they have from bean roasting, the way they drip their coffees, it’s really fascinating to watch. In fact, I spent more time watching them clean the filters and drip the coffee into conical flasks than I did talking to C.IMG_6555


Got home, he showered, packed and off we went~~

At the airport, we walked for a bit and he decided to use the bathroom. So I hid behind his luggage.. you’d be pleased to know that I’m so small he didn’t notice me hiding behind it. I guess passerbys (from this angle) would be like, wtf, someone left their luggage in the open. bomb is it? BUT NO. LAO NIANG HAS LOST ENOUGH WEIGHT TO DISAPPEAR.
IMG_6557We had kaya toast, and milk tea. (=

Then, it was a teary goodbye. I didn’t cry like mad, thank goodness. But I did cry. Probably got sick of crying the past few days/nights… Then wanna hug him also damn tough BECAUSE HE WAS CARRYING HIS BACKPACK, so lan lan suck thumb hug the backpack also.. hur…


It’s been more than a month since C went back to France.. We haven’t spoken since.. Wonder how he has been….


Just kidding. We’re still together, and we still talk on a daily basis. We don’t always speak on the phone due to time differences, and because I’m busy. But it works. (= Don’t know when I’ll see him, but I can’t wait. (= I just need to save up enough money (or rather, pay off all my insurance/debts/chip in for dad’s medicla bills/ensure I’ve a large amt of cash for padding) and I can head over. His dad has been really nice, always asking me when I’ll go over.

But it’s too cold in Europe.. I’ll just die a dumpling. :/ So perhaps in Summer then. And I’d like to drive to other countries, because.. road trip. (=

So that’s it for the journey with C. For now. (= Date tag will be left untouched till.. whenever. tu pues pepe! 😀


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