welcoming the new year.. one month later

It has been a weird way to welcome the new year, but should I not be out celebrating, Cass has been coming over to make food with me. Not sure why… Previous years included rainbow cake (where we agreed that orange and purple are known as ‘inferior’ colours) and rice krispies.

And this year.. it was konapun. Also known as making fake, but edible food.

The sister bought me an XXL box from Japan, much to my delight. Always wanted to have fun with it but yknow, procrastination, I’m out doing stuff~

The Japanese are so damn creative. Nah, I don’t have such aspirations. I’ll just appreciate their products.

The set came with two kinda to play with. This was the first. Making rainbow gummies.IMG_0109

Our cool starter pack.IMG_0112

Like first-time moms, we were so careful. Putting water right to the specified line… making sure it was omega accurate.

Poured our three coloured powders in. Yellow smelt lemony, red was strawberry, blue was just a weird sweet peachy smell. The huge tub on the top left was filed with gummy powder.IMG_0124

And here are our ‘cutter’s! unnamed animal, butterfly, flower, bird.IMG_0127

We got to mixing the colours. Not much choice lah. And yes, the disgusting brown/orange colour was my fault.IMG_0130

Placed the cutter right into the gummy powder, then added the colouring drop by drop…IMG_0132

Ta-dah! pretty ugly butterfly! My masterpiece.IMG_0134

This was Cass’. Ok la she talented.IMG_0137

Little things like not puttnig enough water in the food colouring stressed her so I man-ed up and did it. hah.

We tried our hand at the other animals.. someone please notice the blue bird and give me a hi5..IMG_0145

Then because the box said we could do freehand.. I tried.. Well Cass knew exactly what I was gonna do.Sigh. Uhh it wasn’t supposed to be this ugly. Damnit. Looks like oscar the grouch from sesame street wtf.

Think Cass pitied me and wanted to do cookie monster.. and instead made a house. well done. but fine, she won. looks much better than mine.


We didn’t finish the gummies.. too full. and it was rather sweet.

Moved on to the next one. Glad we did this second, cos it’s more fun!


First up.. making the rice!

Here’s a close up! does look like rice!IMG_0161

And then we made tuna and egg.. and egg roe.. that was the fun part. So what we do is use the dripper, suck up the liquid from the top right box, then drip it slowly into the bottom right transparent box, which is filled with water.IMG_0164

WHAT SOCERY IS THIS?!!?!?!?!? THE LIQUID TURNED INTO BALLS!!! It felt a bit like boba, where you bite and then juice comes out.IMG_0171

We removed the tuna, and halved it, and placed it on a dollop of rice. Cass has this super smart idea of cutting the packaging, and using it as a plate. Look at the texture!!! curved lines, like fat on the fish..IMG_0179


Then the tamago! looks a little too translucent, but they got the lines right again. because you roll the tamago into a huge ass rectangle in real life…IMG_0181

They gave us black gummy, which was so difficult to shape. But look as us (actually, that’s my fat finger..)! scooping the egg row onto the sushi. Looks delicious. baba.

We made a special sushi. one of everything.IMG_0190

Four pieces of gummy sushi. and let’s not forget soy sauce..

Yep we made soy sauce for the gummy (it comes w the packet). Can I just stress that this was one of the most fun ways to welcome the new year?IMG_0195


Cass and I are already deciding to make other forms of food if we are slacking at home at the end of this year again. Guess it’s awesome that the bff stays just 5mins (by car) from me.

Oh, we didn’t eat the gummies. We had to shape the sushi rice, then place the tuna and egg on the rice, then stabilise it by pressing them together, with our hands. So it was a bit gross ah. Plus, way too many sweet pieces of sushi…

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