Michael Buble in Singapore

I once asked a church member (weird, I know), if you could see robbie williams or michael buble live, who would you pick?

My answer was RW. Because he had that.. attitude. While MB sang covers, looked a little too nice, didn’t have much of a personality.

BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG. Attended his concert on 17 Jan and was so blown away. Man, that guy has heaps of attitude and punk in him. Carries himself well, doesn’t hold back when cursing, is a smooth-talker..

Out of point but it made me think: wow this guy is amazing, what happens if we woke up in the morning and he sang to me?

Honestly I’d ask him to go brush his teeth first wtf. Guess some things don’t change.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself thoroughly, would have been better if.. I actually bought tickets in the front row. Hah. But see, I was living under a rock (still am), and didn’t know he was coming to Sg.. Whoops.

It was a sit down concert. hahaha What to expect, moshing?IMG_0243


Naturally seven opened from him. Super talented, they do acapella, and I’m not sure if I prefer them, or Pentatonix! Was super psyched to hear that they’re comign down again to Sing Jazz this year. Still wondering if I should pay $135 for a ticket. The line up includes 6-7 other people that night, and I’m not really interested in seeing them..


Photos were allowed, only because buble told us. Prior to that, ushers were patrolling non stop, kinda irritating. I mean, money has been paid, not like we can’t see his videos online, so what’s the big idea? Honestly never understood it.IMG_0281

It was a major sing-a-long. I only zoned out during two songs haahha. So there was Home, Crazy Love, Everything (whoop my fav, always and forevaaa), Moondance, I’ve got the world on a strong, Me and Mrs Jones, The Way you look tonight, Cry Me a River…

Ok the only gross part was when he turned around super quickly and then beads of perspiration flew all over. Sorry, wouldn’t wanna be that near him. damn gross.

The end was truly a highlight. Lights on him, mic was turned off, and his vocals filled the entire hall. Mannnnnnnn. Nothing left to say. He sounds even better live. I admit, I had my doubts if he was lip syncing while moving about, you never know, what?! But when he sang w/o the mic during closing.. BAM.

Had the opportunity to meet Naturally Seven outside after the concert! They were promoting their album outside! Broke me decided to… shake their hands and take some photos.



Gotta give it to these guys man. They can sing, act and dance. How to win, liddat?


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