Cats the musical

Watched Cats the musical one fine Saturday night in January.

I gotta admit, I had my reservations about catching the show. I dislike humans parading as animals in costumes (unless they’re mascots, can’t see their face). That’s why I wasn’t all excited to catch the show, but I wanted to give it a try..

Not judge it because I’m terrified of their costumes.. Well, me not liking humans pretending to be animals is also why I wouldn’t give Wicked a 10/10. Had a crazy fear that the flying monkeys would come to the audience and drag us off wtf. And if you have to know, the cats did go off stage into the audience and I was SUPER glad and relieved that I was seated amongst a sea of strangers… THANK YOU GUYS FOR PROTECTING ME.

That aside, can I just say I’m so glad I didn’t shell out the few hundred dollars for the show? I respect the dancers and everyone else, but I just didn’t get the.. story. I had to search it up online during the intermission, and even after that, I still didn’t enjoy it.

Honestly, it was quite bad. The dances were great, the dancers were great, music was alright, songs were very MEH. Singers were.. kinda terrible actually. Didn’t understand what they were saying 99% of the time. Plot/storyline? A big fat zero. It didn’t give me any high/excitement, no climax, it just went downhill from the start. I went there not expecting much, not expecting anything, and wow, they met my expectations. I got nothing in return.

I couldn’t understand it at all… the storyline didn’t come through in the songs, not that I heard anyway. Songs weren’t memorable either.

The only standout character was a “gay-ish” cat called Mistoffles? And I guess the crowd felt the same BECAUSE WHEN HE CAME OUT (OF THE CLOSET) EVERYONE CHEERED….. Nobody knew who anyone was, none of the characters were leads, each sang one song and.. that’s about it?

It was as bad as Notre Dame de paris musical, but for different reasons. For Notre Dame, music was way too loud, leading lady couldn’t enunciate, and yes, the gargoyles nearly gave me a heart attack. Bottom line: did not enjoy.

If I had to find a similar musical/play/performance to show you how good/bad it was.. it’ll be A chorus line, where people tell their life story, and get picked or something. Very.. blah.

I’ve been to quite a few musicals/performances (more than 30, easily) and I’m uhhh happy to say that most of my “views” are echoed by journalists/reviewers hahaha. Ok what, we got the same views. Means I’m not biased, hating on humans dressing on animals. I remember for Notre Dame, I went online looking at the reviews AFTER the show (to see if it was just me being a nit picker) and they voiced the same sentiments. urg. THIS IS PROBABLY WHY I SHOULD READ REVIEWS BEFORE WATCHING STUFF. But I dislike spoilers.

And even while writing this, I searched online. Bingo! I’m not the only one feeling this way. Not hating, obviously, but nice to know my views are supported by others. Other reviewers chose to concentrate on the positive aspects.. make up, costume, dance, audience interaction. Few mentioned the storyline, except quoting from the press releases given LOL.

Also, there’s ONE memorable song. Memory. Yea, the only song that the audience sat up to. Kinda sad, dontcha think? :/

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