Avenged Sevenfold in Singapore

Okay, last Jan post! Attended the A7X concert on 25 Jan hehe. Thanks to my brother who paid for my ticket. Actually, come to think of it, attended three concerts/performances in Jan… didn’t spend a cent. works for the cheapo in me!

I didn’t know what time the concert was, and was told to be at vivo at 5pm.. hahaha. By the time we got to RWS there was a freaking snaking queue.. and while I was laughing at that one lone guy in vivo wearing an a7x t shirt… oops, everyone in the queue was wearing a a7x t shirt hahaha.

I actually wanted to sell my ticket oops because I was very afraid of people pushing me, or them perspiring like mad and being smelly, or them stepping on my feet. Fear of crowds + dirty and smelly people.. is this considered a first world problem? But I pressed on haahah.

Another worry was.. what does one wear to a rock concert?? (I don’t consider them metal anymore..) I thought we were going to an indoor airconditioned place wtf -_- cos they said hard rock hotel what?!

When we got there, I thought of standing right at the back LOL. The open air place was 1/3 full..


Then I saw this huge air con (standing, about 1.8m maybe?) just beside the barricade.. and there wasn’t anyone beside it.. So I decided to stand in front of it.. Best decision ever!

To my left was the barricade, isaac was on my right, the aircon was behind me. NO ONE COULD TOUCH ME HA.HA.HA.


Took some time but the backdrop was finally revealed.

Damnit hands.IMG_0397

Quote thankful for my camera. Zoom isn’t perfect, so many shots were shaky, but I managed to get shots of everyone, except the drummer.. for obvious reasons..

I didn’t really get a good view being so short fml. BUT HELLO THERE M. SHADOWS.IMG_0408

Died when I saw zacky. There’s just something special about him.. apart from being a wicked guitarist.. he looks sorta asian ahhaha.IMG_0415


So they opened with Shepard of Fire. Whhhoooop!!!IMG_0482





Can I just say they sound soooo good? Either that or they’re damn good actors lah AHAHAHAH. But damnnnn.IMG_0570


See the girl. She’s def loved by the man carrying her, hated by people behind her. Wonder how heavy she is, how strong the guy carrying her is, and hope she wasn’t having her period.


About 1/3 into the show, isaac told me to sit on the barricade to get a better view. And so I did… not bad ah, it was a sit-down concert for me. Best. And I got much better photos! Better view, better photos… what’s not to love?

And then Synyster gates came with a solo while the rest took a break. fucking amazing.


my fav photo of the night. IMG_0608

I don’t really get what’s with the encore thing, because… erh. really, why? If you’re just intending to come back out again.. To hear people scream? I mean, I guess it was for them to rest, chill for a bit.. hahaha. But the crowd probably thought they left for good. -_-IMG_0640


IMG_0658 IMG_0665

The last ‘encore’ was the best though… was crazily hoping they’d play A little piece of heaven, and then the crowd started humming the opening.. but I wasn’t sure if they would do it because of the violins etc, then isaac said they could play that on the speakers..


WELL THEY DID YAY! Superb performance.IMG_0676

We went closer when the concert ended to snap pics. (=IMG_0715

Can’t remember the entire line up, but this was their world tour for hail to the king so.. there was shepherd of fire, hail to the king, this means war, acid rain, and then there was also beast & the harlot, almost easy, critical acclaim, welcome to the family…

Was just disappointed they didn’t play gunslinger. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Would I do it again? Only if I can get the exact same spot. Crowds are really not my thing :// And I got lucky this time, having a seat, and not having anyone touch me! all good!


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