My second time celebrating Valentine’s day! -such excites- 

 First time was when I was 15… one good looking guy asked me out after school and I said ok. HAHAHA.. first time people ask me out, what. Plus I had a best friend who was super pretty I was ugly betty beside her.. )= pimples, fat (ok back then I was considered fat at 49kg.. looking back.  49KG AH? SHIOK!!), short (still short), had braces.. 

 But anyway, memories. I was so worried I’d smell bad I remember going to plaza sing’s toilet and spraying what could have been the entire can of deodorant on myself.. Then we walked around, went to great world city, and I was so bored I decided to go home.. He wanted to send me home and I was like.. er no thanks. I took a taxi home so I could avoid spending time with him.. Ok la we got together in the end a few mths later haha. 

 Anyhoo, JO AND I WENT CYCLING TO SEE SUNRISE. romantic much? except it really wasn’t. On friday, I napped, then bathed and picked him up at about 1am. bought mcdonalds because i was hungry, and by that time it was 2am.. super stoned. slept at 2.30am on the couch lol. was gna wake up at 4.45am… 

 4.45am came, alarm rang.. I told myself.. just sleep!! jo didn’t even hear the alarm! can just say you and him were both tired.. DAMN TEMPTING I TELL YOU. that log was on the other couch knocked out cold I tapped him a few times before he woke up. do you know how tempting it was to just give up tapping him?! NO. you don’t, unless you love sleep..

We set off at about 5.20am.. very dark, but we were prepared. 

Cycled from my house to vivo, then keppel, then to mbs. We saw many large groups of cyclists on the way..   All in large groups with road bikes and cycling shirt and pants.. Then there we were with mountain bikes looking like noobs on the pavement…

Yea I know it’s illegal to cycle on the pavement lah but I rather get caught and fined than be a vegetable in the hospital.

Got to MBS kinda early, Sky was slowly lighting up!


Photo from gardens by the bay.IMG_0763 

Gardens structure! IMG_0767 

Loved the lighting and how it bounced off the window panes…IMG_0776 

Look at the super cute sign!! Ok and boy, haha. We were on the look out for otters but couldn’t find any )= maybe they swam to a more ulu baluku place..IMG_0779 

And my first time at the barrage! Cool place, actually. But I can imagine how hot it’ll be. I wonder if people are allowed to sun tan there lol.IMG_0781 

Cycling buddy.IMG_0786 

Didn’t get to see sunrise.. way too cloudy. Was about 7.30am when we saw the sun. Huge salted egg yolk man! Made me think of food haha. We didn’t have breakfast..IMG_0795 

And the sun rose, hitting mbs hotel. Get to see sunrise from your bed. Perfect!!! #wakeupsaxIMG_0803 

Saw couples having picnics.. So romance such wow much dedicate. So early leh!!! 

But then I also saw this father lifting his son in the air just because the son wanted it.. I was far away but I could hear them cos they’re Chinese lah then speak quite loud ma. Stalker me decided to snap some shots of them. They were truly happy in that moment… I’m one of those suckers who love seeing father’s with kids.IMG_0806 

We slowly made our way back from the barrage… Witnessed an accident and you can kinda guess how it went judging by how the taxi’s position was… Poor people, what a way to start the day.. Must have been traumatising. IMG_0809 

Cycled back to vivo!! There was the navy exhibition and I really wanted to go but I didn’t have a lock for my bike plus I was perspiring so it wouldn’t be nice if people have to put up with my -potential- smell… We hurried along and got home at 1030am!!!IMG_0810

At home we decided to make pancakes (which turned out like crepes oops)… Jo finished most of it heh…

And that mofo went to my mom and said.. “Eh Aunty don’t say I never ask your daughter out ah” hahah wtf #truefriend 

I also got to meet my friend’s sister at night. I wanted to bring them around but they had been to my fav places so we just had dinner at maxwell and laughed the night away..

What an eventful Vagina Day… 

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