An epic tutu fail

There are so many routes to failure, and I’ve failed so many times.. Making tutu is one of the times I’ve failed lolol.

My obsession with tutu started in Clark Quay… when I was a kid. I’d sit on this boat ride with my family, where they talked about Sg’s history, and after the ride I’ll get some tutu. One of my most vivid memories of the boat ride was a man hiding under a black cloth to take photos for a family.

Anyway, I’m crazy about tutu, lah. People call me tutu face / tutu mei sometimes wtf.  I wanted to make some for myself..  because at my weakest, I spent about $30 on tutu in a month. No thanks to Cyril, lah, he loved tutu also. But really… a bit expensive right..

In clementi, 5 tutus for $3!!! I’m lucky there are two tutu stores in clementi actually.. So I’d sneakily ask her what flour is used, where to get the mould… if the heat hurts her fingers lolol. rice flour, they customised the mould (bluff one!), and no, used to it.

DID YOU KNOW THE DAMN MOULD COSTS $22?? I searched high and low for it. C and I went all over clementi to those hardware stores, couldn’t find. went to baking shops, even poon huat, DONT HAVE. Then shy gave me a lead, thank goodness. Became broke la, buying all the ingredients and tools… Spent about $60-80 wtf.

Sugar water
pandan leaves

Cut half my pandan leaves..


Placed the rest in a pan…IMG_0725

“Fried” the flour so it’ll smell good.. recipe called for 2 mins but it didn’t smell good yet, so we did it for about 10. on hindsight, this may have been our downfall…

Here’s the tricky part. We need to pour about 170ml of water into the flour, but we need ot ensure the flour remains dry. WHAT LOGIC IS THIS. Jo ended up tying a bunch of pandan leaves together, then flicking them like holy water.. while I was stirring it continuously..

This was how the flour looked like with water. Grainy with balls lol.IMG_0734

Had to sieve the flour, and break the flour balls apart, it worked!


Smooth-ass flour.. (=IMG_0733

We added sugar into the store-bought peanuts..IMG_0731

Momsy bought these little bowls from Geylang, along with a second mould which cost $16. (wthell, so much cheaper than mine!) And you can see from here why it cost about $60-80.. with bowls, ingredients, moulds…


Muselin cloth! momsy cut them up into tiny squares, a bit too small, but luckily we had a lot. they sell it in geylang by metre..IMG_0738

And a cloth to absorb the excess steam from the steamer!IMG_0739

Now here’s the fun part… it has been a dream to make tutu so.. uh. yea. small but achievable life goals.IMG_0742

IMG_0745 IMG_0743 IMG_0744
I actually timed the woman one day while ordering tutu. 1min 13 seconds to steam. It was a bluff because her second batch was 3mins. So we knew that as long as it hit the 1min mark, it’ll be ‘cooked’..  IMG_0748

Our bowls were so tiny, so each tutu went into one bowl!IMG_0751


10 minutes later… this is what we got..

IMG_0752Wtf la, flour too dry, I guess the steam didn’t penetrate the bowls or something hai. We tried it over and over again, it didn’t work… flour was way tooo dry. Then we added some water, sieved the flour, then when we put it into the mould and turned it over, the flour sticked to the mould!!


DAMN ANNOYED. it was about 10pm on a sunday so we gave up.. sigh. That was in Jan. I think.. Tutu.. I’ll def be back for you.. I refuse to spend more money buying tutu when I have the ingredients and tools at home. Seems like such a waste. Plus…. I really want to know how to make tutu.. just so I can satisfy my greediness 😀


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