humans and pretty things

Need to transfer photos from my phone to the computer, but for now…

This was super long ago, in August I think, when Andrea came back. Oppa was talking to Bram and they talked about Breda beer.. and then both got so excited because Bram’s from Breda and he’s never seen the beer sold elsewhere, or something along those lines. so it was a night of drinking…IMG_9256

And this was during oppa’s birthday. We didn’t know it was his bday, but andrea saw him making seaweed soup for himself (it’s a tradition to have it during your bday in korea). So sad right! and clueless.. So we decided to buy him a cake.. and had to google what “happy birthday oppa” was in korean.. Isaac got along very well with oppa.. he looked up to oppa and always wanted to talk to him, find out more etc. kinda envious i guess, because isaac never showed the same enthusiasm with cyril…IMG_9260

And this was during oppa’s last night.. we had dinner at no sign board seafood.IMG_6267

Happy to have oppa be part of my family.. hope to see him soon. he was always so amused whenever cass and the rest came over, because we’d play games (cards against humanity, in between [using cups of water as bets], saboteur, and a story-based game) and we’ll be laughing so hard.. and oppa got very curious he asked my mom what kind of games we were playing, and he didn’t understand how we could laugh so hard without alcohol..


isaac’s new found older brother.

walked past the blunt pencil one night. for the first time in my life I saw it with lights!! so pretty!! teal? purple? IMG_6304

And in esplanade, they did up these really pretty ribbons! loved the rainbow effect.IMG_6306


this was one of my fav hehe. orange to pink.IMG_6309

And in the main area…IMG_6315


This was me:


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