running.. and some others


People who know me, know that I exercise regularly, at least two-three times a week.. Friends who reallllly know me, know that I absolutely HATE running. I dread putting on my shoes, everything. I started exercising in 2012.. and wow it has not gotten any easier, apart from the fact I am slimmer now.. lol. Ok small motivation..

Chanced upon the Terry Fox run, and somehow got one of my friends to join me. The run is for charity, cancer awareness actually. And I felt the need to take part in it because my dad has lung cancer. I’ve never bothered much about such stuff.

Anyway, said friend was to pick me up at 6.30am. Said friend did not turn up. Said friend overslept. I cabbed to East Coast Park, it was about 7.20am. flag off was.. 7.45am. Well, said friend called me and told me he overslept.

What to do? There already, go run lor. Not like I talk to people while running anyway. The annoying thing about running with people is that you’ve to be mindful about the pace.. Hate it. Either they’re too fast, or I’m too slow. lolol.

To be honest I’ve never ran 5km before. The max was 4km, and it took about 35mins, from my place to shy’s (large detour involved). I didn’t know how I’d fare to be honest, if I was gonna stop and walk… ahhaah.

One thing I really wanted to do was punch the people holding the placards. “1km” “2km” AIYA GO AWAY LARRR. And then they’d shout “4 MORE KM TO GO!!!”

Fuckkkk man. I hate knowing the distance/time while running… It bugs the shit out of me cos i’m the kind of person who’ll get sooo fixated on the numbers (I AM a math girl..) -pants away while cursing- Does that happen during every race or something???

Ok anyway, main point.


GO ME!! Didn’t stop running, didn’t die halfway.. timing not bad also! Hiaya, tooting my own horn. I was tearing during the race, and even after the race. because there were so many people present to show their support for cancer.. it gave me hope, for myself, for my dad, that people were aware of it, and they wanted to donate money into finding cures for various forms of cancer.. i’m so glad I brought a pack of tissues with me…

Said friend did do the run but he took short cut so he found me sitting by the pavement after the run. we went for noodles after that. And here’s me after the run, at home.


I’d join other cancer/charity runs I reckon. just 5km lah. 10 is really a bit too much, stretching it (geddit geddit??). Boring max…

Met up with a few of my cell ground members from OCF. feels good meeting them. we had this nice special bond.. and it reminds me of something i’m lacking in sg. a cell group. hahaha.IMG_1103

tried llao llao with them. ok only leh, don’t understand why it’s so ex. maybe because the spoon can be used as a shoe horn? IMG_1104



This photo.. Well I was trying to see what they were aiming at and then my nostrils took up 1/2 the camera shot.. wtf everyone was laughing.. oh well.

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