CNY 2015

Lots of food. Too much food, actually.

Let’s start with reunion dinner on 18 Feb.

Time to prepare poh piah from scratch. I really enjoy making poh piah, maybe enxt time I will take 1/2 day in the morn and just stay home to make food. Wtf big dreams, wanna be housewife.

Pot of turnip.. which would be recuded by 2/3 after cooking. how cool.

And then all the prawn shells.. to fry and get their juices..IMG_0973

We also had a mountain of eggs..IMG_0969


I didn’t slog in the kitchen lah. I was reading 50 shades of grey loloolol. Only because everything was done. I only peeled the eggs and sliced them.. I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen )= and I got home too late, so everything had been grated. Sad.

We had a lot of fun making an eating poh piah. I really love the skin! And the turnip, the fried bits of flour (instead of peanuts), prawns (which many hawkers omit due to cost, and this affects their turnip too cos they don’t have the prawn juice.. )

Reunion dinner is always an open-house affair where we invite family/friends who don’t celebrate CNY to come over and eat.. or if they’re single and everyone else has their own reunion dinner. I like it this way actually, since friends make up a big part of our lives. I’ll continue this tradition when I have my own home..

Star of the night: char siew pao!IMG_0480

Speks from my camera phone which can’t be removed. Anyway, we went for a jog, and it was so tiring co sI had to jog realllll slow. As if I’m not slow enough, char siew pao is dam unfit and fat lah!! We ran from my house to the main road and he charged at full speed but then he died after that. -_-

Sitting and then begging for food..


Look how cute he is!! sticking his tongue out and he looks so displeasd lah. char siew pao why you so childish?IMG_0486

Ok he looks happier here..IMG_0489


And then gotta give him some love otherwise he feels super left out, like always wants to be in the middle of the convo.. So I carried him and he sat on my lap..IMG_0992

Does anyone else think he looks like a piece of crispy chicken from KFC? Like, last time KFC had these thin strips of chicken.. and his fur is like the coating of the chicken hahahahaha.


char siew pao giving up on life. I kept carrying him and swinging him.. so after I came back from my jog, I had dinner (didn’t even shower lolol) with everyone, then brought him out for his after-dinner walk, where he pooped. Always good to poop..


Next day, this was us:IMG_0510

It was my most CBF cny… tied my hair up, wore a t shirt (ordered online specially for CNY ok). couldn’t stop looking at my shirt thinking.. wow i am so funny. -_- And then I wore socks. HAHA.

Look at all of us… so happy, and I was eating all the peanuts..


Closer look at my amazing socks courtesy of andrea.IMG_0514

One of the omes we visited, sparky the dog~~ Unfortunately their golden retriever passed away from cancer. :/ super manja lah the dog. my dad decided to play vet finding ticks lol. he found none.

And this is sparky looking so attentively at me because I have food..IMG_0569_2

Sometimes I think I’ll be an amazing dog owner, but pictures like this prove otherwise… sparky also wanna give up on life i think. ahhaha.IMG_0570

she followed me everywhere I went. how adorable. If I had a dog I dont think I’ll leave home…IMG_0572

look at sparky. going over to isaac hearing him play the piano.. plot twist: isaac doesn’t know how to play the piano.IMG_0573


There’s another dog here, which I forgot the name. oops. But I saw her running around in the backyard and decided to chase her. She was sooo afraid of me omg.. )= damn sad. my dog whisperer moments were over.IMG_0595

She ran and I kinda chased her for 10mins (the house is at least 5 times the size of mine…) and then she’d sniff me and run away.. so I  kinda cornered her and won the battle. poor girl was shaking..

first I just patted her, then I Took her on my lap and started cuddling her.. giving her pats and then talking to her, then after that I carried her around the house.. ahhh. she didn’t bark at all just was so afraid of me..

Anyway, we went back to the same house for dinner at night, and this is what I wore: a red lacey top that’s very CNY-ish.


Oh, of course I went to find the poor dog again and I think she remembered me cos she didn’t try to run away that much.. then when I stopped playing with her, I stood up and the started to hug my leg, and then sat down. Wtf heart break please. So I sat down again and played with her.. so manja.. must be true love because i didn’t have food with me.. The way she hugged my leg was just do heartbreaking. She’d stand on her back legs and hug my leg, placing her cheek on my calf and then just staying in that position till I sat down..

When I was leaving, I talked to the owner’s sister, and found out that this dog had previously ben abused.. so much till her bones are dented. and last year they picked her up from the dog pound, and no one could go near her. </3 And then she was very surprised to see me carrying the dog and walking around (wtf as if it’s my dog hahaha) cos nobody really gets to carry her cos she’s always running away.

Hai. dog stories. who could abuse a pretty dog like that. I know you just saw her butt from the pic.. but man, that dog is so lovely. .

On to happier moments. another reunion dinner (yea chinese love to eat, we love any reason to celebrate with food). Look at the spread! there was also soup.. haha. and a heap of vegetable dishes, dumplings, prawns, chicken wings…



chef of the night. I went over to help her prepare food in the morning. Bought ingredients, chopped vegetables up, took care of her hamsters, tried to clean the prawns and pluck their heads but I started tearing because I’m that big of a loser.. These were live prawns that were happily swimming in the tank before the man caught them and then put them into a plastic bag. And I couldn’t stand the idea of decapitating the prawn. :/ and touch raw meat too..

see all of them here.. after dinner and a movie on tv, they sat on the floor and started gambling.IMG_0535



Happy chef and happy assistant.IMG_0543

What I consider a huge family gathering. hahahah.IMG_0549

So.. That’s my CNY. Sometimes I think.. man… I wish I knew Cantonese greetings, the way they deliver the greetings is really cool lah. being fluent in canto and all.. and there I am just saying “Happy New Year” which doesn’t mean anything compared to the cheng yu.. about working hard, playing hard, studying hard, having fortune, happiness in home etc…

Gotta do something about it man, culture erosion is happening faster than ever…


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