a wedding, and the dog whisperer

I flew up to KL and gatecrashed a wedding wtf. #achievementunlocked.

Here was my bag for the weekend trip. including high heels inside for the wedding. Flight was about 90SGD. I got a one-way trip, cos I was gonna drive back to Sg with my friend.


No flight delays, not that I noticed because I k.o-ed before we took off and owke up when we landed. then Brandon picked me up in a swanky car… Hai. lyfeofdarich.

Met up with my aunts and cousin.. We stayed in e-city hotel in KL, it’s super weird, the hotel is in the middle of nowehere, near Subang. so there’s a mall near the hotel (same owner, by a tan sri I think). Anyway, hotel is nice lah, but for couples only. the toilet is awkward as hell. Can see people poopingt hrough the frosted glass. not very glam…



Friday night was spent flying, and then at one of their houses to just chill… Went back to the hotel and slept.. heehhe. hotel cost SGD100 i think? I don’t know if it’s expensive of Cheap cos I’m usually staying in hostels, and the last hotel I was at cost me SGD400 a month…

So uh. the bride is my aunt’s friend, and my family kinda knows the entire family of the bride…


We were going for breakfast that Saturday morn! bak kut teh heheh.IMG_0667


cousin and I~. If you’re wondering why I’m so dressed up for a trip to KL.. plus go eat BKT.. it’s cos.. this top has padding inside.. meaning. DONT NEED TO WEAR BRA. this also translates to less clothes to carry in my bag. (and yes, that’s why my backpack was 2/3 empty even after my clothes and toiletries lololol) IMG_0678

I didn’t really eat. cos.. pork. So I just had you tiao, rice and soup. I did try the pork. it was quite soft.. but I had the same disgusted feel the last time I had bak kut teh at Song fa in Clark Quay. Think it’s all in the head..IMG_0685



Then we went shopping! I needed 3 pairs of shoes (to replace those that spoilt at home), 1 pair of sports shoes, 1 pair of sandals. lolol. big to-do list…

bought just one pair of sandals heh -_-. Ok la 20% of my shopping list done, not bad.. we got picked up by the chauffers.. I was really spoilt throughout my trip. The chauffers drove us for shopping, then came back to get us, just to drop us off at the hotel.. Felt like a princess lah ahahah. Plus, the car was huge….

So much legroom wtf. It’s some sort of space wagon i think. IMG_0669

Look, indivisual seats! I can’t get over that. machiam private jet.. on land.. lol.IMG_0670

Also, one of the family members has a dog. bichon frisee. it’s damn cute lah! look! like a fluffy white bear.. and it doesn’t bark either hahaha.IMG_0672_2


Ok mandy, i love you too! -sold- the dog could point a gun to my head and i’ll be like.. ok fine i’ll die…IMG_0676
The wedding dinner was in the hotel we were at  (that’s why we stayed there).. so it was convenient. Went back to nap before showering and preparing for the wedding hehehe.

This is what I wore.. dress a bit shapeless cos I lost some weight, gotta re-alter the dress… ok lor good problem to have I guess. Love my heels cos.. it’s broad enough for my feet, doesn’t hurt (if i put moisturiser lol), and it’s high but not painful.. that said, should ask the cobbler to add robber soles.. CK heels tend to be comfy but a bit slippery sia.


Can I say the wedding was fancy smancy, because they invited some datuk, datuk sris and tan sris? I don’t know what that means, lah, just that they’re those who appear in Tatler and The Peak and Prestige lolol. Enough to know, just steer clear lol.

The next day on Sunday, aunts and cousin flew back while I stayed back and slacked and waited for Brandon to drive us back home.. played with mandy again.. look at her paws!!

Looking like a bunny.  apparently she’s special because bichon’s have black noses, but hers is brown..IMG_0770


look at this balloon dog hahahahaha THE HEAD IS SO ROUND.. it’s like a bad hair day gone omega wrong.. but she’s still so cheerful…IMG_0752

oh another light packing tip if I may lolol: the above t shirt was worn on Fri and sat night as my sleping shirt. and then I wore it on Sunday to head back to Sg. The drive home wasn’t long! we had dinner, then left KL at about 8pm. got home at about 12+..

first flight, looking forward to more this year!

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