singapore’s skyline, and a fake dog.

So that day VD messaged me.. how’s your dog?

He was referring to the pic I sent him:

I was like.. that’s my friend’s dog!

And he asked if I wanted to see his dog and I said yes (duh..) so he sent me this:


Wtf limited edition dog. Well played VD…

On an unrelated note, went to a rooftop bar on Friday. 😀 SO MANY ANGMOHS WTF. like in angmoh land.. then again, cbd area, everyone so rich..

The irony is that, people won’t think I’m racist if I went there and said “Wa, I went to this rooftop bar, so many angmohs, like I’m in Australis sia”.. but if I went to little india and made a similar comment like “wa.. ballala like I’m in India sia..” then the world will call me racist… i don’t really get how the world works..

Anyway, the city was beautiful. I’m always happy to see our skyline from different angles..  Could see the flyer, mbs, and then the ever-pretty city..


Even sat the lightshow hehE. not sure if i’m slow BUT THEY HAVE MANY PRETTY LIGHTS NOW.. red, blue, orange, yellow…IMG_1221

my virgin mojito…IMG_1228Ah, it was a good night to unwind and just chat about life…


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