with a face only a mother could love

So my mom has been bugging me to go for a facial cos my skin has quite a few spots. And I always thought they were cute lahhhh. -_- me being me.. So fine, decided to go to her facial place one day…

turned out to be a nightmare of my life. Not cos the facial place sucks lah, but.. hai.

So we started off with a facial.. where we found out the bumps weren’t black heads but skin warts wtf. Ok lor, since i’m there.. zap it lor…

Look at my pretty face before the facial pls… I know peple always go facial and feel pretty BUT I ALR FEEL PRETTY WITHOUT FACIALS OK.. my skin is ok..  no huge craters or anything.. honestly i think my skin is damn good for a lazy person like me who… only washes face, puts toner and moisturiser in the morning.. at night I’m quite lazy so I don’t rly use toner and moisturiser hahaha.


Said skin warts: the dark spots on my cheek. can’t see it now? NEVER MIND.. later let you see until you wanna puke…IMG_1238

so my skin was ok and honestly, if you want an ego boost, you should go for a facial. cos they kept saying my skin very nice (see lah, i dno why i backside itchy decide to go for a facial, my last facial was when in 2008 ok), and then my eyelashes very nice.. and one lady proceeded to touch my eyelashes wtf hahahahaha.IMG_1240

I was super tired before the facial  (i actually fell asleep in the waiting room) and so.. I fell asleep.. I was dozing off when she put some paste on my face, and the next thing I knew, I woke up to her peeling off the skin on my face wtf. I was so scared haha then I realised she actually placed a mask on my face.. which I obviously didn’t realise BECAUSE I FELL ASLEEP… -_-

zapping the warts begins.. first up, gotta apply numbing cream.. look at the amount of spots)=IMG_1244

both sides of my face have a lot. And there I was, so happy before my facial.. I swear.. these places make you feel like shit ok. Life before my facial was all roses.. life after my facial… fml..IMG_1245

And then they trimmed my eyebrows… see there are always two sides to a story.. i have nice and long eyelashes, but in general, i have lots of hair all over my body too.. which, growing up as a kid, i’ve been made fun of for being hairy lah. )=

The laser thing was damn fucking painful wtf the numbing cream like didn’t work.. -_- I was tearing all the way… the sound was damn scary, sounds like a drill being used on a wall.. I felt like I was in the movie of Saw.. where someone would drill my head wtf.. T_T

This is the aftermath.. fuck man. my face looks like shit now. ONLY A FACE A MOTHER CAN LOVE LAH FUCK… AND IF YOU THINK IT DOESN’T LOOK BAD…… YOU’RE FUCKING WRONG…IMG_1271



like got some disease or what.. see the amount of warts i have on my face wtf… dno how I’m going to work on monday… (yes, I happen to have a job) Die lah die lah.. WHY DID I GO FOR THE FACIAL. I WAS SO HAPPY WITH MY FACE BEFORE THAT…

urgggg. )= I’m so glad I don’t have anyone to look at me before I sleep.. seeing my face makes me want to cry. Damn ugly. These are scabs and they’ll fall off but.. urg. omg.. gonna wear a mask when I go out. can’t look at myself in the mirror and not think that nobody will love me )=

Pls plspls let it all drop off magically tonight and tmr night… sister told me not to go to facials next time. these kinda things should go to a skin doc instead. OK DR GEORGIA LEE YOU WAIT FOR ME OK. )= Face like shit now, feeling like shit too… should change my title to ‘only a face God will love” cos I look so unlovable now…

Not like I was always damn confident of my face or what la, BUT HOW OT BE CONFIDENT NOW.. i guess it’s why i hate facial/slimming places.. i used to be sucked into those shit, feeling like my body was nvr good enough.. but now i’m like… fuck you lah my body quite nice when i’m naked and when i poop ok? after i poop my tummy goes down (no correlation, it’s all in the head but it works!).. and exercise like mad lor.. so if people offer me slimming services i always ask them “why, you think i’m very fat meh? i look ok what?” then I walk away… dear sliming services, pls stop doing that to girls in sg.. we’re all damn insecure as it is.. don’t need you pointing out our flaws.. we alr know it..

Haiya gonna do some work and try to sleep.

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