The woes of being a girl

You learn something new every day, even if it’s about yourself.

So I got my period on Friday night, and I had to do a few training dives on Saturday. Can’t cancel class (unless, dreadful cramps appear) cos it’s irresponsible so.. lan lan dive while having period.

We were gna do confined water dive 1, open water dive 1, then open water dive 2. Don’t know how I managed lah, but between the CW1 and OW1, we were at the bay area of Pulau Hantu, so I could use the bathroom. -cues running to bathroom, which was wet but not smelly thank God…-

Then between OW1 and OW2.. must change again what! once your tampon soaks up all the saltwater technically you’ll just be bleeding wtf. and because the boat isn’t a dive boat where you have a bathroom or two (like in Phuket where All4Diving and Dive Asia have fancy boats)… well you kinda see that I can’t just do it there and then. Had to make a special request that we go back to the bay so I can run off to the bathroom again.

Anyway, that’s not the icky part.

Has anyone (well, a girl) tried to pee while having a tampon in her vagina? Ok for me it takes a crazy amount of practice… gotta relax and all. I take a longer time to pee just cos if I force everything out the tampon may come out too wtf ahha. don’t even talk about pooping. we have different muscles but.. clearly i’m so uncoordinated down south.

So ANYWAY. after CW2, I REALLY NEEDED TO PEE BADLY. Divers just pee side by side, opposite each other, no shame one. I can pee while talking to people and even look them in the eye. ahahah.

So I tried to pee, BUT I COULDN’T. somehow I just couldn’t control my damn muscles. So there I was hanging by the side of a tiny boat, trying to pee in the water. I tried 4-5 times and nothing came out wtf. I was wondering if it was cos I was afraid the tampon would pop out, if my wet suit was too restrictive (tried tugging on it, didn’t work)… So I gave up, climbed back in to the boat.. And I really needed to pee.. Sat down for a bit, then went back into the water to try again. STILL CAN’T. WTF I was quite stressed out by this because, HOW CAN SOMEONE NEED TO PEE BUT CANT PEE? IT’S NOT LIKE CONSTIPATION YKNO…

And on the boat, one lady was like.. “yea it’s damn difficult, I know your pain” kinda thing. -ok never alone then-

And I was gonna give up again so I made my way up, standing on the side ladder.. head, upper body, bladder were out of the water while thighs and calves and feet were in the water and I thought.. hey let’s try peeing one more time. (note that at this point, people on the boat can see my /upper body).. Stood there concentrating real hard…

IT WORKED. I COULD PEE HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I was so happy I decided to go back one rung, back into the water… but once I went into the water, I couldn’t pee anymore??? What weird sorcery is this? Had to climb back on the rung and stand and pee at the same time wtf.

But wow, I felt damn successful after that.. I’m still not sure how I managed to do it, or figure a way out (lots of thick skin I guess) of this situation..

Well, next time I know…

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