life updates

There’s a new cinema opposite my house yo!!

MEga excited because I can get there in FIVE minutes. Get to the overhead bridge, cross it, walks through a block of flats, and I’M THERE. -elbowing my way through- the only people who can beat me to the theatre are people who actually live in that block of flats lah.

The mall is quite loser-ish though. Eng Wah in clementi. I don’t know how many times they plan to close down but.. yea things aren’t looking good. apart from the theatres, there’s absolutely nothing in there, no shops, not even being close to having some form of construction going on..

Main point: empty cinema, sit wherever I want.

The seats are kinda annoying though. Eng Wah, what’s wrong with you ah? The seats are all individual, even couple seats. Then how, lift the arm rest I lean onto my boyfriend or whoever it is, still can’t shift my butt closer to him what, otherwise part of my butt will fall in between the -wait for it-… crack.. I imagine being in a highly awkward sitting position..

Caught a movie with jo and shy. there was a grant total of seven people in the theatre, including us. theatre was freezing max. So.. no occupants, aircon at full blast, I wonder where eng wah is getting their money from leh… if they wanna chase people out of the theatres/malls, they’re doing it right hahaha.

Theatre was so empty that when 3 of us went in.. jo said, “wah, imagine if only got two people in the theatre… i wonder what they’ll do”

and the both of us laughed like retards. carpet still new, not much soda stains, can shag on the floor ah. haah, def not on the chairs cos it’s damn uncomfortable, plus the seats aren’t connected… Maybe they made it that way for a reason, knowing the theatres would be empty.

But anyway, super happy eng wah theatres is back~~ after a 10-yr absence in clementi.. I no longer have to watch movies in jurong hahaah… this also means I can just walk over, buy a ticket and catch a movie on my own! excited…

This was a totally useless update.

Oh, on another note, I bought myself a waterproof backpack. 35L for $80. score! Cheapo me wanted a $50 and below backpack, I guess I’m living in the dark ages. One shop was selling it for $89, another was selling it for $129. So, ok lah, $80 vs $129.. that said, original cost price is probably $30 LOL. oh well, one less thing to buy. I’ve been spending money on knick knacks these days. IS THIS HOW AUNTYHOOD STARTS?? I was actually going from store to store, checking how much panty liners and tampons cost. I mean, gonna use them for life, gotta be smart about it..

Also, can I say, I’ve been eating SO MUCH this two days, not even funny. Pregnant or what?? On saturday, I had a bowl of noodles, then a cup of yoghurt, and a pack of chips. Mind you, this was between 8pm and 1am. And I was still hungry.. Sunday, I had a rather unsatisfying lunch, then I napped, then I had a bowl of noodles, and pop corn. -_- Went home feeling hungry…

metabolism skyrocketed ah? Ok I don’t mind, just leave my boobs and butt pls! I don’t really have a butt, imagine if that was taken away from me too…

okay the end bye!

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