growing up

Do people really grow up?

Sometimes I feel they’re stuck with a 12-yr-old’s mind.

In other words, Jo, Sis, Shy and I watched this video last night and burst out laughing.

The idea is fascinating though, because I’ve always believed that you’re never.. fully straight until you experience being with both genders… In other words, if you’re male, you may just have not found the ‘right’ male to be with. And until you’ve tried being with one, how will you know they’re not ‘your type’? Isn’t that rather shallow?

ANYWAY, I’m wondering if other guys would be up to the challenge. ha.ha.ha. One thing is certain though, 4 of us agreed that it’s not about who’s doing it, but how they do it. Nobody cares about the source of stimulation, as long as they’re stimulated…

Thoughts, thoughts.. So many things to pen, but so little time. Work beckons.

The week has been full of laughter, tears, joy, and sadness. It’s funny how my emotions are swinging like a pendulum. But, life goes on! Perhaps when I’ve managed to see things from a different perspective, will I make it a permanent memory over here.

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