Peek into the past few weeks of my life

I’m swamped with work  I don’t know how I do it, but it works out.. one way or another (thank you God!!)

I’ve always had two jobs ever since I quit my full time job last May.. While diving, I was a freelance writer. Then I came back to Singapore because my dad was ill, and I had a full-time job at a social media agency, while being a freelance writer. Then my writing became shit (or maybe, it was never… not shit?). And I stopped being a freelance writer.

Now, I’m in my third job. I’m currently doing… three jobs. Not by choice, but rather, circumstances made it that way. I’m thankful that I’m given opportunities. I’m thankful I’m given the strength to carry on.

The first job is something everyone needs. A full-time day job. I work from 9.30-6.30, Mon-Fri. Sometimes, I stay till 1030/11pm to work.

The second job is for my family. I’m not doing this for the money so I can earn more and travel, I’m doing this so that it eases a load off my dad, and if anything happens, at least I get a small amount of cash every month to tide us over. The siblings aren’t working yet, so it’s just my dad and I looking after the seven of us (helper included).

The third job is for myself. I really want to be a diving instructor. I’m certified, I just want to teach students, for real. To be confident, to give students the confidence, even if the visibility in Singapore is crappy and you can’t see anything past 2m. I started my dive internship three weeks back. More money out of my pocket. Ouch. But it makes me happy to be underwater. Even if I see absolutely nothing.

So my timetable’s something like.. Do freelance work before 9.30am, lunch(if needed), and after 6.30pm. Sometimes, my day job requires me to attend after-work events, so the night is burnt. Sometimes, I pop by the dive school. When I have students I guess I’ll need to take a night or two for that. On Saturdays, I wake up and go to sea. Sometimes, it takes 1/2 a day, sometimes, the entire day. Then I go home to wash my equipment. Sundays are for church, then catching up on whatever work that needs to be done.

Last two days were draining. On Friday night, I went for an after-work event, then met friends for a late dinner. Something cropped up and I spent about 1.5 hours or so on the phone. I showered and prepared for Saturday’s lessons. By the time I got to sleep, it was nearly 2am.

I woke up at 8am, showered, and went to listen to PADI’s member updates. Had to leave at 1130am to go home, eat, and get my equipment for class. Class ended at about 630pm, and I went home to bathe and wash my equipment. My poor momsy had to help me out. Then I went out for dinner (it was about 830 then). Came home, did some work (or, quite a lot), and slept at about 2am.

Today, I skipped church. )= I woke up at 10am because of a phone call, tried to sleep in because I was soooo tired. But I failed. So I woke up, had some breakfast, and got to work. Did some work, and took a 20min nap. Went for a swim, showered, had lunch, and it was back to work. I decided to take a second nap… that lasted for 2 hours lol. I knocked out… Then, more work. Went out for dinner at 8pm, and a movie (Don’t watch The Last Five Years. I feel like I wasted the last five years of my life on that movie). Now it’s close to 12mn, and I’m gonna do a bit more work before sleeping.

Let’s hope this week would be slightly better. (=

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