dream dream dream dreaaammmmmmm

Does anyone know the song above? lolol.

Figured I should record my two dreams, because I amuse myself sometimes… even in my dreams.

The first dream happened a month or two ago.

I dreamt that a friend received a pair of socks as a gift, and I mocked him/her (can’t remember the gender).

“Hahaha you got a pair of socks.. Master has given Dobby socks.. Dobby is a free elf”

I laughed so hard in my dream (because I think I am THAAAAT funny)…

….that I woke myself up laughing. wtf. I was confused for that few seconds.. and when I remembered why I was laughing in my sleep. And I laughed some more. I’d fistbump sleepy char man. She’s hilarious even when she’s asleep.

The second dream happened just last week, think it was a Saturday? I was reading a list of names, and there was this girl’s name called Kama.

Being the asshole I was in the dream, I made fun of her name.. I started singing “kama kama kama kama kama chemeleonnnnn… you come and goooo, you come and gooo”

I laughed so hard in my dream I woke up smirking and giggling what the heck man. once again.. sleepy char deserves a fistbump.

I’m so proud of myself honestly. I’m funny in real life, and in my dreams. WADDUP YO. -shakes head in disbelief-

Ahh, back to dream land soon!

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