Katy Perry Live



This is an all-new record for sure.



Anyway, of all days I decide not to being my camera out, I was told I’d be going for the Katy Perry concert.

IP: Hey we’re meeting for dinner tonight… and I’ve tickets to Katy Perry. Do you wanna go?
Me: -panicking about being stuck in a crowd- Uhm not really. Do you want to meet another time so you can enjoy the concert w someone else?
IP: No! Just come, really.. it’ll be fun
Me: But I don’t wanna stand in a crowd -literally breaking out in sweat wtf-
IP: There are seats. Set, ok?
Me: :/// ok

So there I was, getting one of the best seats in the house. Thanks, IP (=.

Shots from my specked phone hehe.




I was actually amazed at the number of people at the concert. Their light sticks, boards, phones.. it was a real pretty sight! And I was so close to the stage I could se them moving props, getting the dancers ready, bringing out what may have been fake guitars…IMG_2215


Uhm, crazy costumers yes? :/ IMG_2198ha.


Also, it was my first time at the Indoor Stadium, oops! I was crazily fascinated by the infrastructure. hur, more impressed than that, compared to the concert. IP probably thought I was no fun to be around oops.

Ooh Dark Horse! Love that song to bits and it was amazingggg. IMG_2174

The constumes/sounds/displays were extravagant lah, not gonna deny. But she wasn’t singing most of the time… Pity.

Also, I got really annoyed at her ignorance. She wanted to know what our native language was? What the actual fuck? English? Maybe? “I know you guys may speak english… but what do you rly speak?”


And also, I think she was going to sing either The One That Got Away, or Unconditional Love, and she said, “I know we don’t speak the same language, but for the next song, I think we do…”

Uhm lady, USA isn’t the only country that speaks English. Pleaseeee. Go read up a little, ok? Not knowing is one thing, assuming is another. -fuming-

She got a guy to go on stage, then asking him how to say Please, Hello, Thank You, and I Love You… IN SINGAPOREAN. WTF does that even mean?? The poor guy tried to explain it to her, but I think he was so starstruck that he couldn’t bear to burst her poor little bubble of stupidity.




So there it is. My eventful/uneventful night with Katy Perry. I’m on a concert roll this year.. I’m going for two more with isaac, can’t wait!

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