dad’s 66th birthday

Celebrated dad’s 66th birthday on Friday. Damn, days pass really quickly..

Food was ~meh. can’t say much because I didn’t eat the pork, fish or veg. lol. But we did get a nice family photo.. I got us party hats and balloons for dad haha.




The balloons didn’t come easy. I bought them during lunch and sent them to my siblings.. here’s the pic I took..

totally confident till the sis called me and said I got the age wrong, and left me feeling like a retard ahahah. called the party shop and they were kind enough to do an exchange for free.

so yes, day was saved…

Anyway, my uncle sent us photos of the dinner. the two photos below show that i’m my mom’s real daughter lol. just look at our faces…

unnamed-3 unnamed-4

on another note, poor char siew pao wasn’t invited to dad’s birthday, and boy he was grouchy… unnamed-5



also, really unrelated, but my mom has been a gardener for the past month or so. my garden has cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, basil, chilli padi, pineapples, lemongrass, pandan leaves… and a few others I think!

she’s been tending to her plants every day, even has a jotter book called “Plants”, and she writes their progress. for the longest time we’ve had cherry tomatoes, but they were sooo green!!! dad said it’s cos we put a mosquito net over it.. so mom removed it and we had our first fruit of her labour (geddit geddit haaha)!! Made her take a photo with it…IMG_3509

so she sliced it up and each of us had a sliver to taste.

verdict: tastes like tomato lor. sour, crunchy, has a very ‘fresh’ taste.. but good job momsy! soon, we’ll be self sufficient.. especially when dad goes fishing, and then mom takes the pineapple and tomatoes from our garden and we have sweet and sour fish. ahahha.

more next time. (=

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