Life in KL

I know I haven’t finished blogging about my Korea trip yet, but I reckon this short KL trip would be easier to manage. Hah. Hah.

Took a short trip to KL with shy over the national day weekend (thank you Singapore! And for not stamping #traitor on my passport). The plan was supposed to be:

Fri – fly to KL, stay for the night
Sat – drive to ipoh, explore, then to Penang to stay for the night
Sun – Explore penang, then drive back to KL and stay for the night
Mon – eat our way to the airport.

But due to the monsoon season, Andaman sea was crayyy, and Penang was flooded. So we scraped Penang. (kinda sad because I was looking forward to seeing my aunt and coco)

I ate so much shy was shocked. hur. eating two helpings of rice… wow. :/ surprise!

Day 1, Friday, 7 August

After touching down, we lazed for awhile and decided to have banana leaf rice! I had mutton rendang  (not pictured)



Fried bitter gourd (crispy bits are yummy, bitterness, not so yummy. Think this is my first time eating bitter gourd! I mean, why eat something that’s bitter?!), long beans, and cucumbers.IMG_3516

Ok funny story. Shy asked if I wanted to eat with my hands. I quickly looked around for a wash basin + soap ahahah. She said she was going to, and I thought.. Hmm, authentic experience, my mom doesn’t let me eat with my hands so.. why not!

So I ate.. and ate.. nothing wrong arh.

After awhile, I noticed Shy was using the ‘same’ hand as I. Meaning, mirror reflection. Then I looked around.. everyone was using their right hand… Wait.. their right hand.. mirror reflections.. = my left hand..


shy: nope. now then you realise
shy: yea. I’m wearing a white top. I was afraid if you used your right hand you may accidentally lose control and spill curry on my shirt..

HAIYA. ))= bo bian lor, eat halfway liao.. ))=

After lunch, we headed to sunway lagoon! Well, the mall. Kena period, cannot go water theme park )=

Made a stop at this chinese shop, gui ling gao! yum yum..


Shopped a lil.. or rather, I shopped a lot. saw a pair of pretty ballet flats (pointed tip) in Pedro.. thought.. aiya try only.. ended up buying it wtf some more considered buying 2 pairs ok. Went to look at bras.. thought.. aiya try only.. bought 3 pairs in the end..

Went home for shy’s family dinner woohoo! her mom bought her favourite cake.

Shy: -opens the box- waaaaaa what is this…
me: -walking towards her- why you wa.. Your mom put ‘welcome home shy is it!!!’

Me: -sees cake- oh… hur. hmm. Really arh. So nice leh. hahaah. Let me go get my camera. you wait.


Had to take a picture of the cake.


WA AUNTY WHY YOU LIDDAY. -blushing furiously- SO PAISEH… some more got balloons!!!!

Dinner was.. lotsa curries. and everyone used their hands. well, except me lah. fork and spoon, much safer option (for myself, and the family hahaha)

Day 2, Saturday, 8 August

Rise and shine! We were heading to Ipoh. I was v comm and shy was the driver.. because malaysians are vicious drivers and I would probably get stressed out and crumble and cry. But mostly, because the car insurance is in her name.


The drive was quite fun. I love car rides!!!!IMG_3526


Love the uh. mountains. or huge pieces of rock. -it’s all about perspective-IMG_3530

I remember taking a million pictures of the IPOH sign but Uhhh I may have deleted it. Anyway it looks like this (stole it from google ahah)

AND WE ARE IN IPOH YAY. First stop.. dim sum at Fok San on Leong Sim Nam road. There’s another famous dim sum shop just opposite, called ming court. Btw, best to park at Excelsior hotel. don’t waste time looking for parking.

Here’s the second floor..


Dim sum was a bit of a disappointment. There are two places to queue, and both sell the same thing. But the shit thing is, you don’t know what’s left to be sold till you get to the front of the queue. See 100 dumplings? when it’s just about to be your turn, the guy in front of you may have taken the last 5.. TOO BAD SUCK THUMB.

So that was our experience. no har gao, no steamed milk, no chee cheong fun. T_T shy queued up and got whatever she could. xin ku ni le…IMG_3542

Then it was time to explore! here’s ipoh’s train station. very very colonial. love how the british architecture blends right in with the country. majulah britain. ahaha.IMG_3547

They erected a war memorial here for the death railway

me: omg so sad. ))=
shy: aiya, all war stories of cos sad lah.
me: but this is the one that leads to thailand. in primary school i read that they chopped of children’s heads and used them as part of the structure..
shy: wtf.. -doesn’t look like she believes me-

Ok lah to be fair, dno real or not BUT GUYS. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR PLEASE….IMG_3550

Here’s another look! we went inside he train station, it was quite packed. dno what i was expecting. I guess I thought this was a tourist attraction that no longer functioned. haahah.IMG_3551

Not sure what building it is, parliament? :// high court? IMG_3553

And here’s another pretty piece or architecture!IMG_3555

We walked to the tourist info centre… only to find it closed. wtf. Closes on saturday at 1pm, and all day on sunday. huh.. tourist info centre, but you close on weekends, when there are the most number of tourists? serious anout?  malaysia boleh… T_T

Well, there were two lovely paintings by ernest zacharevic. (met him earlier this year lucky me)IMG_3556


Hopped over to the main area. Plan B. hipster area filled with craft shops and cafes.IMG_3560

hey look this is everywhere…. why though. why.IMG_3562

so at bits and bobs, they sell ice kachang ball! my mom would tell me all about it. she had it when she was a kid. so the ice kachang man would make 1/2 a ball and hollow the centre, put in agar agar, red beans, corn, then cover it with more ice, and roll it into a ball. then he’ll drizzle syrup. how yummy! but because of food regulations they disallowed such road side practices.. we now have ice kachang in a bowl…

Anyway, the newer ice kachang ball doesn’t really have fillings, and only uses one kind of syrup! look at how she does it… pat pat pat..IMG_3577


pour allll the syrup.


here are the flavours by the way! Plus, it’s a steal. RM3! i say steal because.. i never thought I’ll get to try what my mom had.. T_T it was heaven.. well mostly because I FINALLY GOT TO EAT ICE KACHANG BALL….IMG_3587

shy had the nishi bomb..

Shy: can I have the nishi bomb pls?
girl: ok. -turns to me- you?
me: can i have the ning nong bomb pls?
girl: there’s no ning nong bomb. you want ning nong?
me: uh. oops. yes. sorry. I thought the ice kachang ball was called a bomb.. so just added it in lol.

here’s shy with her bomb…IMG_3589

Here’s the interior of bits and bobs! uh can i say typical hipster store? not that I don’t like it, but I don’t know other unpretentious words. cool, edgy, makes you reminisce.. in 50 years it’ll be called vintage wtf. IMG_3595

here’s a lame quote on the wall. I did like the background though…IMG_3597

in its setting.IMG_3598

and they had light bulb lights hahaah. #typical#hipster but ok la gotta admit, it was done up quite well, gave a nice feel to it.IMG_3603

here are the other artsy shops!IMG_3606

there was an elephant tree hahaha.IMG_3608

so adorable. little elephant toys. looks cute hanging on a tree but if you gave me one i wouldn’t know what to do with it.IMG_3609

oh! letter boxes for the shops! pretty neat, aye? (= i want this kinda letter box next time ahhaaha.IMG_3614

Then we walked around, came across more hand-made deco.IMG_3617

this is the interior of a hostel/cafe. #statingtheobvious

Saw a hotel named after my previous helper! hahhaa. must send to her..IMG_3622

another hostel on concubine lane. hahahaha ok at least they are honest.. the sign says i love second milk. This indicates that the lady in question is second to the wife, I suppose if the first wife runs out of breast milk, can take from the second wife, ya? ahahahah.  but ok, why would I say they’re honest?IMG_3625

because this shop  just down the street says “second mother”. aye aye, concubines accept their fate, they’ll never be the wife. thus the name, concubine. well unless the first wife dies lah, then maybe got election round 2.0. ahahah.IMG_3628

we went to plan b restaurant to sit and chill. got ourselves two drinks.. water was served only after our drinks arrived.. uhh. k lor.IMG_3637

somewhat similar to the p.s. cafe in singapore i suppose. food was mothafuckinnnnn expensive man. steak for 70 RM? MAD AR? why ah?? you don’t have cows in malaysia meh? also, we ordered sweet potato fries but they never came. T_T no matter, we walked to another street to have some local food hehehe.

tried their chee cheong fan. ipoh style! they have turnip inside. it’s like poh piah using the ccf skin instead! also, carrot cake. yum yum. and white coffee. irony because the coffee is brown ahahhahaah.


here’s the man frying the carrot cake.IMG_3644

walked around for a bit and here we have a human specimen who’s into cracked paint and peeling walls.IMG_3648

my travel buddy. shy. wadduppppp.IMG_3661

and the same specimen is taking photos of her feet.. well. because she can, i suppose.IMG_3664

it was about 4ish and we decided to go back to kl! another 2hr drive back.IMG_3673

dinner was more meat. SHIOK ARH.. beed rendang. and the zhup was damn shiok. I had 2 servings of rice.

also, obligatory photo of baby shy. doesn’t look like her at all. dno why she says she does. IMG_3674 haha. could be any other chinese baby lah. maybe even a boy. i looked like a boy when i was younger. heck, maybe if i shaved my head and bound my boobs i’ll still look like a boy. never know ar?


Day 3, Sunday, 9 August

majulah singapura! thanks for the public holiday, thank you for not stamping TRAITOR on my passport..

We had bak kut teh!!! SOUP DAMN SHIOK. i know i don’t eat pork, but doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy the soup right? ahah.


the place was super busy, and they ran out of you char kueh. so sad! so we wanted to order extra tao pok and fu chok.. no more fu chok..

btw fu chok is beancurd skin. ahhaa.

so i was sulking a bit. (btw we found a piece of chicken in the bak kut teh. gotta plus points, catering to people who dont eat pork). anyway i was like, k la no fu chok then forget it lah, don’t eat won’t die…

10 mins later, i saw the owner carrying a plate of fu chok to another table.


I probably sounded like somebody cheated me of a hundred bucks because the owner quickly said “nonono!! they pre-ordered! ordered in advance! no more fu chok!!!”

-guilty- sorry lah, was excited. i had half a mind to pull my chair over to that table and ask if i could share their fu chok with them. after all, asians are all about sharing small plates and commual dining right? hey, new hashtag. #fuchokftw

Adjourned to another cafe after that! well, we made a detour to buy egg tarts too hehe. the cafe’s in a huge warehouse. think metal panels, high ceilings, metal staircases, large glass panels…


they even have a salon on the second floor hahaah.

hey one of the flowers i like. something like baby’s breath. IMG_3682

large space for events! so anyway, right at the end of the brick wall is a wooden cross.. I thought there was a church service, so can sit in and listen haha. that said, quite empty hor.

the following took place in my head
-Peers through glass- where’s the pastor, or the music team.. -notices females wearing turquoise headscards- hmm.. maybe they’re choir members, some churches have colour themes for choir members.. eh wait, why christians must wear headscarf one… doesn’t make sense…

-it hits me- oh yah, there was a signboard outside, blood donation day.. guess they’re nurses.. hur.. fool…

ok moving on, interior of the warehouse once again!



I think i ordered both the cake and the coffee. i’m not a coffee lover but it wasn’t too bad… i like milky coffees i realise.. oh there was red velvet cake. and it felt like a sin to not order it when it was clearly calling out to me.. the cake was superb haahhaha.IMG_3692

After filling my tummy, and feeling damn satisfied.. we went to Mitsui outlet mall! walked around, bought 2 shower gels LOL. helped shy find shoes, helped isaac find shoes… didn’t buy anything. the sun was setting as we left, and this is what we saw.

not bad hor? so pretty. but i dno why the orange line just… stops in the middle.. no fade out, or rather, the transition wasn’t smooth..

We had dinner at a chinese restaurant. no crabs. )= BUT THEIR CEREAL PRAWN DAMN AWESOME..IMG_3698

up close:

what is this sorcery?? WHY IS IT FLUFFY, WITH THREADS OF FLOUR/MILK/WHATEVER. this is what heaven must taste like. looking at this makes me want to go back to malaysia. yes i’ll go back just for this, and hopefully they’ll have crabs lah. ahha. we had four dishes i think. RM60. super reasonable. prawns, tofu, marmite chicken [wtf i also wanna eat now], sambal kang kong. see right, this is where i dont get it. the cafe’s steak cost RM70.. 4 dishes here cost RM60. where’s the link?

Must be because najib said price of kang kong went down…  if not my bill may have been RM100.

Ok jokes aside, in singapore, if we eat the above four dishes, it would easily come up to SGD60 too. dollar for dollar, fair right? But on the other hand, a piece of steak in a cafe wouldn’t be SGD 70, it’ll be about SGD 25-40.

I wanted to have ice cream but man.. died from the amount of dinner.  and it was a bit too much to take because my stomach was so upset after that i thought i was gonna puke.. paced up and down the hallway of shy’s home wtf.

Day 4, Monday, 10 August

We woke up for breakfast. Isn’t it funny? While we’re on holiday, we eat like it’s our last meal, we wake up and do things so we don’t miss out on life.. but in our own country we drag ourselves out of bed.  Here’s a super real scenario ok.

Shy: so tmr.. we leave house at 9am, go to xx place for breakfast ok?
me: ok..

In Sg
Me: hey wanna go eat breakfast?
shy: pls la can sleep dont wanna sleep what’s your problem. you ownself go eat lah. if you still want lunch after that then call me.

this can totally happen ok. fml. 

Pit stop at restoran spring golden for char siew. not for me of cos..


then just round the corner, duck noodles!! OMG THE SOUP DAMN POWER. DAMN SHIOK.. i dont eat duck but i think i would order this just for the soup and then give someone the duck meat in exchange for their soup #barter #wtf

and the noodles.. damn springy. eh singapore, up your standards pls. why malaysia can have springy noodles and our noodles soft until cannot soft?IMG_3706

here was my chicken rendang noodles. i love anything with curry so.. ZHUP TIME…IMG_3707

btw,  did try the char siew. and as luck would have it, i bit into an entire piece of fat. HENG I NIBBLED LIKE AN ANT… meekly returned the rest of the fat to shy. i guess the char siew is worth its weight in gold, seeing how she ta-paoed it back to singapore. ahhaha.

We had some time to spare so we went to another mall. in the sunway area. had our eyebrows done yay. here’s mine..





wa the face can get any more cock anot? they just neatened my brows, i was brawling like a kid because i’m damn hairy lah. fml.

then, coffee break at whisk cafe..IMG_3710

uhhh i saw red velvet cake.. must order.. hey i don’t make the rules ok.IMG_3711

sad to say the cake was damn bad, i didn’t finish it… dry, it wasn’t cream cheese it was pure icing.. meh. T_T

went to buy lunch (ya, still can eat hahaha)! ayam penyet! we ta pao-ed it hehee.

got home to be disappointed. skinny chicken.. T_T

the chilli was the bomb though.. aye, but this ayam penyet loses the one on lim teck kim road. actually, craving for it now..  shall go there for lunch next week.

woohoo! got this blogged! if you think it’s damn late, remember I’ve yet to post my korea pics HAHAHAAH even worse wtf. Ok will try get to it asap.

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