Spending less than 100 SGD in Krabi

Sorry Korea, you’re not popular enough. Guess the posts will have to wait. #SorryNotSorry

So CY wanted to go on a trip, and we made quite an impromptu decision to head to Krabi over the weekend (38-30 Aug). Took air Asia, think flights were about 127SGD? Man, I miss travelling. Or rather, I miss living by the sea. Flight timings weren’t the best, we had to fly back on sunday morning to it was pretty much Friday evening till Sat morn after breakfast.

Day 1, 28 August, Friday

Anyhoo, we had Astons at the airport just before the flight.  Darn, steak was goooood. Felt so satisfied with my meal that I had a major k.o on the airplane.


So CY changed 100SGD for me, and at the same time, my dad gave me some THB just cos we had some lying in the house. He called it small change.. and it amounted to 500sgd. Uhm dad, that’s not small change, I could live in Phuket for a month with 500 sgd.

ANYWAY POINT IS. on the plane, I took out the envelope which CY passed to me. Saw a huge ass denomination (100,000), and a man wearing a songkok.. Was confused for a moment, and then it hit me

Me: OI where you think we going sia? Why you change rupiah? Krabi is in thailand you know??
CY: Huh. oh no. Really ah..
Me: Yeah you think thai king will wear songkok meh?!!?!? omg…
CY: Let me check my money…
Me: I’m damn sure it’s rupiah too.
CY: oops…

#GreatStart to the holiday hahaha. We used my dad’s money in the end. luckily I brought it all. I thought of just taking a bit from that stash because I don’t like carrying too much with me. Plus, it was just a weekend trip.

Anyway, fell asleep and woke up to say hello to Krabi! I’ve always wanted to visit Krabi, but I didn’t live in Phuket for long enough to take a weekend trip there. oh well. The airport is really simply done up. Ok lah, it gets the job done, no complaints. We were out real quickly because we only had carry ons. That said, customs took forever.


So anyway, we were looking out for our driver! We booked our hotel via Groupon, Aonang Cliff Beach Resort. 175 SGD for 2, for 2 nights. That’s not too pricey I suppose, it includes hotel transfers and breakfasts.

Here’s CY and I in the van. Uh yes, CY is a guy, and no I’m not with him. I think it surprises people when non-couples travel together.. Trip was ok lah, wasn’t awkward. I was mostly in my own world too.IMG_3774

About 40mins later… we arrived at our hotel. Location wise,not bad lah. lotsa massage parlours around (could be seedy, who knows), there was mackers, and 7-11. WOOHOO. One thing I ALWAYS forget is how expensive mackers and burger king are. eg. paying $5 for a breakfast burger.


Anyhoo, we checked into our room, and dafuq they gave us a king sized bed even thought I hounded CY to tell them specifically we wanted separate beds. Room was spacious and there was a small couch by the side but I refused to let either of us sleep on it.

Called the reception.

Me: Hello, think there’s a mix up, we asked for single beds, not a king sized bed.
R: Oh, sorry, let us check and get back to you…

-one minute later they call the room-

R: Hi, all our rooms in this category are fully booked, we could move you to another room tomorrow?
Me: No. I’m only staying here for two nights and I am not moving. I want another room.
R: We could give you two blankets…
Me: -wtf- Uhm it’s really not about sharing blankets. We already told you guys three times in an email, you have to sort it out.
R: Oh, sorry about that. I’ll give you a call after I check with my management

-one minute later-

R: Hi, we’ll be giving you an upgrade to the Family Room.. there are two beds.
Me: great, thanks.

And so we carried our backpacks and went to another room.. Happy, duh, but was also more relieved that I didn’t have to share a bed with CY, just cos I’m reallllllly not comfortable in it. And I wanted my own space lah.

So here’s the upgrade we got. We struck gold I think.

Step through the door and we have a kitchen to the left. No stoves or plates or cups or anything, but the microwave came in handy when we wanted to heat up our supper. ahahah.

Here’s the rest of the room when you step in! king-sizedbed, single bed, dresser with a wall-mounted TV (that only has thai channels. Not that I was bothered)

And a little cosy corner!  Behind the wooden planks is this little corner with a queen-sized bed. I’ve to say, their cabinet is amazing. 4 bath robes, 4 pairs of slippers (for guests to wear to the beach), 4 pairs of bedroom slippers, 2 huge umbrellas, and even tatami mats (for the beach!)IMG_3780

Here’s the bathroom. erhmagawd rain shower! IMG_3781

Here’s the cosy corner I was speaking about. told CY to take the king-sized bed while I had this space. Hehe. Felt so safe between the walls. Ok, basically I didn’t want the aircon blowing in my face. :/IMG_3782

And here’s the view when I’m sitting on my bed… greenery! Yup, had a balcony…IMG_3785

The balcony also hid a gem that is a hot tub. WADDUPPPPPPP HOMBRE.IMG_3783

Here’s the view from the balcony. Was pretty cloudy that day.IMG_3784

Unpacked, waddled around in bathroom slippers for a bit, and we went downstairs. Wanted to walk around the town for dinner.

The hotel’s premises is quite large, this is the pool hehehe. (which I used on Sat!)

Anyhoo, there’s a tourist desk in the hotel, and they advised us to take the hotel bus to krabi town, some 20mins away. 350 baht per person. There’s the night market where we could stuff our faces. Man, they weren’t kidding…

The night market is divided into two sections: art and food. First up, art… Uhh, cotton candy is considered works of art ok.

Crochet dolls.. Where the minions looked like ears of corn. ahahhaha.

And below, we can see that somebody decided to learn tie dye and be all hippy. I wanted to buy one for my helper, thought it’s quite pretty, but then I realised I didn’t know if she liked tie dye.. and it would have been hell to buy her something she didnt like but was forced to. IMG_3799

There’s this part where families were sitting down and painting! Looked fun and I wanted to participate but yknow, I’m not a kid anymore.

And there was a super talented one-arm-man who was making animal balloons. Damn, got some talent right there. The most difficult animal I can make is a teddy bear (lol animal), and this guy was going at it, using three different ballons.. I’m not sure what he was making but it looked pretty…IMG_3812

Caricature artist at work too. Hehe.IMG_3821

Was tempted to buy some paintings back home but I don’t have a museum to store them so.. I’ll just appreciate it from afar.IMG_3824

Lotsa tourists and locals alike at the night market! It’s only open from Fri-Sun, so we lucked out!

Ohoh I was so excited to see this lady carving soap!!! I used to see it in Bangkok, but never saw it in Phuket. It smelt heavenly~~IMG_3828

And here’s my favourite flower. I don’t know what it is, but it’s blue so… IMG_3830

Then it was time to feed myself. Got a grilled spicy sausage (mystery meat of course) and bbq chicken. Heavenly… IMG_3833

There were lotsa seafood stalls too!


We took a gamble and decided to eat some seafood. Scallops and prawns. Scallops were 50B a piece, and prawns were 6 for 100B. Not bad! Taste was superb too, really fresh, and the sauce had lime in it so it was refreshing.
IMG_3849 IMG_3851

Here’s the near full moon. IMG_3853

CY bought squid eggs to try…

This is how it looks. I didn’t wanna try it. Not a fan of squid, so I didn’t think I’ll enjoy its eggs. CY said it was like carrot cake, but slightly more rubbery.IMG_3856

Came across these eggs. blood orange ahahah. I don’t think I’ve seen such brightly coloured eggs, mom told me they’re artificially coloured…IMG_3858

Then I went on a buying rampage. Uhm. Fried chicken, crepe, baby coconut pancake with corn.. and when I saw a few tourists drinking out of tikki cups I HAD TO GET ONE… I GOTTA BE TOURISTY TOO.

Went there and realised the tikki cups were alcoholic drinks. Was 170 baht per cup, and I decided to get one (without alcohol) anyway. Hehe. CY wanted alcohol but I didn’t want to feel sick on day 1 (or at all…) and the lady was nice enough to charge us just 100B for it. COME TO ME TIKKI CUP. I also told her I wanted a blue umbrella. Hur.IMG_3860

Tikki cups unite! I imagine these are what people in frat houses and sororities drink out of during pool parties. #TryingToBeCoolIMG_3869

We saw a quarry of sorts near the market, so we ventured to have a look. Not much to see because it got toooo dark.IMG_3872

Lotsa cliffs here which are visible during day time.

We sat around for a bit, walked to explore, but there wasn’t much to do other than visiting the night market… Then the bus picked us up, and dropped CY off at a massage parlour. I went back to the hotel (hot tub beckoned!) and had a lovely time all by myself. The only thing missing was music. Darn, potable speakers! But the iphone worked just fine hehee.

I also made a last-min booking for us for a day tour of the surrounding islands. It cost 900B, we’d go to 4 islands, snorkel, have lunch.. transport was fully provided for, and it was from 830-230, so it was quite worth it!

Day 2, 29 August, Saturday

Woke up way too early for our own good and headed to the lobby. Got picked up in a song thaew. CY is probably the only guy who brings two watches with him on a holiday. Here he is adjusting the time. I guess I can never understand why people would travel with expensive watches… hur. Or even bring more than one watch. Surely both serve the same purpose? But I’m not a watch girl so…


Anyway, here’s our island hopping itinerary:
Pharanang Cave
Chicken island
Poda island
Tup island

First stop: Pharanang Cave. There’s a resort at this cave, and the views were quite pretty, but it was spoilt by tourists LOL. Too many tourists on the island man. And there must hve been at least 200 people in the sea. All of them were wearing life jackets. surprise surprise, indians and chinese…IMG_3887

Anyway, we had to walk for about 5 mins to get to the caves. The ‘beach’ was a mere 1m wide…


Hello, feet.IMG_3891

Look at the rays pouring between the cliff! That’s the part where the cliff looks like it has faded.


Here’s the cliff/cave! People came here to rock climb, most of them were angmohs, but there was a group of chinese too. I just stood there (we had 40mins to spare) watching them in awe. The only thing I could think about was how smelly the helmets (if they wore it) must be hahahahahah.IMG_3899


Took a short walk to the cave and there were alters so I didn’t go in…

Not the preetiest waters, even our guide told us not to swim in it hahaha.IMG_3907

Next stop was chicken island. We didn’t actually get off the boat, but could snap pics of it. I don’t really see the chicken.. I mean.. it’s chicken island cos it looks like the chicken’s head, but they could call it bone island cos it stuck out like a bone. Or maybe skinny loser island lol.

More cliffs along the way…IMG_3911

And then our third stop (idk the name of this ‘island): snorkelling!

I wasn’t that keen actually, I dislike snorkelling and I wasn’t keen on sharing snorkels with a million people. But.. darn, if I didn’t, I’d have nothing to do!! So I took a mask and snorkel, cleaned it in the seawater (and said a prayer in my heart AHAHAH) and hopped off. The staff were busy checking the life jackets of the other guests, strapping them in (CY included), and I just couldn’t wait.

Sorry, my home is calling out to me.IMG_3913

Had to wait a good 10mins before CY got into the water and I took off like a rocket (making sure he was still following behind me of course.. DM woes) saw lotsa fish! spotted box fish (OMG ADORABLE), schools of sergeant majors, needlefish, parrotfish.. AHHHHHHHH. Vis wasn’t too bad, 10m, water was calm.. I did some free diving (gotta work on that man).

I miss diving. )= Uhm I tried to point out all the fishes to CY but he was busy adjusting his mask so.. my joy was kept to myself hahaha. I gave up trying to point things out after awhile. Perhaps such joy is better kept to oneself? -shrugs-

Okay third stop… Poda island! Yellow grains of sand covering the national park, turquoise waters and an unforgiving ball of fire that we call the sun.


We had packed lunch which was really yummy! A thick slice of omelette with vegetables, and stir fried chicken with onionsIMG_3920

After lunch, Iook a dip in the water after lunch. Or rather, I threw my entire body in. The water soothed my skin. It was then I told myself, “serves you right for not bringing sunblock.”

Then I ran back to shore because I needed a photo to prove I was actually on poda Island haha. So here it is. Looking toasty.IMG_3924

I probably went a level over the “lovely caramel shade” I originally aimed for, so I hopped back on the boat… saw these long-tail boats, saw a guy taking a picture, thought to myself “i guess it makes a good photo” so here it is. IMG_3932

Climbed to the bow of the boat and sat there for a bit heheeh.IMG_3933

Thought we’d go back but nooooo… we went to Tup island. There are two ‘islands’  near each other, and when the tide is low you can cross to the other side. Quite fun I suppose. Sat in the shade and then thought to myself.. Since i’m already burnt, might as well make the most of it.

So I went back into the waters and sat there. hur.

Got back to our hotel at about 2+ I suppose? Rinsed the sand off myself (sand in one’s pants ain’t a good way to go) and headed to the pool for a swim. Yeh, just because I felt I didn’t exercise enough for the day… I actually brought goggles LOL. #enthusiastic

Then it was back to shower, and I took a nap. LIFE. life is full of naps. life is great when you nap. naps make everything better.

Woke up, decided to head for mookata. So we headed off in a song thaew~~


Mookata turned out to be a damn big disappointment. because CY never had it before, and I was like, mookata’s cheap in thailand man. And there’s pork and lard and everything the chinese love.

Arrived at the mookata place (near krabi town), saw 20 tudongs…
CY: erh. mookata halal one ar?
Me: no lah, got lard leh!
CY: muslims can eat meh?
Me: uhhh…

SO THE ST DRIVER BROUGHT US TO THIS RANDOM HALAL PLACE OMG. T_T it wasn’t even the right pot! they had this stupid grill that wouldn’t work properly. was damn annoyed and I felt soooo cheated. forced the ST driver to take us to krabi night market where I went on a hunting spree for fried chicken and crepes ok. actually I was full from the crappy dinner but i was really unsatisfied.. so…

Anyhoo, after my shower, I was honestly full. but.. there was fried chicken to be eaten. and CY wanted to stone on the balcony.. so that we did, listening to random music. Hey he even got me (really gross) moscato. LOL. Thanks for the thought but all alcohol tastes the same. I tried to gulp it to mask the taste but then I didn’t wanna puke… long story short I didn’t finish it.


It’s amazing but it doesn’t really get dark in Krabi. Could still see the cliff quite clearly…

Called it a night rather early, way past my bedtime. hur. Had a good sleep in my nice little cocoon of four pillows and a bathrobe. #thuglyfe

Day 3, 30 August, Sunday

Flight was at 1130, so we had to get up early… had breakfast too hur. We completely forgot about breakfast on Saturday T_T

Bacon, omelette with cheese, ham and mushrooms, some fried rice, and pasta.. with.. i’m not sure what it was with as i could only taste the pasta itself LOL.

Here’s our breakfast view! hello, cliff.


Not much to see but about 5mins away (or so they claim), there’s a beach..IMG_3967

Went back to the room to take our items, and hopped into the hotel bus for a transfer to the airport. To the right, my bag is 1/4 full, and to the left.. CY’s alcohol. cos that’s how he rolls.

Alcoholic in action. I told him that if he was drunk I was going back to Sg on my own.IMG_3969

Here’s a lovely wing shot. oh, white fluffy clouds. om nom nom… If I could bounce on you…IMG_3975

And this marks the end of our trip! Short weekend getaway. Krabi’s kinda boring I suppose, but that may be a biased statement because I’m comparing it to Phuket, and Phuket will always, always, have a special place in my heart for one reason or another.

Oh, on a lighter note, I made a friend during the trip. Tail end of the trip, too. On the transfer bus. A human friend, to be specific, in case anyone thinks I’m a retard. Isn’t it lovely how we make friends while we travel? It never fails to amaze me.

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