Road trippin in jeju

Annnddd we’re back in Jeju. Well, #timetraveller.

Time to carry on with my Korea stories otherwise they’ll be forgotten -by me, mostly-, and I’ll feel guilty for blogging about other trips!

Day 2, 17 May, Sunday

Woke up bright and early only to realise our flight to Jeju got CANCELLED.

Congrats man, day 1, my luggage got taken by Mr Kim, day 2, flight got cancelled. Wonder what would happen on day 3…

Anyhoo, we arrived in the airport earlier than expected, just to see what our airlines could do for us. Shy was super confident that our airlines (air busan) would put us on another flight… I was kinda skeptical.. I mean, after dealing with shit from jetstar, tigerair and air asia on a regular basis..

Got to the airport and heyyyy they put us on another flight! I remember our original flight was at 1130, and we had seats on a 1030 flight! So whooppp. here are our happy faces.

Needless to say, I k.o-ed. Woke up to ahjumas playing games on the flight. I think cebu air has such things too! short flights see air stewardesses playing games, and when passengers answer questions correctly they get souveniers. The plane gets quite noisy but I reckon it’d be fun especially if the prizes snowballed into air tickets hahaha.

Touched down and we collected our car from KT rent a car! I was designated 3rd wheeler.. could nap as and when I wanted. Oh, did I mention, they had butt-heaters in the car?! what the fuck man. was in 7th heaven, I turned it up every single time I got into the car.

Anywayyy, the drive was damn scenic, look! seaside living, dreaming of collecting abalones while freediving…


First stop: lunch. Uhm, I don’t really know what this is, but it had lotsa fish inside. and potatoes, and kimchi. Not my typical lunch or dinner, I picked at the side dishes hurhur. IMG_1480

There was a lovely coastal route to drive, and drive we (ok not me) did! stopped by a little town.

Pretty little meadow..




Also, captured a lovely moment. Can always count on friends when they’re spontaneous as fuck and let you take shit shots of them. #ThanksShyIMG_1512

Just opposite the meadow/rocks was this dessert cafe. And since shy loves anything korean (and Godfrey Gao, FYI), we HAD to make a stop…


Here’s the view from the cafe. WADDUP OCEAN LYFE.IMG_1514

Desserts of the day, pakbingsu and peanut pancakes. I remember the wind blowing… I remember choking on the peanut powder.. uhm. yea…

After our crazy cold dessert (the other was room temp) we headed to another beach. wadduppp. I think we went to 2 beaches that day.

Beach one had lotsa sand… and so we did this!


My trusty freelance model werkin it.

We quickly moved on to beach 2..

Rocky formations. There were lotsa cockroach-like thingys scurrying around. Nightmare for me as I was in slippers and shorts…



Uhm, typical dressing for me in Korea. Looked damn touristy, according to shy. Because girls in korea love to layer their clothes  (see how shy does it). Actually, not like I could have prepared for this trip. I don’t layer anything. layering for me = wearing a bra then a top. HAHAHAHA. I dont have any jackets that aren’t hoodies.. oh, I’ve a blazer.. but I thought it was gonna be hot (shy said can wear shorts lol) so I packed light. hoodie was for the plane ride.

ok moving on… well, technically shy moved on real quickly.. i don’t really recall this picture but it must have happened since it got caught on tape lol.IMG_0799

Us totally rockin it.



At this beach, we collected stones because we saw people making atone towers and we were all #ChallengeAccepted. CANNOT LOSE TO THE OTHERS.  Had to find a spot wayyy ahead of the other loser towers, find a nice flat patch and begin construction.

While I collected the stones, both j and shy got to building. effective teamwork I gotta say, because after my 3rd round of rock collecting they were nearly done. pfft. IMG_1597

Here’s our rock tower!IMG_1602

Saw this group of koreans and they were speaking in korean, saying they wanted to kick our tower down. OH NO YOU DIDNT!!! I only understood because shy overhead them and told me. To which I shouted (as I was walking away), “I HEARD THAT!!!!” wtf why you wanna kick our dreams down? well here you can see them gathering like a vultures preying. shame on you ok. go build your own dreams. 

We left the beach at about 6pm I think, and had to drive 2 hrs to our air bnb! one thing i didn’t realise is that jeju is so damn ulu baluku?! the house we stayed in was damn far from everything, it was crazily deep in the jungle or something, probably a good 30min walk out to the main road. fml ok I was thinking, zombie apocalypse and I’m doomed. Was hiding in my very warm seat and just hoping nothing would jump at me…

Arrived at about 9pm, so damn late! T_T read the rules of the air bnb, said hi to the owner and went to our rooms. it was crazily beautifully decorated!!! Look! a map of jeju!! and other korean islands…


They even branched out to draw other countries. heeh look at mr polar bear.



if you spy the polar teddy bear… well good for you. Jo actually picked our jeju air bnb based on the fact there was a teddy bear in the photo, and that it looked welcoming. #ShitForBrains


Shy and I were betting that we wouldn’t get a polar bear in our room because, yknow, advertising, misrepresentations… but whatdya know WE GOT OUR FLUFFY BEAR. all hail the polar bear!!

Was pretty late by the time we settled in, and so we had dinner at 7-11. cup noodles and sausages. yumm. Also, we spotted LINE! HELLO BROWN -makes lovey dovey faces- HAD TO BUY MYSELF A DRINK.IMG_1615

Here’s what I got! iced chocolate. the latte was shy’s. korea’s kinda cool. they give you packet drinks, then ice cubes packed in a plastic cup. As in, they have stacks of cups filled with ice cubes (and sealed, too), so you can grab and go.


Verdict: stick to being cute, brown. Nobody’s gonna drink you anymore because you taste like shit. To call the drink horrible would be an understatement. I was frowning as bad as brown looked ok. Water flavoured chocolate. What is this, korea? Amazing packaging but subpar drinks? you should be ashamed of yourself…

We got back home near midnight, and there wasn’t hot water.. And so.. I decided not to shower. Because the next day I was gonna go diving so… Uhm, bathe in the ocean? I did wipe myself down though, if it helps…

And that’s it for day 2! till next time. 😀

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  1. Where are you guys from? 🙂

  2. Singapore (=

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