the jeju journey continues

Day 3, 18 May, Monday
The best thing about air bnb apartments where the owners are around…


I was quite excited cos I was supposed to go diving.. But you know, when crap happens every day, you kinda expect it to happen today too.

The two dropped me off at the dive shop… and then 10mins after talking to me the owner asked if I wanted to come back the next day because.. conditions weren’t good. Was at a loss because friends had alr driven off for the day (they were picking me up at 2pm, and it was 9am urg). #fucked

Tried asking the owner for wifi but apparently they didn’t have it, he  drove me to a community centre and they people were in a meeting, and the lady was super unwilling to lend me her 3g because “it’s my data, you’re using my data” wtf. (part of the reason why everyone loves korea except me… ) Somehow, managed to connect to the public wifi and thank God seriously shy picked up. Got them to pick me up and the day was saved…

It was raining quite heavily and sky was overcast. bleh. Stopped by a coffee shop to slack. heh.



Lovely coffee house with many books! All in korean though.. hur.IMG_1629




I got hot chocolate and the owners gave me a small cup of coffee to try! And try I did.. slowly getting used to the idea of coffee as a beverage..

The rain was recuded to a small drizzle, and we headed to uhh a national park? Jeongbang waterfalsls!

Here’s me trying to take a picture HAHAHAHA. Come on guys, korean women aren’t that tall right, try to make the standees a little more asian-friendly can?IMG_2445

here’s how it looked when I tipped toed. HAHAHA. forehead making its way to hall of fame.


Stood on the metal box and got way tooo excited. I clearly dont fit the skinny korean look lah.IMG_1694

Headed down to see the waterfall! such preetz. If it wasn’t raining I reckon there’d be people playing in the water. thinking about it, no diff, alr gonna get wet wtf hahaah. Maybe the water would be warmer in summer. It was pretty chilly..


I’d love to be under the waterfalls one day! maybe break my neck wtf but I’ve seen some pretty pictures online. Also, I’ve a feeling i’llneed to wear a swimming costume cos given my luck, the water would force the bikini down, leaving me stark naked. not a pretty sight…IMG_0843

We were hungry and so we headed for lunch! Guess what we’re having! (shy was watching tv)

I’ve no idea what we had. LOL. rice cakes, veggies, red sauce, chicken.. stir fried together..

Kinda wanted the whole korean experience so i got jo to wear the apron. hurrrr. more authentic, what. also, cos i’m a messy eater.IMG_1701

#KoreanTV. Looks like we’re damn proud of the food we cooked. also not we cook wan. the ahjuma (no, not shy) helped us.IMG_1704

I think the better part of the meal came when they gave us rice!! and we mixed it in.. so yummy. plus, seaweed too! burnt rice with seaweed.. yum yum… and from here you can see how shy’s sooo engrossed with the tv show.IMG_1709

Next stop after lunch: Manjanggul cave! I dont remember much, except it was rainy and even in the cave I needed an umbrella. haahah.

But hey, lovely shot. From afar I can pretend that it’s a psychedelic  milkyway heheeh.

Surfaces were all damp,but damn, it was sooo smooth. unbelievable.IMG_1763


This pic is probably a better gauge at showing how large the cave really is…

So it’s a lava tunnel, and that’s why all the formations are relatively smooth.. Looks like a underground city, with street lamps and benches! (yea I was dressed like this most days LOL)IMG_1807


I think the save was 1km long or so? Well, 1km is opened to visitors, the other 12km isn’t hahaha. Would be a little boring I suppose.. hur.

This is what we saw at the end of the tunnel. As you can tell, I wasn’t impressed.


Then it was time for dinner~~ oh how the cold makes me hungry all the time.. we had a few prawns and live abalone (omg freakkkyyy, vaginas having a life of their own), and lotsa pork. So i sat and ate some abalone (albeit unwillingly cos I dont like seeing animals die in front of me wtf double standards i know), while both of them had their yummy pork~~IMG_1833

Had a cute guy cook for us! he was makin conversation w us, really friendly. he also tried to offer me pork LOL. he was wondering why i wasn’t eating.

he even helped s take a photo! think he made us say some weird word probably like abalone or something which made me burst out laughing.IMG_1839

goodbye oppa! IMG_1847

And soon, we were on our wayto Jeju town, where the cool kids hang out.. Wanted salty food but didn’t see any that caught my eye so I begrudgingly settled for nacho churros )=IMG_1860


Loved the cutlery though. 😀 happy faces! Ok la mine looks a bit pained. I guess I’m not used to having Korean food every day and felt unsatisfied.IMG_1862

Took a short walk, it 

Don’t think we did much, drove home and stoned hehe.

Day 4, 19 May, Tuesday

Omg kimchi rice.. AND THE LOVELY POLLACK SOUP OMG… <3<3<3 breakfast for champs hello. hahahaaha.

Left the home for the day.. here’s our air bnb home! a one-storey home with HEATED FLOORING OK. 

And our pet!! OMG DOGE!!!IMG_1881

IMG_2545such scratch very nice so wow much love. LOVE YOU TOO DOGEY

so they dropped me at the dive shop (and this time, waited till I was sure I could go..) uhh I went to big blue 33. I don’t recommend it lah. the owner isn’t service oriented (but then again, germans aren’t known for their service)… and honestly he could have told me a lot more…

Anyway, two shore dives.. and i’m reminded that i will most probably decline scuba dive in 15deg waters… it’s painful man. so.damn.painful. and waves were merciless I could barely stand.. got hit by one wave after another and it got me down and I got so tired I just clung on for dear life till it stopped.

I didn’t enjoy my dives. Freezing waters made it difficult to concentrate on anything (except that I was freezing). Plus, I wasn’t used to donning so many wetsuits wtf. was very very immobile, couldn’t wear the fins properly, gloves made it difficult for me to tighten/loosen my mask… BUT HEY I SURVIVED. I saw a flat flounder fish, and lots of seaweed. that’s about it.IMG_1903

Water was so cold my camera frosted up, and then my dive computer died(seriously no luck with diving, fuck man) Here’s a picture of a whale wtf. IMG_1909

I remember being very very happy that I ended the second dive.. We were basically swimming non stop trying to keep warm. What a terrible memory to have.. T_T

Anyway, got picked up and look what they got me!IMG_1917

So prettyyyy. and it was pretty huge too.. ahah uh ok la relative size.. see below..


We went to a random neighbourhood and spotted some lovely flowers. 
IMG_1950IMG_1954 IMG_1957

And here’s my trusty model at work once again. She really coordinated her outfits man, gotta give her props for that. IMG_1952

Lunch was.. another pot of everything vegetables. I remember the soup being tasty, there were lotsa tinyass shrimp in there.. Well it didn’t work that well for shy cos she’s allergic to the shit in the prawns…IMG_1963


Then it was time to take a drive.. to see sunset! chasing the sunset is fun when… wait, it’s always fun. scrap that.IMG_1979

Windmills in the distance! was so excited. I remember asking them to stop the car so I could grab some pics lol

I think this place is called Suweolbong?IMG_1994

Found a stone in my shoe, had to remove it.. and thought my socks should be admired. I realise I’ve lotsa socks with random cutsey prints? For no reason. And.. I don’t even buy socks LOL. Thanks friends.IMG_2000


Gingerbread house! Honestly looks better from afar… If the witch lured me in I’d tell her she needs to go with the times…IMG_2007

Highlight: animals. Ok la just horses HAHAHA.

Excuse me everybody, meet my bai2 ma3 wang2 zi3. Super tame.. and uh horny. saw his penis. ahahah. IMG_2022

And there was a pretty pony too! I’m convinced it loves me. Anyway, I think people don’t realise that these animals are harmless.. You just have to stand where they can see you, and wait for them to notice you, and approach you first. If you’re gonna be an idiot and go up to the horse from behind, then really. serves you right.

Okay horsey I love you too. -makes eyes at it- Man.. would love a pony… or puppy…IMG_2039

Continued our journey.. lotsa tourists with us this time round..

Reached the lighthouse! Look at shy so excited, snapping pics. One thing I’m unable to do, is pose for the camera. I just have this ability to ruin photos or smile like I’m in pain.. haiz.IMG_2057

View from the lighthouse. Cliffs and crashing waves.IMG_2058

Ran ahead of the model and got some pics of her hahahahaah.IMG_2066

So one moment.. it was yknow. clear skies…IMG_2072

And next moment.. Silent hill 2.0 not even kidding look at the observatory. and the ball of sun. it’s weird, these mists come and stay for quite a long time. well, no sunset then. haahah.IMG_2104

Well, shy found another dandelion… lovely pic right?


So I snapped the pic for her, wind was blowing from my back.. After this pic, I stepped aside to let her blow the dandelion, and next thing you know, wind blows the dandelion onto her face.

This resulted in… this.


Burst out laughing, obviously, I MEAN HOW SUAY ARE YOU TO HAVE A DANDELION DISINTEGRATE IN YOUR FACE HAHAHAHAHAAH. but ok I did help her to remove those from her hair and face lah.

Walked on and we came across a pretty field.. And there I had my julie andrew’s moment…



Well that was fun. Spinning round and round….

I can’t remember what we had for dinner… but we want back pretty late and decided to stargaze! best decision indeed!

Here’s what my camera captured


Free of light pollution, man, it was amazing, lying on raincoats and bundled up in my jackets/shawl… Could have fallen asleep if not for the hard, cold, and wet grounds…

Here you see shy deciding that it’ll be a good idea to pluck jo’s eyebrows… i mean, what are sleepovers for?

I remember laughing a lot that night.

One of them was when shy was done showering…

Shy: so you know.. the dandelion exploded in my face…
me: -bursts out laughing again-
Shy: I was cleaning my nostrils.. and I found one inside

I think they had to ignore me while I laughed till I got sleepy…

And that was how I fell asleep! We slept rather early because the next morn, we were gonna climb the mountain to see sunrise!

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