scaling Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Totally googled that. But that I did! Not too bad I reckon.

Day 5, 20 May, Wednesday
Slept early the night before because.. We were gonna scale the ‘sunrise peak’! Absolutely hated waking up, it was 4 am for goodness sake! T_T I was dragging myself around lah. And then when we got to the carpark, it was foggy… tempted to just sleep in the car LOL but somehow I managed to climb the damn peak wtf.

SO DISAPPOINTED. rubbish view lah, super foggy and the sun had alr risen before we managed to see it. -_- not worth it.. at all…IMG_2150

Here’a the peak… Yah still foggy haiz. Was a disappointing climb up, and a dissappointing walk down.

I can’t remember if we had breakfast first before we napped, or if we napped then had breakfast. Uhhh. Probably the latter. Corn soup and pancakes. eheheh.


Said goodbye to doge and our air bnb-owner. The drive back to the car centre was easy too. Bye car! Took the shuttle back to the airport and waited for our flight.


Upon touching down, we went to our next airbnb, had the whole apartment to ourselves. Weird, didn’t take a pic of our apartment! No bedrooms, your bed is where the kitchen is LOL. I guess you aren’t really supposed to cook then.. Service apartment I suppose? Lots of people renting it.

Went out for a walk! Or rather… time to shop! I bought myself three small bags (same bag, diff colours wtf). Yup, done with shopping for the entire trip. Decided to look at their street food instead. There were sausages which I didn’t eat…

And then this magical egg corn bread. It was super yummy…! There’s a hard boiled egg in there which I don’t remember liking very much (cos of the yolk), but omg.. I’d like to have another!IMG_2190

This is near a university.. lotsa kids walkin around and shopping. Quite similar to Singaporeans. Shopping all day long.IMG_2191

And yeah, random potted plants along the way, this the season for full blooms!IMG_2197



It was pretty fun walking around, weather was cool, but it was a lil too crowded for my liking heh. I remember snacking A LOT and just when I was full, they decided that we should have dinner )=

By the time I finished snacking, this was the sky. Ok, dinner time it is then.IMG_2209

Not sure what this is, but it’s a stew with potatoes, carrots, and noodles. super yummy, but it got a bit too salty at the end. Also, there was way too much food lah -_- Seriously over-ordered the entire trip, Chinese can be such gluttons… Ok but look at that adorable egg that has been decorated to look like a chick.

Here’s us pre-meal. Shy’s waiting for the food, while I’m waiting to digest the snacks.. hur… IMG_2216 IMG_2217
Face. Because… I reallllly dislike it when people get too close to me. Ack. Anyway, as if we couldn’t finish the noodles, someone decided that we had to order rice -_- shy i’m looking at you.


Food coma? understatement of the year, was so full I decided to walk back to our apartment (just 2 train stops away, plus it was getting a lil cold, so I wouldn’t perspire). Then shy got me annoyed again because she wanted time alone but didn’t tell us and just gave us random locations to find her and she obviously wasn’t there when we went. urg. remember feeling crazily peeved that night because I wasn’t in a good mood either… like, farrrrrk. thought she’s be frank enough to tell me to fuck off for the night but no… wild goose chase wtf. ok enough annoyed thoughts..

Day 6, 21 May, Thursday

This was supposed to my my second fav day ever BECAUSE WE WERE GOING TO THE THEME PARK. WADDUPPPPP. love theme parks I’d wake up early just to be there when it opens because I’m a loser like that. I remember being all jittery when they decided to go elsewhere for breakfast BECAUSE WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. THE THEME PARK HAS LOTSA SNACKS COME ON GUYS. but like a docile puppy I followed. HAIH.

Here’s shy looking pretty fab with her get up, plus, red hair and new sunnies from the airport.


So off we were, in search of breakfast. I don’t really know what we were gonna have (surprise surprise!). Lots of people walkin around man, it was insane.IMG_2233

FINALLY. We made a wrong turn but no sweat, if anything we worked up an appetite.IMG_2234

We were led to this small lane, it’s like the other lanes… 20 stores selling the same sorta food. noodles, rice and veg this time round!

I opted for rice, and they gave me additional veg and soup. Rice bowl was huge as it was, couldn’t finish it..IMG_2244

Here’s my rice bowl! Lotsa greens, and it was rather tasty. YES FIBRE COME TO MAMA.IMG_2247

Then the lady decided to give me a bowl of noodles, to which I panicked and told shy, “i wanted ala carte! not set meal!!! I can’t finish it!! omg tell her to stop, pls!” And shy said the lady wanted me to try her food omg ahjuma why are you so kind what did I do to deserve this… I clearly looked like a tourist because neither of the two got the same treatment. winning in life? IMG_2248

Here I am with my food.. Can feed at least 3 people, or 5 chars. T_T Yes they decided to give me another variation of their noodles to try. AHJUMA… SARANGHAEYO…. That woman knows how to love me. LOL. IMG_2254

If you’re wondering why my cheeks are that red… nah not make up LOL but Korea’s air is really dry and my skin was super itchy and it was cracking and I was actually miserable. Wanted to buy body moisturiser but they only sell 1L tubs so I resorted to uhh.. stealing two pumps of moisturiser from a random facial shop and running out. I FELT SO BAD BUT REALLY.. what can I do with 1L of moisturiser??

anyway, after the very.. filling breakfast, we finally headed to the theme park. HELLO LOTTE WORLD!!!!!!!!! was jumping up and down like a crazy kid on sugar. LOOK AT THE HOT AIR BALLOON.



After running around like crazy and dumping our shits in the lockers… we looked around to see what we should sit for our first ride, and saw this! OK LEZZ GO GUISE.IMG_2264

Only shy and I took the ride, but hey we had pretty photos. Jk. we didn’t. we were screaming and kinda dying but oh well.
IMG_2271 IMG_2273

Wanted to sit it a second time just because.. but decided we should sit the pirate ship instead!


This pic was taken just before I thought I would be flung off my seat (the handle bars couldn’t reach my legs so they were flailing about wtf and then I grabbed onto shy.IMG_2308

Third round: water log! Was quite apprehensive because it was chilly and I didn’t wanna catch a flu.. but ah well! Yes I came out chattering like a monkey…IMG_2311

Took a walk in their toy/memorabilia shop, party gear for one and all!IMG_2333

We also sat the roller coaster, it was not scary at all… but was rather fun I suppose. Then we decided to head out because the rest of the rides looked rather kiddy…

Saw this! MUST SIT. Looks so damn fun! IMG_2341

To up the scare factor, shy and I decided to have a competition. See who can fold a paper crane quicker. Loser will have to sleep with jo (we had 2 queen beds in the room). Here we are with our square papers! (torn from the map, no less)IMG_2344

Excuse me, I don’t lose shit like that. Here we are with my winning piece HAHAHAH.

Sorry shy. No wait, not sorry at all. I GET THE BED TO MYSELF OMFG YESSSS. Ok I was concentrating sooo hard I didn’t fully appreciate the ride. Didn’t feel scared AT ALL. That’s new I suppose.

Took a walk round the grounds, korean cinderella castle. such wow much excites!IMG_2356

I don’t know what we were doing, but looking silly was definitely on our to-do list.IMG_2357

While queueing for our next ride, shy wanted to compete again, because this time, there’s no movement… so by right she’ll be able to win. Ok CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Loser must pay for winner’s jumjubang. (Yes I realise I’m saying it wrongly but I don’t really care).

Guess who won?


Btw, we were queueing up for this ride… (= No other explanation needed right?

Ride was a lil scary at first, but because it wasn’t free fall (the speed was controlled) so it wasn’t thaaaat scary. It did go 360 degrees though, whoopadeewhoop!

And because I didn’t get to experience the previous ride fully, we went on it once again. WORTH IT. Was scarier this time round. I guess next time to distract myself from heights/roller coasters I should fold paper cranes. IMG_2379

We left when the sun set hehehehe. was getting chilly then. Look at the popsicles!! it was so adorable!!IMG_2384

Here’s my fav. hehe. scheming racoon!!!!IMG_2385

Also, spotted this at the mall:


We were all.. pfft. of course life is a competition. LOL.

Shopping done, I don’t remember buying anything for myself.. we headed for dinner. crab!! This was shy’s. raw crab with soya sauce and lotsa roe! I didn’t touch it…IMG_2399

Took this for the bff. Tied my hair up cos it was icky and wet (and flat)… IMG_2397

Shy nomming on her crab. IMG_2402

This was mine! omfg yes crabs yes i love you…… I REALLY DO…. super sweet. man I’d like some crabs now…IMG_2406

Went back to put our stuff down, and we started looking for a jumjubang! Found one near our place! Woowoo! Here’s my dressing btw. I thought my tail of a hair looked good so.. gotta take a pic haahha.

The jumjubang was quite an experince because I don’t like naked bodies much. And I was shrieking the place down when the lady tried to take my towels away from me.. Why don’t we get larger towels to cover our.. yknow.. bits. T_T Shy enjoyed her body scrub very much.. and I was just hiding in the corner of the pool with my knees up to my chest looking very out of place.

There were so many naked women around me what is this?! And I did a lot of reflection. Like, I was wondering how women with less-than-perfect bodies (and unwaxed vaginas) could just step into the open and love their bodies. I for sure, can’t. I was obviously being very critical (of them and myself, too) and I couldn’t understand why I felt that women had to have perfect bodies. Quite disappointed in myself, really. That even after exercising I still feel self conscious and can’t bring myself to love bodies that aren’t photoshopped. I guess the next thing to work on isn’t my body, but my mind. Hmm.

We also went to the dry saunas. Haha. Cannot wear bras and underwear one! Only the pajamas they give. I realise I don’t perspire that easily because I went to all rooms and didn’t break out in sweat.. while the other two did.. and then I went into the hottest room and could sit in there w/o dying.. sat alone obviously the other two ran out after a min.

It was a fun experience, but I reckon it’ll be more fun if I could shake off the body insecurity! As shy told me, “Your body is nicer than mine but you’re feeling more self conscious than I am”. Haiz, such things take a longer time to work on…

Okay that’s enough for now, but before I go, here’s a preview of  our sleeping arrangement!IMG_2410Shy’s sleeping on the right under her blanket hahahaha. Damn, sharing a bed is really tough, I absolutely hate sharing beds (but only because I can’t roll around), and so my future bed will be a super king sized bed!! woohoo!!

FYI, I slept really well that night, woke up the next morning with my legs on my pillow. sign of a good sleep man. That day, I was called the sun dial, turning as the sun shined into our apartment…

Three more days before I’m done with my Korea Trip!! I think it’ll have to be three separate posts because I took many pictures!!!

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