dog cafe and meeting oppa and eonni

Day 7, 22 May, Friday

So while shy was adamant about sleeping in, off j and I went to explore the nearby area. Sun was out, I was happy. yup that’s about it. We went to shop! I don’t remember buying much. hhaha.


Think we had an early lunch~~ woohoo. bbq. omg finally. food i really love. yea was pretty miserable eating chicken every day because i don’t eat pork hahhaha. -hugs the cow-IMG_2417

i was worried i’d smell like smoke/meat because i just showered but thankfully korea has this magic contraption that sucks all the smoke.. IMG_2423

Then we continued our walk. STREET FOOD. CANNOT SAY NO. We bought some puffy fish filled with custard oh my goodness this is life guys. eating my way through streets….IMG_2425

look at the cancer-causing ice creams.. lol.

I think we went home to put our stuff down and then.. OFF TO A DOG CAFE. OH MY GOD. samoyeds, malamutes…  and the nippon paint dog wtf HAHAH SORRY DONT KNOW THE BREED. oh btw, i bought new sports shoes hahaha.IMG_2557

Bye old shoes….IMG_2430

Ok back to dog cafe I was totally at home, can you not tell? I forsee myself doing this to my dogs and the dog going ‘wtf charbs, plz. stahp. i’m not a table’ I think I died and went to dog heaven…. T_T


Ok but this dog heaven not that good. dogs only come to you if you have food. IT AIN’T TRUE LOVE. but since i’m a slut for doggy love -sigh- I went around chasing them. screaming in my heart ‘STOP RUNNING AWAY JUST LET ME LOVE YOU’IMG_2459

eheheh. happiness..IMG_2581

a baby polar bear.IMG_2434

Here i was tryna make friends with him. ehehehhe.

also. skinny corgi. not that cute. Corgis can be damn heavy. couldn’t carry it fml.  Guess I needed to train my arms?? IMG_2541

We left doggy cafe and went to find shy~~ Gangnam area here we come! Uhm, I kinda spotted a LINE shop.. HAD TO GO IN…. :/ sucker for brown. wtf this whole post is about me being a sucker for animals. IMG_2573





Uhh I won’t say I’m obsessed over brown.. but you know, people can judge all they want hahahaha. How can you not love a face like that?

Anyway, Gangnam is crazy! lotsa shops that look so parisian. the way people dress is quite different too!

Met shy for just about.. 30mins or so, because I was meeting oppa and oenni for dinner!! ❤ Haven’t seen oppa in the longest time~ Having him as a housemate was really one of the best things that happened to my family last year. I’m so glad we became more than housemates, oppa’s just like family.. very caring, very generous… and I remembered one night he played monopoly with my siblings and I, and we had a fun time negotiating deals lol.

Anyway, oppa and oenni brought me to eat spicy chicken. yumyum~~~ Look at the pot..


If you notice the wall behind me, they’ve aprons! ahaha. in case kids (such as myself) or adults wearing white kena the sauce I suppose.


Thereafter, we (ok, oppa) drove to Hyundai shopping mall. these conglomerates.. it’s crayyyy. And they were telling me that condos are more expensive than landed property in gangnam.. I also found out both of them live in gangnam. Uhhhh. ahaha.

We went to the supermarket! I LOVE SUPERMARKETS. food…food everywhere. bought my mom her orange tea, mentaiko, and the super spicy korean noodles. ahh kamsahamida oppa. I told him I heard about the noodles and he insisted on buying it for me. Noodles are yummy btw, the fire chicken noodles. I like it with cheese.. otherwise it’s just spicy without much taste.

This is the noodles.

Thereafter, we had pakbingsu. was quite full from dinner but three of us shared a bowl so it wasn’t so bad.



Night wasn’t over! They took me to Bukchon Hanok village! it was really quiet at night, but man… i bet this is where they film korean dramas.. IMG_2605




We did some walking.. just some because oppa hates perspiring. in fact, in singapore, our house was 3 bus stops away from NUS and he’d take a cab to school every day… it was actually quite cooling at night, thus  my hoodie!

And because I haven’t gone to Seoul Tower, that was our next stop!! ahhh I seriously felt so blessed, both of them came to find me after a long day of work, and they brought me to so many places! We drove around quite a bit because in oppa’s words “I bought a car so I would never need to walk!!!” Well.. we ended up walking to the summit hehehehe. quite an experience, I was perspiring, so I took off my hoodie, then I got cold, and put it back on.. repeat.

Here’s a peek!


Long way to the top, but we’ve our eyes on our goal!IMG_2638

They had some art installation of sorts along the way. thus the photo.

And here we are at the top!! 😀IMG_2652

kamsahamida eonni.. you managed to make me look sooo leggy!!! Also yes, I have shiny legs…. always had them.

They had their own version of the lover’s lock bridge.. eheheh. I felt like their adopted kid wtf.IMG_2668

hello, city.IMG_2671

After this we went up to the observatory.

Took a super fast lift and it was really cool, there was some animation that showed us shooting upwards and into space lol. dream come true.


And here’s Seoul! ❤IMG_2677

Yup that’s the moon! had a pretty good view of the city that night… Don’t worry mbs you’re still my favourite!




Here’s oppa bring crazy while eonni chose her candies…IMG_2704

Ok one last look before we leave! They also had arrows everywhere, pointing to the direction where each city was ahahah.


Came down and i’m like. AUTUMN LEAVES!!! only to realise the koreans decided to shine coloured lights onto the leaves T_T oh well.. creativity at its best.IMG_2727

-waves bye to seoul tower-IMG_2733

And we weren’t done yet! Supper time~~ We went back to the streets near my apartment.IMG_2742

I don’t know what shops like these are called, it’s not street food, it’s like, local fast food.. like a cha chan teng in hk i guess?IMG_2745

Ohhhh the fishcake was yummy.. till I wondered if they reused the sticks (they def do lah) and I wasn’t that excited anymore…

also, kimchi dumplings.. omg they were the bomb I swear I wish I ate more of them!! IMG_2750

ddeokbokki..! Not crazy about them, but I love the spicy sauce lol!IMG_2751

We also had Sundae. No, not the ice cream. but this is rice noodles/beehoon, packed in pork skin or something? I don’t really know. Not a fan of this either. The skin was tough and I was so afraid to eat it lol. But i enjoyed the rice noodles so I just ate the insides and removed the skin.IMG_2752

Was bursting at the seams by the time we were done with our supper… Ahaha I love sitting in those korean ‘restaurants’. so authentic. only because I watched “successful story of a bright girl” when I was younger and always saw the street food.. And I thought.. man.. I’ve to do that one day. Eat bbq on the streets under the tents, drink soju (LOL)… so now that i’ve done that.. whoopie!

They sent me home after that.. ahhh. Not sure when i’ll see them.. but hopefully soon! oppa has to come to singapore for work at least once a year, hoping he’ll come in december!

Okay, off to bed now, the next post would be about my best (and also second last) day ever in korea!

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