DMZ; the closest I got to DPRK

Day 8, 23 May, Saturday

Woke up super bright and early today even thought I had a late night, because I was going to visit the DMZ! WOOHOO. i was basically looking forward to going for this the entire trip. Yeah, and going to the theme park and seeing oppa.

Had to meet the tour group at Lotte hotel, and I chanced upon this! They have it in belgium too! hurrr.


It was a pretty long drive, I remember falling asleep because the air wasn’t circulating in the bus! The bus was pretty packed, mostly couples, and one or two tour groups. I was lucky to have two seats to myself! Nobody to disturb me.. woohoo!

So here we are, a foggy day in south korea… And in the distance.. north korea. i was weirdly nervous, but excited at the same time. It has always been my dream (and still is) to visit north korea. I know everything is staged, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to pay a visit…IMG_2763

And you can barely make out the lone flag pole in the middle with DPRK’s flag flying proudly…IMG_2768


So the litt orange lines mark where north and south korea’s territories basically. and the red line in the middle is the demarkation line. nobody’s to cross it! Well i suppose it sucks if you’re in between the two orange lines, nobody’s gonna give a shit about you ahaha.

Here’s a close up. this is the closest. well, as close as it gets… kinda scary hmm! So in this area, we read about how there are four tunnels that DPRK has dug, and each time, thankfully, south korea found out! One of it, if I remember correctly, was reported by a North Korean who fled to china then back to south korea.


my heart was aching for the north koreans. how many of them are unable to leave, and worse, for those who managed to leave and defect to south korea, but still have family members in north korea. their remaining family members may not even be alive if the military realise that one person is missing, and think that the family is trying to escape and thus have everyone beheaded.. T_T the risks are so damn high… I guess it begs the question.. how much are you willing to do in order to ensure survival?IMG_2788

Anyhoo, after all the crazy stories, we had a breather. not much but oh well. We were going to the third tunnel!IMG_2798

We sat a tiny train ride down. THAT WAS IRRITATING AS HELL. the train is only large enough for 3 asians per row, BUT NO. GOT THOSE ANGMOHS ALL DAMN BIG AND CAN YOU IMAGINE BOTH ANGMOHS WANNA SIT AT THE SIDE, FORCING THE DAMN ASIAN TO SIT IN THE MIDDLE. FUCKKKKK. I was so pissed ok they really are omega inconsiderate. like, the couple would rather sit apart and have me sit in the middle and suffer. fuck fuck fuck i was damn pissed at them…

Ok on a slightly happier note… We all wore hard hats because the tunnel is tiny, i heard a lot of ‘dings’ because all the angmohs damn tall and kept hitting their heads. it’s great being short! The tunnel was damp, we could feel the walls and see where they had placed explosives… it was insane. imagine what could have happened if north korea really invaded south (LOL WHAT COULD HAPPEN RIGHT)

(oh yes, no pics allowed in the tunnel)

Oh yea.. riding the train back up was no fun again kena bullied by the damn angmohs.  T_T

Anyway, we moved on to Dorasan Station. Dorasan is the birth place of doraemon. LOL i kid. It’s basically the train station that leads to narnia, also known as DPRK.

Eurorail hello. Not even kidding look at the grand plans south korea has! obviously they need north korea for this to happen lah, and it ain’t happening any time soon… sorry north korea, you kinda need DPRK for this…IMG_2807

We then crossed some border thing. guy came to check our passes.IMG_2824

After getting checked, here’s what we had! beef bulgolgi. the beef was damn tough. and as with eating with strangers you kinda lose your appetite because you have to share saliva with them, and you also cannot take too much otherwise they’ll think you’re rude and greedy. so there were a heap of pai seh pieces left over…IMG_2825

After lunch, we went to visit another.. memorial area. the place is full of sad memorial areas lah, and i was a bit annoyed cos we only had 5 mins here, 10 mins there, 15mins here..

Anyway, there was a fence of sorts, with well wishes for the north koreans, written by southies of course. once again, heart breaking.



And it was time to visit the military borders!

We were made to sign a form to say that if we died it’s basically our fault lol. Once again, everything was rushed, but we were allowed photos… SO PHOTOS I TOOK…IMG_2847

Soz so happy that I can take a pic with a soldier. wasn’t allowed to stand too close cos apparently they may feel scared being in such close proximity to a woman hahahaa i kid i kid… just.. protocol.IMG_2851

When they said they allowed pictures.. NO SHAME MAN THIS KOREAN GUY WAS DAMN CUTE (maybe i haven’t seen a good looking guy in months…) I HAD TO SNAP PHOTOS LAH. clearly, standards were lowered at the DMZ. Totally found love in a hopeless place wtf.IMG_2855

Ok here’s a blur pic (fuck me) but at the first door, you can see a man! he’s a DPRK soldier! Wonder if he thinks we’re weird for coming over to see him.. hahaha.


Ok one last photo hehehe.IMG_2865

They dropped me off in the city hall area, and I saw a whole load of pandas! toy ones, obviously. tried to walk there but I got lost hahaah. Look what I found instead though..

How is brown and cony so damn popular?? i dont get it! it’s insane.. their popularity is beyond my understanding. then again i’m quite uneducated with such pop culture.. ahahha.

I went back to Bukchon Hanok village! real pretty in the day time, plus, music. i love bands like these. are you kddin me, double bass? TAP.IMG_2885

and i got distracted by candy floss that was larger than my head… was so tempted to buy but I knew i wouldn’t be able to finish all the sugar so.. meh. skipped it.IMG_2886

little korean shops everywhere. hurrr.

sun was setting and it was getting a lil colder! (oh, i met shy btw lol) so we walked around aimlessly, came across this lovely building. not meant to be sleeping quarters for sure.IMG_2900

Decided to catch the fountain show and it was a crazily long walk!!! in the middle of nowhere wtf.  heng i was in sports shoes ahahahahahha.

the fountain show at banpo bridge was underwhelming….. meh. but the walk was fun. very romantic place btw LOL. i def enjoyed the walk..

we also spotted this lovely blue building. ok i lied, it wasn’t blue. i just waited for it to turn blue before snapping the pic.

was pretty late then, 8pm i guess? was figuring out where to go for dinner and im like.. bbq beef? please? so we went to some major ulu baluku area man… it’s basically a bbq street at the end of a god-forsaken alley… the food was greattt.IMG_2918

cos it was our last night right. we had to yolo a bit. that meant going home, showering so we don’t smell like food, then heading to dongdaemun for midnight shopping….

Day 9, 24 May, Sunday

as you can tell, it was alr 1.30am and shy the samsui woman was just meddling with her gadgets.


was fucking stoned by then, was in a hoodie, leggings, and slippers lol. and uncombed hair. because.. who has time to comb hair when you’ve shopping to do? it was about 3pm when we left wtf this was ridic…. anyway, perked up when i saw my fellow frenzzzz.


BOUGHT NOTHING WHILE SHOPPING. basically… wasted my sleep. AHAHAHA. but it was an experience i guess… by the time we got home the sun was nearly up… I can’t remember what I did but I basically transformed into a sleepy monster.

according to jo, at night i was all “eh j i’m changing turn away pls” but at 5am i was all. FUCK LAH IM TAKIN MY CLOTHES OFF U WANNA SEE U SEE. i mean, i still had my top on lah but i just practically changed in front of the world wtf. sorry guys, priorities…. sleep… and that was how I spent my last night in Korea…

woke up at about 10 or 11? can’t remember. and then went to buy my mom her fav spam. wtf. single slices.. $2 per slice that’s the most expensive spam i’ve ever come across… and i thought spam was minced mystery meat…

Also, came across this shop. BETTER THAN A BOYFRIEND. OK I’M SOLD.

I don’t remember having lunch.. anyway, we left our apartment sadly )= got to the airport a lil late so we couldn’t do tax refunds.. and that’s how I said bye to seoul. not the best way to say bye arh, rushing through customs, hahahahaah.

holy crap i’m finally done blogging about korea. congrats.. just in time for my next trip…

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