Of random outings…

As it is, I’m too busy having a life to update this place regularly HHAHAHHAHA. Rubbish. I spent my Sunday finishing work, just so that I can take it slightly slower on a weekday. PFFT.


Went for the Ah Boys To Men concert and ended up laughing a whole lot.. I think our msery set in when we realised KX could have won a phone thanks to her front-row seat with the hua wei sticker stuck to the bottom of it…,but she decided to sit with us.. Well, I always knew that friendship comes at a price… judt didn’t realise the price was $900 (or $700 on Carousell)…

We had supper at Changi Village! Notice how panda’s eyes are non-existent..IMG_6875

And so we did the same for her. HAAHAH. The price of this friendship… a bit hard to gauge.IMG_6883

Did I mention I had a cocktail named after me? No kidding man. Hard to believe considering I don’t drink but yknow, woohoo!! -shamelssly bragging- This was at Squires and Scoundrels one faithful night when I met Clemmy for dinner…


Dinner was fun! Lotsa lols, and we even had dessert on the house! Uhm gotta say we look ghastly here.

One Sat, I decided to walk into the Singapore Zoo shop at Centrepoint. OH MY GOODNESS FLUFFY PENGUINS. :D:D I WENT NUTS IN THE STORE.. WHICH BTW, CHEATS MONEY OK. THE PENGUIN COST $44 BUT THEY PASTED A STICKER OVER THE PRICE AND PUT $39 HELLO WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS, THINK IM BLIND IS IT… urg was torn between buying something so adorable but useless, and between giving myself a useless present or not supporting stupid companies that jack up their prices (and let their customers know too ahaha)

My new school bag..

Erh. pictures are free right? So.. I took one of each penguin wtf. Quite sad, the bigger one with the red beanie got blocked. T_T it could be my new bed buddy, but that means my other bed buddies will have to share some love.. urggg.IMG_6501

Erm, I was very very hiao. I saw that my tummy was flat, and decided I should wear a corset LOL. WORST IDEA EVER I WAS DYING OK CANNOT EAT ANYTHING ONE. And I needed a picture of my clothes, cos once in a life time.
IMG_6502Had lunch at a jap place hehehe here’s me trying to show KX what i’ll look like with bangs. wtf.


Take 2: success wtf haahhaIMG_6513

Panda got us flowers! She recently came back from Vietnam so all 3 of us went “huh you bought us flowers from Vietnam?” lol totes not, she went to the florist in the morn before meeting us. ❤ thanks pan.IMG_6508

#nomakeup #nofilter #alotoflash. Who needs enemies when you have friends who try to blind you?

We took quite a long time trying to decide what to eat.. I was stuffed man. What a waste of money. If not for the corset I could have finished my food… T_T


And then I asked them if we could go back to the Singapore zoo shop yknow. so I could show them the penguins. lol.We also found panda ears!!!

And this adorable red panda cushion… NEW BED BUDDY Y/N can people stop making me question myself sigh I AM A GROWN UP I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE THESE THINGS….IMG_6516

Went to Orchard Gateway and saw a shoe… Really think KX should be an entertainer. She’s hilarious and is always up for posing for photos.

I swear this is becoming my signature look sigh. Gotta find a classy one.


While walking, Kx showed me her magical sunglasses that had me bursting into a fit of laughter. Look at these super old-school sunnies.. round, black…IMG_6543

And when you flip it…IMG_6534





After lunch we had pakbingsu! And then I saw a girl staring at me.. turns out it was chik. Walked over and the first thing she said “at first I was wondering who’s this taller version of Charmaine.” Yea lah bluff one wore heels for the day hahaha. We’re about the same height. Primary school seems SO LONG AGO… and hey we’re still in touch whoopeeee.

And here’s one with our other primary school friend… who went to the same kindergarten as me I think. IMG_6526

After walking around town the entire day omg not even kidding… Raz picked me up for our date! Our super-long-ago-plan-one date. That’s the reason I wore heels, cos I wasn’t sure where he was bringing me. And I changed into a long dress for the same reason.

First up: obligatory shot with Patrick star. My fav toy in his car haahha.IMG_6528

We ended up going to Amirah’s Grill near Bugis. Omg really love the food there I actually wanted to eat it over the weekend, but I shall resist… The mix-grill set is the bomb.. hummus! omg hummus.. T_T

To end off our Malay date we hung out at a car park LOL. In his words, “char, every malay date, gotta come to car park one. But see, I bring you to a nice carpark, got view somemore”

K bro you win. View was really pretty. City lights ❤IMG_6561



Ahh, I love my weekends, each day is spent doing something absolutely productive (even if it’s for work. NOT ideal, but still, productive)

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas? What did I achieve this year? Sigh…

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