Oppa visits Singapore

Not too long ago (Ok it was in November, who am I kidding)…

Oppa and Oenni paid us a visit in Singapore! They got married but didn’t want us to fly over specially for the wedding (how thoughtful) and they came to Sg for one week instead (and also, brought us wedding gifts omg who does that?!)

So off the siblings and I went.. to pick our korean siblings up aahahha. Pictured below is something I always do at airports wtf force people to push me around. ALL HAIL THE SECOND PRINCESS OF THE TAI FAMILY. First princess aka andrea is like cinderella. gotta do my bidding.


me: i bet they wanna eat no signboard seafood..
siblings: it’s so late alr though…

Then when we met..
me: oppa what do you want to eat?
opaa: is geylang near changi airport?

So off we went to no signboard! Sent my parents the above pic to tell them that their kids were in safe hands. Isaac’s not in the pic cos he was busy driving…

And this is what the parents sent! so cute lah hahahaha.IMG_6604

Dinner was a simple affair for five of us.
1) chilli crab
2) black pepper crab
3) 8 fried buns
4) fried rice

Let oenni hold the crab too.. haha. Here she is holding a female crab… Isaac taught me how to tell the crabs apart. Look at the ‘V’ in the middle of the body, the slim ones = male (looks like a penis i suppose), and the fat ones = female…

An overly excited oenni taking pics of our food. Ahhhh I want to eat crabs now…IMG_6629

After dinner, we checked them into The Ritz Carlton! I’ve been there twice before, once for the F1 party, another for an interview.. but never explored the place. Not that I did this time round, but at least I went to the rooms! :p

THEY HAVE THE BEST VIEWS EVER. UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS OF THE CITY OMG. -foams in the mouth- and it’s as close as it can get to the waterfront. imagine waking up to a view like that!

The staff even threw rose petals, and made towel swans ahah!IMG_6643

Plus, a certificate (i guess this makes their marriage official), and tuxedo strawberries. how adorable! IMG_6646

We chilled in the room for a bit, oppa brought over some whisky hahaha. I volunteered to be the driver so that the siblings could drink (and so that I could escape drinking).

We had them over for dinner another day… My mom whiped up a crazy spread. Fish, Prawns, Century egg spinach, I think there was pork and chicken too, and soup! And we had cold crabs AHHHHH. <3<3 crabs!! For dessert we had bak gor yi mai shui, and oppa brought a cake too, so we were really stuffed max.





And here’s a photo for keepsake. Will be seeing them soon, am hoping dad would be able to fly.IMG_6722

Sent them off to the airport a few days later…

Airports really make me feel ‘meh’, dislike the feeling ack ack ack. Will never love airports that’s for sure…

6 responses to “Oppa visits Singapore

  1. Hi!!

    Chanced upon yourJune 2014 entry while searching for dive stuff. Read that you own a mask with diopter lens. I’m currently looking for a mask with corrective lens andwas told to get – 0.5 or – 1.0 lesser than my current prescription. May I ask how much lower did you get for your lens? (allowing you to see clearly without getting a headache)

    Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Hi Em! Yep I got -0.5 lesser than my current prescription by chance (they didn’t have the exact degree I needed). It evens out because the lens is convex, and everything seems larger underwater anyway! I’ve also tried diving with -2.0 lesser, and didn’t really feel any difference between that, and my own.. I reckon if you get anything between -1.0 to -2.0 that’ll still be fine. (= Hope this helps!

  3. Hi charmaine! thanks so much for your help!! You are a lifesaver! It’s like i’ve been asking around for advice but none owns a mask with prescription lens. Shall buy aropec beetle cause it’s the cheapest lol!! Sorry i have another question! May i ask how did you prepare your new dive mask? I read about using baby shampoo to wash the lens/leave it overnight or using lighter to burn the film or something on the (normal) lens to defog it.I’m not sure if it’s safe to do the latter on prescription lens. Sorry i’m quite new to this! 😦

    thanks so much again!

  4. You’re welcome Em, don’t mention it!. (= Prescription masks aren’t that common, most divers just wear their contact lenses.

    Yep Aropec beetle is the cheaper alternative, compared to biometal. I put a layer of toothpaste actually, instead of shampoo. Leave it on for a night, then rinse it off. Afterwards you can use baby shampoo before dives. Won’t recommend using a lighter, as this may burn the rubber!

  5. Thanks Charmaine!!

    Still in a dilemma which to get. For – 4.25/ – 2.75 eyesight, would you recommend –

    (a) – 3.5/-2.0 (-2.0 is the minimum)
    (b) – 3.0/-2.0
    (c) – 2.0/nothing for the eye that’s – 2.75
    (d) – 2.0 for both sides (hahaa is this possible?)

    I’m afraid if i reduce too little it might cause a headache cause images might be too sharp and if reduce too much the images might not be too sharp? Or m I thinking too much lol! Couldn’t test the prescription lens underwater 😦

    Confused after asking the dive shops around and I get different answers (plus the one recommending doesn’t dive with prescription lens lol)

    Going on a liveaboard in a couple months time. Stoked. Can’t wait! Hope to catch Manta rays!

    Wishing you a great 2016 with lots of joy, fun, love and laughter!

  6. Hey, happy new year!

    My right is -3.5, left is -4.5 , and I’m using -3.0 and -4.0 respectively. Could go lower but they didn’t have other lens in their shop at tt time.

    Where are you from/based in by the way? I didn’t get to test my prescription lens underwater either, basically went to the shop, got it fixed, walked around for a bit w the mask. It DID feel a little weird at first, but it’ll be fine underwater. (=

    Try to decrease the same amount for both eyes, otherwise you’ll get unnecessary headaches. For your –4.25 / –2.75 eyesight, I feel that option A is the best, cos you’re lowering both by .75. Option C would kill your eyes hahah.

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