The wedding of Cebu’s Beyonce and Jay Z

Got a wee bit lazy hehe and whatdya know.. it’s 2016.

Went to Cebu in October (16 till 23 Oct) for Kat’s (ex-colleague) wedding. WHICH IS ACE BECAUSE NOW I CAN SAY I’VE FLOWN FOR A WEDDING. This also means one of the two things.

1) I’m rich enough to fly round the world for weddings, just cos I can
2) I’m adulting

And since I still have a job, I’m pretty sure it’s reason 2.

Day 1, 16 Oct, Friday
Anyhoo! We set off on a Friday morn, and realised that we had a transit thus the long flight…

While I really dislike airports and the sadness that it comes with (people leaving me, me leaving people), I’ve to say, I enjoy being pushed around in the trolley heheeh. It’s like the kid in me never grew up. AND I LOVE IT.


Manila’s paddy fields!IMG_4505


During the 15 min transit (lol yes we were required to get off the plane) I got myself some crap food. I LOVE CRAP FOOD AT THE AIRPORT… well it was crazily salty, sour, a lil spicy, creamy.. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in Philippines, it’s that THEY LOVE SALT. IMG_4509

I’m not even kidding man, every meal I had soya sauce, vinegar and chilli padi on my rice…. omg it was heaven and hell at the same time because I put on 2kg in that week, and had massive water retention. THIS ISN’T LIFE.

Got to our hotel, showered, and went for her ‘sending off’ party! Loved the deco. JJ (groom to be) picked us up, dropped us off, and went for his bachelor’s night ahah.

Fondant cakes that were delicious.. Cannot resist cake. :/ the table was decorated with her favourite things! books! Arranged by her sister. good to have a sister in the family i suppose!


Hand painted book pieces done by her family.IMG_4513


We had to get to snappings pics (for a scrap book) and we worked our inner solitaires. Jaime and I.. game strong. That said I can’t really post so that’s something I gotta work on haha.IMG_4531




Got back to the hotel and this ensured. Ye Lai Xiang on the flute. Didn’t know if I should laugh or cry but omg it’s damn difficult to play. HONESTLY DAMN HARD TO BLOW. IMG_5629


Day 2, 17 Oct, Saturday
We woke up bright and early, had a quick breakfast in the restaurant, and went to the pool!

(Yes brought my polaroid camera!)
Scan2 Scan3

Kat and JJ came to pick us up. we were supposed to have lechon (roasted pork lol) for lunch but it was closed, so we went to one of JJ’s restaurants instead. (yea, one of. this is why i called them Beyonce+JayZ)IMG_4597

Shrimp paste fried rice omg this was the bomb. IMG_4600

Fried frog legs, which I didn’t touch haha.IMG_4601

Catfish soup.. I had the soup. IMG_4602

Skinless chorizo and i think some other pork stick? Can’t remember. The chorizo tastes like taiwan sausage.. faint memory ahah.IMG_4604

The crew!IMG_4607

Kat invited us to her sponsor’s wedding but we didn’t wanna intrude. Learnt about the idea of sponsors. They don’t literally sponsor your wedding (though it’s an unspoken rule that they’ll give more), which is a little sad because I thought it was a fantastic idea hahaah.

Sponsors are couples you trust, and you go to them for help when you’ve marital issues or disputes. Kinda like advisors I suppose?

Three of us decided to go for a massage (LOL joke I was so stressed before the massage) and Jaime taught me how to tie my hair so it’d curl nicely. Cos I’ve ben toying with the idea of curling my hair for a while now (idea actually died alr)

-waves to wavy hair- ahhhh. Maybe I’ll get it one day..

We found a restaurant called tequilala. hahahaha. Saw lotsa angmohs and we thought ‘ok guess the angmoh food here is decent’. Wasn’t hungry but ordered food anyway to pass time because the massage parlour was full, and we had to wait for an hour.IMG_4625

Joke walls.IMG_4626

After ordering our food, we scanned the restaurant in detail.. and realised that every angmoh had a filipina with him. omg. WE STEPPED INTO FARANG LAND. nearly died laughing because we were afraid that we’d be mistaken for one of them and get picked up. Then realised we were neither hot nor docile or demure.

The massage wasn’t that bad honestly. It did get a bit intimidating when she asked me to remove my clothes (LOL THE HORROR…) and there was also an explosion outside.. but hey I made it out alive.

That said, some people can be damn idiotic lazy lah! Jaime and Shirleen wanted foot massages I think… and mine was a head/shoulder/arm massage. There were two female masseuses, and one male. AND THEY GAVE ME THE MALE ONE. WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. why… why would I want a stranger to touch me hello? my family doesn’t even do that… + i’d be alone in a room with him + gotta remove clothes. what the heck cannot lah sheeshhhh.

And also, general consensus is that some people can be really lazy. my appointment was at 830pm, and jaime and shirleen went into their rooms way earlier. the lady told me to go into a diff room, took a while to come back so it was about 8.45pm when she started.. and when I left the room it was 9.20 KNN. wanted to kic up a fuss but then realised it’d be pointless because you can’t change their attitudes..

Oh and before I end the day.. here’s another photo of my hair HAHAHAAH.

Day 3, 18 Oct, Sunday
Beef tapa for breakfast! with garlic rice. Goodness, we had such rich food every morning, the tummy couldn’t take it!!

Went to do our hair at Ayala Mall, about 5 mins walk from our hotel. At first i ddin’t wanna do my hair (cos i’m not the bride wtf) but i learnt it’s a ‘tradition’ of sorts so ok we’ll follow it!)IMG_4630

Experienced yet another set of incompetent staff (what’s with service staff in cebu omg) because three of us wanted different styles, and we all came out looking like triplets. WHAT SHIT IS THIS.

I wanted waves in my hair (like the day before).
me: Can you make my hair wavy?
Hairdresser: say no more.

WA PIANG CAME OUT LOOKING LIKE A POODLE FFS. mortified max. all three of us wanted to punch a wall.

Worse, the staff tried to cheat us??
lady: it’s 600 pesos per person. so 3 people, 1,800 pesos
me: why are we paying full price? our friend already made a downpayment, she paid 50% for us -wtf wanna charge us when you made us ugly knn-
lady: ok then 900 pesos then

Wow she didn’t even check the records. meaning
1) money isn’t an issue at this place. can anyhow give discounts when we claim we had a downpayment
2) they were out to cheat us.

We went back to the hotel and we fixed everyone’s hair. THANK GOODNESS someone brought hair spray. I mean, I don’t have it at home HAHAHAAH. Ok by ‘we’ I mean Jaime and Shirleen fixed each other’s hair, and mine. I know nothing about hair lah please.

Here’s a pretty shot of them, as if J was gonna get married hahaah.



I wore a backless dress… with weird tan lines but aiya whatever haha. I only brought backless dresses because I’d wear stick ons, which means that they take up less space, and there’s 0 chance of my bras getting ruined.IMG_4720

All done up! to be honest I preferred my hair the day before but I’m not the bride lah nobody will look at me.

Attended the church wedding!!! Pretty church! and gorgeous bride… IMG_4732




Haven’t attended a catholic wedding before so this was an eye opener! Priest forgot JJ’s name, called him wrongly twice, gave up and started calling him JJ too. Hah! We had a few recitations, and offering of gifts too…

Then we proceeded for the wedding dinner at another venue! Food was catered by JJ’s mom (she runs a catering business whuttt)

Three of us were like orphans hahaha and were placed at the bridesmaid’s table…IMG_4762

Cake table by one of kat’s friends omg the cakes were lovely and I was eyeing the red velvet cream cheese one BUT OF COURSE I FORGOT TO STAB MY FORK INTO IT BECAUSE IT ))=IMG_4769


This became our signature pose. All of us left the company and everyone’s in a different industry except for me T_T. Ah, im sure god has a plan…

Also, FILIPINO WEDDINGS ROCK. There were dance instructors coming up with really hilarious but fun dance moves. And because yknow, nobody knows me in Cebu, I can make a fool out of myself… and dance we did… felt like zumba all over again we were perspiring so much (eternally grateful my stick on bras didnt drop AHAHA). And the instructors came to dance with us afterwards! or rather, they taught us how to dance because I have no sense of rhythm.

Jaime doing her thing like a pro.



One thing I really liked about the dance instructors is that they really respected the women. They would have to touch our backs and all but this guy was cool man, he only touched my dress, and ever so lightly, just to lead me! I remembered twirling a lot thought I’m amazed I ddin’t break my ankle… considering I was in heels lol.IMG_5661


IMG_5670 (1)

IMG_5671 (1)

We called it a night real early because our driver was waiting for us and we didn’t want him to go home late! Eeks.

Okay that’s about it for now.. I’m so slow with posts T_T

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