Mactan and Moalboal

Day 4, 19 Oct, Monday
I woke up bright an early, booked a cab on grab taxi, and set off to Mactan island! It’s in Cebu, where the airport is actually.

Was pretty nervous because I didn’t know what to expect… Fell asleep in the cab, woke up about an hour later, think the ride was about 350pesos, about 10SGD.

The dive school I went to is called Kontiki. Service was.. so so. It cost 1,380pesos per dive (about SGD 41).  Not the cheapest but oh well. :/

The guide probably thought I was a noob, can’t blame him when I was quite sian about the monsoon season + crashing of waves. And we just went to nearby places to dive, returned to the first spot on the third dive uhh. I also didn’t so much research lah, so.. suck thumb lor.

Camera was wonky during the first dive. I think it shifted in the case and the buttons couldn’t be pressed. So here are non white-balanced photos.

School of catfish ahahah. I got a bit squirmy..


But i did see some gorgeous nudis so YAY GO ME!! #CrazyNudiWoman Here’s my stash from the dives!





Ah hey there little crab!

Uuhmmmm, gross toilet brush worms. ahahahah.IMG_5092


And a furry red crab hiding between corals!! IMG_5070

Here’s my view. DM told me that the skies cleared up, past two days they couldn’t dive. So I guess I got lucky!!! And yea, the waters looked calm, but it rly wasn’t. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I could do my 2nd dive! I remember that it rained for a bit.


Spotted an adorable fish hehehe.


Razor fish too…IMG_5298

And of course, more nudis. IMG_5282

One slug that looked like a cow.. uhh.

Pretty flowers hehe.IMG_5241


Also, souvenir! 😀 (Ah, yes, I brought my equipment w me…)


I wanted to tip my diver, but didn’t have small change. and I REALLY HATED the staff at Konti, including the accommo/restaurant? After I paid for my dives, I asked the lady if I could get small change and she flat out refused, telling me she had none. Wtf I just gave you small change?? Then I went to the restaurant, and she said the same thing, WHEN I GAVE HER SMALL CHANGE DURING LUNCH. Come on!! The lady manning the front desk to (probably shitty) villas fought with me omg.

Her: I’ve no small change…
Me: Can you please check?
Her: I told you, I dont have any
Me: How’s that possible… people check in and pay money..
-after a few mins of her being a lazy ass bitch-
Her: I’m sorry, we’re poor okay? We’ve no money, unlike you.

WA FUCK LAO NIANG DAMN PISSED OKAY??? CB WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT WTF. I wanted to punch her. Only conclusion.. some filipinos can be damn lazy. Something I cannot understand lah! Plus, victim mentality? It’s my fault you’re stuck in poverty or something? And you’re still so bitchy about it? Well I hope you’re poor for life then!!! -huffs- I know it’s damn childish of me to say such things, but urg.

Had a hard time getting a cab back to cebu city, people wanted to cheat me fml. but I held my ground and insisted on a metered cab! Took me some time, And yes, I tipped.. Slept my way home too then washed my equipment and dried them…

Went out for dinner with my homies! We bought Kat and her family dinner at this Spanish place. The restaurant is called No. 9.



If you think the photo’s weird, it’s cos we all had a spoonful of squid ink pasta (look at the plates lol) and just HAD to have a photo.

We also celebrated Neraj’s birthday! Surprise birthday, he was surprised too because he was singing along, wondering whose birthday it was ahaha.

Here’s one w the group. (=IMG_5328

And our signature post for the trip. IMG_5335

We were stuffed from dinner, but rumour has it that you’ve not visited Philippines till you’ve tried Balut.. and so.. in our fancy dresses and heels…. we set off to a road side store.

Never mind that we looked out of place, we were kinda excited! Well, I’ve always wanted to be a foodie so… Uhm, foodie failed this time.

We chose the youngest Balut, 16 days old if i’m not wrong. no beak and bones yet! So it’s all soft and squishy…

Gotta crack the egg!


Jaime was the boldest ahah.


Jaime, shirleen and I uhm.. yea this is something to cheers about I suppose.. I was trying hard not to think about it. But seriously, look at J’s face. Excited max CALM DOWN YO.


Verdict: Soup was tasty. We also added vinegar and salt cos yknow, we be pioys.


Uhh face of fear. :///

Jaime really loved the balut, shirleen was alright with it, wasn’t as crazy as J.. Well I didn’t enjoy it! But not because it tastes horrible. It tasted like hard boiled egg yolk, and I really really dislike hard boiled egg yolk, so it was a huge turn off. If it didn’t taste like yolk, perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad! The brains tasted like normal soup I suppose…


The night was still young and like all new members of a sorority, we had to celebrate, by going to the top of a mountain.. also called TOPS. Because, so original right? The view was breathtaking. City lights and all. Plus, it was really chilly too, you’d need a windbreaker. IMG_5357


We stayed warm  by hiding in this sheltered area and drinking beer (red horse, anyone?). Not sure how it helped keep us warm… maybe cos I didn’t drink so I was cold uhhh.IMG_5365

And two of JJs friends came to join us, woohoo! And we went for supper. heheeh. JJ told us that we were gonna eat “lan cheow”, and of course I burst out laughing tgt w jaime.

Jaime: Yea ohhh what’s lan cheow JJ?
JJ: Bull’s penis!
Jaime: oh my god he’s serious

Drove to JJ’s dad’s restaurant AND LAN CHEOW WAS SOLD OUT. )= Would have been nice to see it and maybe try it lololol but at the same time I was a lil relieved. We had some mystry meat, soup (super tasty!), buko juice (like coconut milk, but fresher I suppose), and maize. Yum yum…
IMG_5381 IMG_5380 IMG_5379

We went home w stuffed bellies… KO-ed man.
Day 5, 20 Oct, Tuesday

JJ and Kat picked us up from our hotel yay! We were driving to Moalboal! Well, not us, we had a driver, courtesy of one of her aunts.. First stop, to the supermarket to stock up on snacks for our road trip.

Saw huge boxes of cereal and needed a pic lololol.


I was busy pushing the trolley collecting food/drinks from the four.. and well, these guys have their priorities for sure.


After a few hours’ drive, we arrived at the Lechon market. Jaime’s heaven. She had heard so much about Lechon. It’s something like sucking pig, except the pigs are huge, and instead of just the skin and a little meat, this has heaps of meat and fat. Think of it like roasted fatty pork, uncut.IMG_5392

After buying Lechon, we proceeded to buy pig innards. Uhhh. intestines, lungs, stomach, heart, eats. You name it, they have it. And the liquid in the triangular packets? Pig’s blood.IMG_5409

Here’s Kat buying ketupat! IMG_5397

The ketupat was pyramid shaped, and I think they used purple rice too…

I didn’t eat much for lunch needless to say. Cos, pork. I did have some fish though thanks guys for buying fish for me! I remember eating rice, soya sauce and vinegar. ahahah. And chilli. Reminds me of my childhood…

It takes about 3-4 hours from Cebu city to Moalboal, and we had a few other stops along the way!

We stopped by a road side store selling chicaron! Pork rind. So they deep fry the pork skin till it’s really crispy. And yes I had it. In fact, I had a lot of it. It’s like koropok, super yummy T_T oh the inner battle where I tell myself that I can eat pork if I want to… vs the voice that tells me I shouldn’t be eating it cos it’s pork…


We also stopped for some ice cream. Milk ice cream, and ube ice cream (yam).


Here’s our view for some parts! Calm blue waters.


We arrived at Hale Manna (our homestay) at about 4pm, and I quickly emailed my dive school (Savedra, excellent choice btw, yes, better than Kontiki) to come pick me up! Free pick up woohoo!! They sent a guy in a trike.

Here’s my badass driver!


It was the last dive of the day, so my DM and I rushed into the sea hehe.  -waves excitedly to nothing in particular-

Turtle spotting (I’d find out later that there are many turtles in that area!). In fact, Moalboal has over 14 dive sites urg jealous. Paradise~ Well, just for diving, not sure about living there because the infrastructure isn’t as advanced as phuket, hospital wise too.

And the dive site’s highlight: sardine watching!IMG_5483

Something else that caught my eye: mofo huge frog fish. Largest I’ve seen.

Left my gear in the shop and went back to Hale Manna! Here’s one of the trike:

IMG_5670 And here’s me with it. Yes, not wearing pants. Didn’t wanna wet my shorts when I was going back to shower and change!IMG_5671

Here’s how Hale Manna looks like! Super huge pool with slides (they turned the slides on specially for me cos i’m a kid ahaha. Yknow, water running down the slide so you dont get abrasions), it’s saltwater if i’m not wrong hmm.. Had fun wading in it (for just 5 mins! because it was getting dark!)

Magic mushroom!IMG_5673


Lovely sunset. You can snorkel for free too, when the guide at Hale Manna is available. I was tempted to join them, but it didn’t make sense to snorkel when I could dive, and I really wanted some time alone, where nobody knew me…IMG_5678


And here’s our room! three beds and a bathroom. Here’s the bathroom… Long bathroom with the shower on the left, and a sitting area on the right.IMG_5687



We have a front porch, but didn’t really go out because we were afraid that mozzies would bite us…IMG_5690

And here’s the rest of Hale Manna. It’s an old bungalow that they redid… Large living and sitting area, huge kitchen (with rats, saw them eeksss. told myself -ok char ure not in sg just suck it up-) I remember getting welcome cookies and drinks heheeh.IMG_5691



Ok that’s all for now, more to come in the next post!

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  1. what camera and case do you use? your underwater photos look awesome. 🙂

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