The final third of Cebu

Day 6, 21 Oct, Wednesday

The tric uncle picked me up at 6.30am I think? Crazily early, but the sun was shining then! First dive, a drift dive at Tilasay, then a second at 1030 at Balay


We spotted many turtles, around 10 or so. I think what hit me the most was the thermocline, but it wasn’t unbearable! Anyhoo, there were turtles  just lazing around, turtles going up for air, turtles swimming past us…IMG_5571

IMG_5585And even a turtle that came out from its little cave and hit me on its way out.


Uhmm yeahhh.

And more nudis! Speaking of which, I’m toying with the idea of getting a flexi arm, no baseplate or hot/cold stone.. but it’s cumbersome carrying a torch w one hand, and a camera w the other hand, when sometimes I need to steady myself w a stick when there’s current hmm! (Or am I a terrible diver? I don’t know…)IMG_5576



And transluscent shrimp! No idea what its name is. :/IMG_5603

It’s a lil hard to point out, but here’s a spiny coral crab. Haha hard to tell from the coral.. IMG_5618

Went back, and I can’t remember if I had lunch, probably not! Hung my items to dry, and went back to the boat to lie down and nap heheheh.IMG_5622

Was waiting for the 230 dive. Pescador!! Heard so much about it IMG_5623

More shrimpIMG_5625

Slightly smarter stonefish. Can’t unsee, but good job! A for effort!IMG_5631

And coral banded shrimp!! (=


My fav dive was probably at Pescador, because I saw quite a number of cool things, including this HUGE ASS FROG FISH. I know in my prev entry I said the frogfish was huge.. but this one probably ate all its siblings!

By the time I got back to the homestay, it was quite dark (sun sets at about 6.30pm!) Washed my gear and had a quick shower before going out with the rest for dinner.. we went back to where my dive school was actually! (= Right by the beach.. heh. Had italian food.


There’s not much to do at Moalboal, so I’m glad I had ace company. Went back and sat down to chat, snack, and just laugh about life.

Day 7, 22 Oct, Thursday
Woke up bright and early for breakfast, even the rat I saw the night before didn’t prevent me from eating hurrr.

Beef tapa! Honestly, one of the best things in the world. Scrambled eggs with sausage, and garlic rice -happy sigh-

Here’s the crew! Well, Jay Z and Beyonce’s entourage…IMG_5699

We left after breakfast and on our way back I saw Mercedes SLK’s fat cousin… Optimus plump..IMG_5707

We also made a stop at a market where they sold pigs, goats and cows. T_T omg it sounded like there were kids screaming all over the place.. but we then realised the pigs were crying!!!IMG_5710

Slip of the tongue man. When I heard the pigs crying I said, “oh no!! the poor lechon!!!” totally forgetting that Lechon is the name of the dish and not the cebuano word for pig OOPS.



Here I am with my baby goat! my pet goat wtf.

Nobody tried to sell us cows, thankfully. I wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. We then went to Kat’s aunt’s house, where she hosted us for lunch. Her house looked like some personal security prison. Not because it’s fenced up (okay, it is, but that’s not the point), but because there’s a crazy watch tower before the entrance! So she pays a guy to stand at the top of the watchtower, and  he gets a bird’s eye view for miles and miles… Crazy…!

Here’s her home wtf. So her house has a HUGE kitchen, many walkways, a koi pond, three living areas or something. I actually can’t describe how the house is really like, because in her own house, she has another living room! Think of it as a hotel, where there’s a restaurant with dining tables, and in your own suite, you have your own dining table wtf.


Koi pong and a platform where people can do yoga hahaah.IMG_5744

Jaime feeding the fish.IMG_5760

One of the kitchens where you can bbq. Larger than my living room eeks.IMG_5745

Here’s the uhh main living room I suppose? All the paintings and artwork are stored here.IMG_5747

Part two of the living room..IMG_5749

Grand living room wtf. Cant stop saying wtf. While waiting for lunch to be served we lounged and dozed off. IMG_5750

We were given a tour of her home. Ok should stop calling it a home. We were given a tour of her castle where she lives by herself, and has seven helpers tending to her kitchen/garden…

Onsen in her room.IMG_5753

What did I tell you about her living room in her own home..IMG_5759
Lunch table in the middle of the corridor!IMG_5763

I always feel that houses have to be of a certain size before one can lay the dishes out buffet-table style, and not at the main dining table.IMG_5765

She had five dogs I think? And they all hated me, except for this fatty chihuahua. HAD TO GRAB IT AND LOVE IT. By golly, it was heavy.

I’m no animal abuser I just really enjoy carrying dogs and pretending I’m Rafiki from the lion king lolll.


Ohoh, we saw really cool bamboo growing in her garden! IMG_5790

Then we had to say goodbye! Here’s a shot of her house, and her garden…


Our driver, FHL really. He suddenly realised he had a Bon Jovi Karaoke CD in the cd player… and BAM WE WERE SINGING ALL THE WAY. Bet he was all OTL in front banging his head on the steering wheel and thinking that singaporeans love singing.  here we were singing It’s My Life lol.IMG_5798

Before we left for Cebu city, we dropped Kai and Wilson at their farm. Yeah, another family business! It’s called MonTeray farm, here’s the fb link! The farm has many animals eg snakes, chickens, cows, then a mini botanic gardens, and a pool. Plus rope courses, flying foxes, mud slide etc for family/corporate/student bonding. Pretty cool!

Here are two snakes… they caught it on the farm fml. just thinking about it scares me haha.



Mudslide: work in progress!IMG_5810

MONGOSEEEEE. omg. they grey green beans on a farm. ever thought how it’s a lil weird? We know how beansprouts grow, from green beans! but where do the green beans come from? and how do you grow them? (=IMG_5819

Greenhouse for the herbs!IMG_5820

Flowers from a papaya treeIMG_5822

And they grow corn too…IMG_5826

Yes, huge ass papayas, as big as wilson’s head.IMG_5827


And here are the two pigs, Nico (left) and Orga (right). Nico is the male pig, Orga is the female. They look small from here but that’s because there’s no one standing beside them. Orga is easily 3-4x my size. T_T HUGE. And yes, she is much fatter than Nico! This is actually Nico number 3. The other two Nicos were sent to the slaughter house (and Kai cried)!

Also, they’re organic pigs, thus their names. OrgaNico. And because they’re organic, they don’t smell. They eat a diff kinda grain/feed from the other pigs too…IMG_5834

These are the non-organic piglets. all cooped up in a small cage. And a huge ass pig on the right, also in a cage. Wilson and Kai took over this farm from Kai’s parents, and the structures have all been in place before that. They’re currently building new homes for the pigs, but till then, yes, the pigs are kinda suffering! Small concrete cages with barely any place to walk. The pig on the right is in a steel cage that has been cemented into the ground… can’t remove the cage.. but they’ll be moved to a bigger and better home soon!

Poor piggy. )=IMG_5847

Hypocrite me feeling sad for the pig but wanting a pic…IMG_5848

And, highlight of the day: cock fighting HAHAHAAH. Wilson was a great host, explaining how he trains the cocks to fight, and why the cocks get angry etc.

So firstly, only cocks get to fight. And they get trained from young. They wear socks on their claws so they don’t get hurt. To train the cocks how to fight, hold the first cock still, while letting the second cock peck at the first cock. This makes the first cock angry, and once it gets released, it’ll naturally want to peck and claw the second cock. A fight ensures. So feathers drop but they don’t get hurt that badly because their claws have been capped by socks. In a real cock fight, their claws have knives/blades taped to them, so it’s do or die.

Cock fights are very common, and one chicken can cost a few hundred SGD. T_T

Here it is:

And to end off the cock fight.. here’s me carrying the largest white cock. Yep. Great face… sigh.


This was the best out of the lot: a little bit too scared so I didn’t dare to open my eyes. To be fair, the cock stayed still and seemed content with my pudgy fingers holding it..



We stuffed our faces with coconut milk and glutinous rice cooked in banana leaf. sigh. fatdom!!IMG_5870

We got back to our hotel, showered, and went out for dinner after that. Had dinner at The Chocolate Chamber, because we wanted to try Tablea (a kind of chocolate drink). It’s really for cocoa lovers, way too sweet and heavy for me hahaha. IMG_5885

Diabetes here we come. It was very much like a chocolate dip.. IMG_5889

Day8, 23 Oct, Friday
Boohoo. our last day in Cebu! Flight was in the afternoon, so after a quick check out, we headed to the mall for lunch (which took forever to come, and then we had to rush through our pasalubong shopping!! urg!)

Jaime and I went crazy buying spices. I bought a lot of snacks for my helper too..IMG_5891

We rushed back to our hotel room, said bye to Jay Z and Beyonce, and took a cab to the airport. Cabbie once again wanted to overcharge us because we were foreigners, seriously urg what is with you and your quick cash? come on guys!!

I also tapao-ed lechon (1kg i think?) for my helper lol. It remained warm throughout the journey home.

Oh, I’ve to say, I had the WORST time with Cebu airport. They flat out refused to let me hand carry my regulator what the fuck. They wanted me to remove my first stage and check it in. OF COURSE I would have the tools needed to remove my first and second stages ya? and I threw a big bitch fit because that shit costs money and it has already spoilt once so… And the security was fuckinggggg guailan about it telling me that they’re just following the rules, all while being bloody aloof. really ruined the trip i swear. and they said if my first stage spoils then yea too bad for me, i’ll claim from insurance wtf. fucking haughty omg speaking about it just pisses me off. the level of no fucks given with their citizens, too damn high. refusing to let me on the plane, not giving me a reason why i can’t hand carry my stuff, just shrugging off allllll forms of responsibility. urg. blood boiling……

Jaime was rly nice to recall her luggage and wrap my first stage with all her clothes OTL forever grateful i swear i was gonna burst into flames there and then ok. times like that i’m like. geez, so much trouble to dive, just wanna throw my hands in the air. T_T -sigh- ok end rant.

I had an amazing time in cebu (with the exception of fucked up citizens who try to cheat my money, or act like victims, or have 0 fucks when it comes to customer service). I’m not sure if I’ll head back because of those factors, but anyway, there’s more of the world I’ve yet to explore!

I’m so terribly backdated eeks!

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