Imagine having a carefree life.

Where you’d work from 9-6, and have the rest of the time to do things you’d like. Spend it with family, friends, stone at home, get stoned outside, being a couch potato, running, swimming, just doing things you love.

Not needing to reflect on what lies ahead, worrying about what tomorrow brings, having your body break down as you try to keep it together, finding words to describe every emotion, worrying that your best isn’t good enough, or perhaps, it isn’t even the best, which leads to self-loathing…

It’s one of those nights where I’m feeling empty, and wish I had some form of self-fulfilment.

1) How can I better myself?
2) Why am I procrastinating, being complacent, when I’m not happy with my current self?

Thoughts are all jumbled up.

I wished I could write.

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