the revamp of my room

So…. Well, as the title says…

This was late nov.. till end dec. I took a long time because well, at first i only planned on buying a bed. So shy went bed shopping w momsy and i. Then she said i had to repaint my walls.. And that made be sad cos I loved (still do) my rainbow room.

Back story: When i was 14, i decided i wanted a room full of polkadots. momsy said i was mad, and we compromised, 1 wall, one colour. thus the rainbow room.

the room’s rly bright, every time i go in i feel happy. the only bad decision.. having the biggest wall in yellow. as if i’m not yellow enough right. joke of the year cos when I used to skype the ex bf, and his dad was there, the dad used to say, “sac a patate, ou es tu?” which translated to, “sack of potatoes, where are you?”. Yea can’t see me cos i blend in w the background.

Anyway, pictures of the rainbow room.
IMG_5895Had a queen mattress.. because i removed the bedframe. never liked it… takes up too much space…

IMG_5898This is my view from the bed..

IMG_5900Study area full of photos…


IMG_5904View from the study area to the bedroom..

IMG_5907View from my old balcony (which became an extension to my room)


Bought my bed the same day I went shopping. Thought I’d spend 1k on a bed, ended up spending 4 times the amount wtfff. Thanks Seally.

Next stop: to the paint shop outside my home. Shy was there with me to choose colours (i mean, look at the colours i picked for my rainbow room. can’t rly be trusted w shit like that..) So we (or she) settled on 3 colours! Light grey, dark grey, and a light turquoise?

I never knew they only stored white paint, with a machine to drip the inks and mix the colours perfectly. pretty cool if you’d ask me!!

Ink dripping time..


And then to shake the shit outta it! ensure it’s all evenly mixed..IMG_7125

First up: we had to chalk the walls… Cos my walls were so bright, we had to mute it, otherwise the light grey wouldn’t show through… IMG_7128
Mom’s message to me one Sunday morning…IMG_7276

My room was in a mess. Here’s proof.IMG_7282







Oh, here’s a pic of momsy waving from below hahaahah so cute.IMG_5914

Getting ready to tape the walls, and chalk it!IMG_5923

Naughty naughty… ok i wrote the words, then told my mum to pose LOL which she gamely did.

#love LOLIMG_5933

bro came to help too. hehehe.IMG_5935

Here’s the sis surprisng mum w flowers cos it was her wedding anni w dad! 😀 We forced them to go out for dinner heh. and here’s my mum carrying my blanket and bolster.. bringing it into her room so that paint doesn’t fall on it.

Bro taping the air con cos i’m too afraid of heights to do it oops.IMG_5948

Byebye table and rainbow walls..IMG_5949

#AFTERMATH. Bad planning on my part..  everything was everywhere, should’ve cleared the whole room (we did, later)IMG_5950



This was my room for the night cos I didn’t put my bed in my parents’ room.. Hur, joined both sofas tgt. didn’t sleep well at all because well, people at home woke up at 6am, started opening and closing the cupboards. and pissed me off…IMG_5954

Anyway, after all that chalking/plastering.. we waited till the next weekend to paint the grey on..IMG_5955


All done!IMG_5957

Took just 2 days.. And then we could hang my stuff back on! Here’s dad helping.. I liked how my entire family (except the sis lol) helped me w my room. bonding what!IMG_5959


Anyway… fast forward t mid dec where i got my bed… and new bedsheets and a comforter too lol. Heres santa’s helper helping me w it!IMG_0527

Finished room:IMG_0542

I built the table on the right. woohoo ikea. thanks for the shitty quality table, where the wood just gets bent… mr broccoli and bumble bee don’t rly live on my bed btw, sis put it there as props. only judgemental bear stays w me.. not a toy person. my bed is meant for.. men. LOL.

So yup, that’s my room. oh, see the feature wall behind? 2 triangles! i wanted to add a trapezium to the right.. but yea.. troublesome, can’t move my bed cos it’s heavy…

Btw I got a king bed. HAHAAH. if it’s not obvious. GO BIG OR GO HOME OK. rationale: what if i get married soon and then  can bring this bed into my new home! save money. my future husband will thank me (while giving me back 2k LOL all’s fair when it comes to money). I’ve shared queen beds with people, NO FUN. can’t turn w/o hitting the person, you really don’t have space.

Scratch that, i’ve shared a single bed with people too. ultra no fun. to this bed? this is mine! ALL MINE… someone can share it w me and i still have space to turn, cos that’s how i -wait for it…- roll.

That said, I don’t want random guys sleeping on my bed. this is gonna be some virgin sacred bed meant for me… no way am i letting my bed slut herself out lol

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