dong dong qiang. CNY 2016

Trying not to start every post with “I’m so late” otherwise people will think I’ve missed my period but ykno… am trying to catch up!

Mum wanted steamboat this year cos my dad’s condition was getting worse (thank God it has since improved!), but I thought we should still make pohpiah, because it meant that everyone would be home to prepare the food and just socialise. A few days before reunion dinner, I regretted my stance because dad was puking everything out, even water… But I’m still glad he pulled through..

So here’s our hard work! This was Saturday morning (reunion dinner’s on Sunday) and we had a bright and early start.. momsy was slicing lup cheong.. insane!


Turnips waiting to be grated…IMG_9966

And here’s our pot! We had two pots… tough work, but hey i didn’t slice my skin off this time round. 😀IMG_9965
Isaac’s fav.. eggs. Had to stop him from eating them as I peeled them.IMG_9968

And chopped tofu/taukwa for the turnip mix! In the turnip mix we have essence of prawns (fried prawn heads essentially), tawkwa, long beans, carrots, bamboo shoots, turnip. We used to put minced pork in, but my aunt’s helper doesn’t eat pork so we left that out. the pork doesn’t really do much to the taste, really! I still love it!IMG_9974

And also… three big ass crabs! $50 each.. makes me wanna go out and buy some right now.IMG_9981

Fried tawkwa for the turnip mix.IMG_9983

After steaming the crabs, it was time to peel it! Honestly, crab meat doesn’t rly have taste especially when u put it in pohpiah. I guess it just adds to the ‘atas’ factor.. in fact, the crab should have been eaten alone! Dad removing the roe..IMG_9984

Had to stop myself from eating the crab meat…IMG_9988



Two days of hard work later.. we have a spread!
Prawns, tao gay, chopped eggs, sliced eggs, cucumber, lettuce, turnip mix, crab meat, fried flour bits, lup cheong, home fried (then smashed) peanuts, garlic chilli and sweet soya sauce!

Special guest: char siew bao! big boy now..IMG_0019

Let the feasting begin.. craving for it now but i dont think my parents will wanna cook it any time soon.. hard work man.



Then isaac decided to tie andrea’s hair..IMG_0043

And she painted her nails. hur. siblings’ fun timesIMG_0060

The next morning… was an epic fail. So KX gave me a dress and I thought, “Hey, I’ll wear it for CNY!” Put it in my cupboard, and not once did I try it on…  Well guess what, DAMN DRESS WAS TOO BIG FOR ME. And I had a panic attack because you’re supposed to wear new clothes during CNY.. AND I HAD NONE…. didn’t have time/bother shopping for CNY, was so confident the dress would fit…

Didn’t need to flip my cupboard (cos I don’t have many clothes to begin with lol) and I remembered I had ONE dress that hasn’t been introduced to the world.. unfortunately, as luck would have it, it was a mofo long ass dress, and it had sleeves… to my wrists.. imagine the torture… getting into the dress was horrible… shoulders were a bit too wide for the dress too but yay you can’t see it from pics…

Here it is. too hot, tucked the ends of the dress in. HAH. Also, I tied my hair cos it was bloody hot but what dya know my sis and mum said this look worked for me…ACCIDENTAL STYLIST

photoshoot in the desert wtf.IMG_0081


Family photo! (=IMG_0084

Ok my dress had some pros.. backless = less hot. but still, better if it was sleeveless and short. scrap that. can I wear t shirt and shorts plz?

time to bai nian! (= First stop: cousin’s house!IMG_0087

See that box of cookies in my chubby hands? CORNFLAKE COOKIES YOU GUYS. I ended up eating 3/4 of it, didn’t really offer it to anyone wtf AND I EVEN BROUGHT THE BOTTLE HOME HAHAHAAH. shameless guest, but hey it’s my uncle’s/cousins’ house… in chinese we say ‘zi ji ren’…IMG_0093

Family photo! (=

Adults of the Ho and Tai family. 😀IMG_6002

Cousins, missing Lem and andrew.IMG_6010


Went to my mum’s cousin’s house, then to my dad’s brother’s house… phew phew. just three houses but I was knackered man! didn’t even have time to nap. I went home, showered… got back into my gross dress (i hate rewearing clothes..) sigh. Tied my hair up and put a flower cos it was messy wtf. haiz. needed it to settle for a bit before lettin it down.IMG_0105

Family friend’s home (or should i say villa) for dinner.IMG_0106

They had swinging bubble chairs, this family is winning man…IMG_0108

Family fun times on the bubble chair!



Isaac copying me wtf.

Playing the part right bruhhhh.IMG_6048



Day 2, we headed to godma’s house, and char siew pao was so precious! Yiyi gave him an angpao (filled w money, duh, for treats!) and he sat there so contentedly.. omg cannot take it..


Then when it was time to leave, he pulled a sad face. </3IMG_0138

I’ve come to the conclusion that my fav days for CNY are, if day 1 falls on Thursday! So we have 1/2 of weds off, then thurs and fri, and sat and sun! This year, it fell on mon/tues. so we had 1/2 a day less, and because the first two days of CNY are for visiting, it’s quite tiring, and we don’t get much rest!

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