First trip of the year: Jakarta

So I went to jakarta in… I tried to recall, swear I did, but failing max. Ok I know it’s probably End feb.. because Clar and I were sick…

Anyhoo, this trip was with my uni friends, clar and kenneth. We were going there to visit Felix, aka tycoon. Also, Raz happened to be there.

Short weekend trip! Clar and I flew up on Fri morning. hehe.

Touched down, got our sim cards, and an uber cab (Clar likes uber cos it’s cashless, I prefer blue bird). Roads were smooth so hooray!!! Arrived at our accom for the weekend.


Giving back to Sg’s economy.. Lol. Ok to be fair the serviced apartments weren’t that expensive. For 2 bedrooms it cost i think 180 per night? And It could sleep four (or 5, one on the couch lol).

Requested for a higher floor and they gave us the highest. Whaddup. So there are 3 properties in the compound, and they share the same pool, gym, etc and the breakfast lounge. Not too bad. gym was huge!

Opens up to the living area…IMG_0658

To the left, kitchen + dining area.IMG_0659

Shared bathroom.

Clar’s and my room. Both of us were coughing so we didn’t wanna pass it to Kenneth. Super comfy beds! We each bought new beds last year so obviously we were making comparisons haha. Apart from the size difference, damnnnn the bed was comfy. We actually flipped the covers to check the brand wtf. #NodsOfApproval or should I say #SnobsOfApproval. Only downside was my legs were dangling off in the morn (I’ve a habit of turning anti clockwise when I sleep)IMG_0662

And here’s the master bedroom!IMG_0665

Even a tub.. but I was out the entire weekend so I gave this a miss haha.IMG_0666

Standing shower. Eh, amenities not bad, can’t rem the shower gel and all quite good quality one hahaha.
IMG_0667Went down for a walk.. lovely pool, but cold man.. 

After lunch, Clar went for a haircut while I made my way back to my fav mall. ITC Kuningan. Shopped the day away, ok la say only. . Shopped for a few hours, then decided to check out the skye bar at BCA towers.

I met real lovely cabbies. The first was from lunch to ITC.. Uncle thought I was local lol but then he realised i was a linguistic retard. He then proceeded to point out various things to me.. such as the horse carriage behind the cab. “picture! cute!”

My battery was dying, so was my portable charger.. So in the second cab, I asked the uncle if he had a charger I could borrow. He gave me this rly huge one and so I charged BOTH my phone, and portable charger. Also, I was coughing, and the uncle offered me bottled water whuttt. XXN UNCLE. Huge tip for him..

Met Raz, and of all places, he was at Genki sushi. -_- Indos LOVE jap food (well, from wht I notice, cos my indo friend in sg always wants jap for dinner), and raz was buying his colleague dinner, and the colleague wanted jap. SO OK LOR JAP IT IS. wasn’t tt hungry but i def over ate…


Skye bar at BCA towers. strict dress code, no slippers allowed. haha. only angmohs/farangs there, with SPGs of course… view was good! Could have stoned by the pool the entire night.IMG_0698


Got home, showered, mingled w the boys and had a good night’s sleep! set my alarm for 8am..  was gonna do my laps!

Next morn, went to swim, phewphew, that was fun. Came back, changed and made it in time for breakfast!IMG_0708

Breakfast by the pool. somewhat. IMG_0710


Kenneth wanted to go for a massage, so Clar and I went to the gym. Didn’t do much cos I was so tired from my swim! Took it easy hah. Then the boys wanted to go cafe hopping so I called Raz. Wanted to eat Sate Senayan. 😀 #GoLocal.

Five fishes for two people wtf. Raz certainly knows how to over order. Tauhu goreng, veggies, fish, sate (chicken and lamb)IMG_0720




Decided to go back to ITC to shop for a bit before joining the boys. came across a fake pet shop. Just beneath the highway uhhh. BUT OMG BUNNIES. SO FLUFFY AND ADORABLE. AND DOCILE…. HALPZ.IMG_0726

Just look at the size. the bunny didn’t hop at all it just stayed still. Which was bad because it probably meant it was sick. )= look at all of them squashed in cages, I wanted to buy and free them, but duh eagles and other huge birds would eat them sigh.IMG_0734


Met the boys at Central mall, then headed for dinner. at 9pm. LOL. Wanted to catch a show but was way too tired. so.much.fooooood.IMG_0739



Group shot. (= IMG_0746

We went to another bar in a hotel, and oh boy we were soo knocked out by the end of it.

We wanted to go for a walk (road closure on sundays! plus many make shift stores would set up shop!) but it was raining so.. meh. wanted bakmi so felix+gf da-paoed bakmi for all of us!!!IMG_0765

Food +food+food.. we ended up at Lewis and Carroll (they’re in some rich district in jkt) for uhh brunch/lunch?

Pretty cafe with a yoga studio (owned by the same folks) upstairs. Selling lotsa teas, tea pots and whatever you’d want in your pretty kitchen basically.IMG_0769

IMG_0772 IMG_0775



After L&C, we drove around for a bit, then went to PIK for a massage. I’ve to say, I’m sorta getting used to the idea of massages…. eeks. what’s wrong w me. And then we had jap for dinner, and i spotted this really cute kitten!!!

Omg so it was on the steps (about 1.5 times its height) and it was mewing so i squatted down and it came to me! so i patted it. clearly i’m the mom… urg so adorable, wanna put you in my pocket. BUT. then it tried to hop off the step. at first it was uncertain, and I thought I’ll just carry it off the step onto the ground.. as luck would have it, when i raised my hand to pick it up, it jumped.. and hit my hand.. so yes i accidentally smacked a kitten. fml.. fil….

After dinner, felix dropped us off at the airport and ta-dah. home sweet home… eeks. what a short adventure, and i didn’t get much sleep but it was worth it!

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